Friday, August 19, 2016

It is Time...FALL Sewing Plans!

Yes, we're just easing into the last half of August and it's still plenty warm out. But I am a Midwesterner so fall is right around the corner. So with that, fall being my favorite, and being bored with parts of my wardrobe...I was super excited to get to planning!

I've recently bought and made a ton of shells/sleeveless tops. And I'm still not seeing a ton of tops that I like, neither sewing patterns or RTW. I think because the loose/boxy/oversized style is in right now and that's not really my style. I can stand a couple but I don't want a bunch of breezy tops.

I want more straight, ankle length pants and MOARRR dresses :)  And the Clare Coat is a must for me this fall.

So the dresses here are a definite. Yes. All of them.
The Clare is a definite.
Tops/jackets/cardigans/skirts/pants -  a mixed bag.

Some of these will transition just fine into winter, but I do have a couple fabrics that I plan to make cozy tops from once it's actually cold. And I am treating myself to a nice SR Harris splurge soon because they had some amazing wool knits and other heavier fabrics in the designer section.

On with it!

I make my collages in powerpoint and usually use a snipping tool to get the drawing I want. 
This is a task that's actually easier on my Windows machine vs my Mac.

Jalie pleated cardigan * Closet Case Files Clare * B6244 * Burda 8/2016
Burda 9/2016 * KS3558 * B6169 * B5926
NL6123 * NL6261 * V1395 * M7382 * Burda 9/2016 * M7430

  • Jalie pleated cardigan is a must-have. It'll be sewn in a taupe heathered wool jersey.
  • Clare coat will be sewn in an inky black wool blend coating.
  • B6244 is a want in a grey on one side, blue on the other heavy double knit.
  • Burda 8/2016 is a want - fabric TBD.
  • Burda 9/2016 is a want  must (it's the petite pattern for September - yay!) in a light colored suiting -- something tan-ish.
  • KS3558 is a must have. I have wanted to sew this jacket for forever. I have a suiting that I bought 2 years ago(!) to make a casual 'suit' (jacket and ankle length pants). It is time!
  • B6169 is a want in a white boucle to knock-off a J.Crew jacket. That could easily wait for late winter/early spring though.
  • B5926 is a want in black ponte. I've wanted this jacket in black for awhile.
As mentioned, all dresses are a must. Yes, there are basically a few styles repeated - it's what I like! Also, yes, there are many sleeveless dresses for fall. You see all those jacket and cardigan options? I love toppers. LOVE. My outfits always feel more complete with a topper. Plus, a couple will easily transition into early spring (or "spring" because I live in Minnesota).  
  • NL6123 in pindot chambray (print)
  • NL6261 in textured blue suiting (solid)
  • V1395 in navy printed poly blouseweight (print)
  • M7382 in a merlot jersey (solid)
  • Burda 9/2016 in an ITY (print)
  • M7430 in charcoal ponte (solid)
Because the dresses are a go, I have definite fabrics selected for them. Looking at this palette makes me giddy for cooler days!!!!!


M7358 * Ottobre 5/2016 * NL6107 * B6183 * V1465 * Burda 5/2014
B5760 * Ottobre 5/2016 * Burda 12/2015
V9155 * Burda 6907 * Burda 6798 * Ottobre 5/2016 * NL6189

As mentioned, the current trend of loose/flowy isn't my style. I think I'll be wearing a lot of my existing tops.
  • I want a wrap top so this is a must. In a print TBD
  • Ottobre 5/2016 is a must (excited about this one!)
  • NL6107 has been on the radar for FOREVER. We will see if it makes it.
  • B6183 I love this top but the 2 I made (and one fail) are just slightly off. But they're close. So I'm thinking of remaking it in a print. And I really want a black one.
  • V1465 is a must in an olive ponte (my favorite color next to blue and tied with gray)
  • Burda 5/2014. Love this top. May have to wait for spring though.
This is another area where I'm not overly motivated. 
  • B5760. My TNT skirt. I will be making this in olive cotton sateen.
  • Ottobre 5/2016 in black ponte. I need a black knit mini to pair with black tights and boots
  • Burda 12/2015 I like the idea of this mock wrap skirt and I like the shaped yoke. So assuming I have a suitable fabric in stash, this is a must.
  • V9155 will be made to match the KS3558 jacket
  • B6907 I've liked this view since these were released so they're a possibility.
  • B6798 are a must. These are more boyfriend style which I want since my RTW pair went kaput (wore the thighs out. sigh)
  • Ottobre 5/2016 not necessarily. I may go Burda or Butterick for the style. 
  • NL6189 I made a pair of these that fit wonderfully but I accidentally got one leg off-grain so that was that. I have some crepe suiting that I think will work. Mimi G made this pattern up in a black crepe when it first came out and they look so much nicer in that fabric than others with a stiffer hand.

I wanted to make the Clare right away but then I saw that the Outerwear contest on PR starts October 1. I don't think this coat will take me a long time to sew  -- I sewed my Simplicity 2508 coat in 10 days, I'm sure I can do the Clare in the first 2 weeks of October. I'm pretty excited about enough things on the list that I can hold off til 10/1 :)

I think I'm going to start with things conducive to the warmer days of late summer/early fall. In the order I would like to sew them:

B5760 skirt
NL6123 dress
V1395 dress
M7358 wrap top
KS3558 and V9155 casual suit
NL6189 pants
M7382 dress

That may seem like I'm underestimating myself from now to the end of September but I will have 2 non-sewing weekends thrown in there. On the plus side, I'll have the long Labor Day weekend and I've sewn 5 of the patterns before.

Aaaaaand the new McCall's were released while this was a draft post and I want all.the.things.!!! Ha! Must stick to my top picks! :)

Are you dreaming of fall sewing yet?


  1. Love the fabrics you've chosen!

  2. So cool to get a glimpse of your wardrobe-planning process! You have such an organized approach.

  3. Your fall wardrobe plans look great!

  4. What great fall sewing plans!! I am getting giddy too!! I saw the release of the Mccall's patterns, and LOVE a lot of them. How hard was it to sew your first coat? I need one so badly this year. I have to replace a nice one I bought years ago, and I would rather sew one than buy one again. I can't believe you sewed yours in TWO WEEKS! Amazing!!

    1. I didn't find the coat sewing too bad; and it was raglan with a sort of flare way from the body through the hips -- less fitting! :)

      There are some really good patterns in the release!

  5. When the McCall fall patterns came out...I thought about you! I knew that you would like a lot of what was there. I'm in between. Fall is definitely starting to encroach on my thoughts but I still want some late summer I'm not all the way to sewing fall yet...give me three weeks though when it's the middle of September and I will be all the way there! *LOL*

    1. So me! LOL!

      Yeah, soon it'll be time, for most of us. I hear you on banging out a couple more summer projects!

  6. I love reading about other peoples sewing plans and you're are incredible. Knowing you, you'll get most of this made in the next few weeks! Those Ottobre trousers look amazing, I need to track down a copy of that magazine in the UK.

    1. I LOVE reading sewing plans! LOL! I think this was a nice Ottobre issue. Very versatile pieces.

  7. Wow! Love your planning process. Looking forward to reading about your sewing adventures.

  8. Unfortunate for me, I am not a long term sewing planner--not on paper anyway. I'm an ADHD sewer--my success lies in focusing on my current project. I have ideas floating around in my head, but whether they become a reality is a hit or miss. I admire your planning--it's focused and goal oriented. I always get excited when I read your posts--the way you hit the ground running is inspiring.

    1. I hear you! It's so easy to be swayed by a pretty piece of fabric or a great new idea!!

  9. I love, love, love those Ottobres! I am going to make those too!!!

    1. They are pretty awesome! Can't wait to see them!

  10. Love the fabrics and color palette you have chosen. I look forward to seeing your creations!

  11. I saw this post title and wanted to cry. Then I remembered there's no crying in sewing.

    Your plans make me want to get organized for the FLURRY of summer sewing I still want to do ;)!

    1. Haha! It's almost time! Hurry!! Get those summer projects done! LOL!

  12. There's something so exciting about planning for a new season. It gets so boring towards the end of the last. Looks like you have some lovely outfits planned.

    1. YES! I start to look forward to the switch. Warm, rich colors, boots(!), layering....Ahhh! :)

  13. Lovely to see your fall plans, it's coming where I live too here in the uk, I wish I could plan like this than sewing what takes my fancy. Your plans and fabrics look great and I look forward to seeing them.

    1. Sewing what strikes you is awesome too. It's so easy to be inspired!

  14. Wow, I need to put together an actual sewing plan, too. I really like a lot of the patterns you've chosen. Your fabrics look beautiful - you're definitely going to have great pieces for fall.

  15. Ah your plans are awesome I want to see all of this! And I'm super excited about McCall's too - I also want all the things! I got so behind in spacing out my posts but I'm super excited about sewing for fall this year!


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