Thursday, August 4, 2016

Finished! Burda 07/2016 #117

First, here is the shortened Style Arc Susan skirt. I LOVE IT NOW! This length is perfect! I removed 4.5" all around. I opted not to hem because 1) knit 2) full skirt 3) print 4) lazy. I decided that I could always go back and hem if I find the unfinished hem bothers me. It probably won't. Reminder: I cut a size 14, used 1/4" side seams instead of 3/8" and used 1/2" elastic in a casing. I love the movement in this skirt.

My remote died and DD had to take the pics which interrupted couch time :-p Paired here with a simple cami and my latest J.Crew Factory blazer (I bought it in coral and navy and love them! 100% linen and fully lined).

I realized the print didn't "randomize" as much as I thought it would. Oops!

Burda Challenge - July!

I mentioned a couple (or 3) posts ago that I fell in love with this pattern when arianamaniacs on PR sewed it up sans the crazy neck wrap-around straps. And then she pointed out that it's a petite pattern and I was a goner. 

I sewed a 20/21 as per usual -- 20 (40) at the neckline and armholes and 21 (42) for the rest. 

I did a 3/4" wedge on the back skirt piece and a 1/2" swayback adjustment. Next time, I'll adjust the dart position. 

I really love the silhouette. Front bodice and skirt, back bodice and skirt with an integrated side panel. The only issue with this is that the zipper goes in the seam between the back piece and the side panel. It is near impossible to zip it alone unless you're super duper flexible. I'm not that flexible. 

I made one mistake - on regular Burda patterns I never add hem allowances so I didn't add it here. But it's already petite! I'll add allowance next time. Here, I've serged and turned up a 3/4" hem.

Invisible zipper, just to the left of the back strap. So awkward.

Insides are serged. I placed the strap after everything was all done. As you can see, I just topstitched it in place. It works for me. If I were intending this to be a bit dressier I would have added the bodice lining (probably even a full lining) which would encase the strap.

But I didn't want to line the sateen. 

I opted for black bias tape to finish the neckline and single armhole. Works just fine for me to have this topstitched. As long as it's nice and neat (thanks walking foot!), a casual garment is okay to have visible stitching IMO.

On the next version (I think I can own this as an LBD too!) I will widen the strap. I have like 5 of the same bra and placed the strap wearing one. But as you can see it's just too iffy to be sure it covers front and back at all times. On some photos it was covered but on most it isn't. I'll make that an inch wider for full coverage. 

I've had a rough week so I'm now completely unsure about getting the wedding guest dress done. We shall see.


  1. I love these! Both look so good on you. Hope the week improves and you get that wedding guest dress done!

  2. Love them.. The skirt looks better since removing some of the length..[Pretty jacket too]
    Love your dress.

  3. Both really cute. The print skirt looks lovely, esp with the cami and the beautiful linen jacket. Can you create a center back seam, so that the zipper can go in a more usual position, so you can zip it up easily? Having it so off center seems really strange!!!

  4. As you already know, I love both of these. The skirt so classic, and the dress so alluring. Hoping you get some time to refresh so that you can sew the wedding guest dress.

  5. pls how do i get the dress pattern, so so lovely

  6. Wonderful dress. Skirt is lovely too.

  7. I have never noticed these Burda petite patterns - my mind is blown :) that dress is so cute.

  8. Dang. Just wear the dress to the wedding. It's swell, and so cute on you.
    Go for it!

  9. Yay for finding a good skirt length! It looks marvelous on you! Also, the Burda dress is perfect! Best wishes on finishing your wedding guest dress!

  10. The dress looks fabulous! Great fit and I love the fabric you chose. The pattern would make a gorgeous Little Black Dress.

  11. The dress looks fabulous! Great fit and I love the fabric you chose. The pattern would make a gorgeous Little Black Dress.

  12. Both the skirt and dress look beautiful on you. You did an amazing job with that dress. The pattern is so gorgeous.

  13. Love both - really pretty. They fit you quite nicely as well!

  14. Love the print of the dress and it is so flattering on you!

  15. I've forgotten what the original SA skirt looked like, but the rehemmed version - that whole outfit actually - looks amazing. I also love your dress, looks quite edgy in that print and a good idea to change the straps to suit you, although I must admit I quite like the crazy wrap around ones too!

  16. Both of these are gorgeous!! I'm in the same boat as you with 1) knit 2) full skirt. I rarely hem. lol. No one notices.
    I have the fabric you used in the dress!! Sadly I only have 1 yard so I'll have to get creative but your dress is fantastic.


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