Monday, August 1, 2016

July Wrap-up and August Plans's August? Already?!

This month I sewed 14.5 yards
  • Vogue 9056 top in black & white striped ponte - 1 yard
  • Jalie 2921 tops in printed ITY and blue modal jersey - 2 yards total
  • New Look 6301 dress in printed jersey - 2.5 yards
  • Butterick 6060 skirt in navy and white suiting - 1.25 yards
  • Burda 6732 dress in pink linen - 2.5 yards
  • Burda 7/2016 #117 dress in print sateen - 1.75 yards (review to come!)
  • Burda 8/2016 #135 pants in grey pinstriped suiting - 2.25
  • Kwik Sew 4113 skort in grey and pink activewear - 1.25 yards (review to come!)
Favorite: Hmmm. I have to go with the wrap dress! 

FAIL: The Butterick skirt, for sure. I actually ended up wearing V9056 one day and it's not as bad as I felt initially. I just have to wear something slim on bottom.

Accomplishments: I sewed my first Jalie! I also sewed my first activewear pattern! Well, I sewed the swimsuit but this is like - eek! I was JUST saying that I didn't want to sew activewear. Sheesh. I am making a top too but may have to scrap the original plan. 

August Plans

*Matching top to my Kwik Sew skort

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

*Vogue 1447 dress for the wedding

In this rosey pink silk (crepe? SR Harris doesn't label weave) and pewter lace combo

This silk is a little more sheer than the original one I wanted (9 whole days passed before I made it back there and I couldn't find it). However, the dress has the the 'dress' layer (the silk), the lace, and a lining. So I think it'll be fine. I'll be skipping the piping. And, I have to figure out what to do for the straps. The straps pictured are purchased.

Well, all that assumes the muslin works out!  

*August Fabric Mart project - I'm making a bomber jacket - finally!!

Because I am traveling for the wedding and then the next weekend my daughter moves into her dorm room, I am not so sure I'll get to these but they're on the radar before I begin my fall sewing!

*Burda 6732 version 2 in this printed rayon challis (2nd from the top)

L-to-R: floral challis, suiting with heavy metallic threads woven through, print on navy poly blouseweight woven, challis for B6732, sateen panel

*August Burda Project: Though I could "cheat" and call my pants my August Burda...I do want to sew the simple knit top. Images aren't all up on yet.

I am so behind on blogging projects! I've been doing so many things that's NOT taking photos :) I may have posts every couple days at the start of this month so bear with me. I have to blog:

  1. McCall's 6886 dress (sewed in JUNE!)
  2. Finished Style Arc Susan skirt
  3. Burda 7/2016 dress
  4. Kwik Sew 4113 skort (which will probably wait until I make the matching top)
As much as I want to play in my new arrivals, I'd better get going on the wedding guest dress. I have 12 days which should be fine. Right? RIGHT?!? :-p


  1. What a great month! I like the skorts!!!! The wedding dress fabric is beautiful, I'm sure 12 days will be enough time to get it done!

    1. Thanks Vanessa!! I haven't even started. I think I'm scaring myself out of it. Booooooo!

  2. 12 days for you is like 2 months for everyone else LOL you'll be juuuussstttt fine :-)

    The wedding dress fabrics look so pretty together!

  3. LOL at TheTellTaleTasha cause she's so right! Use bra/lingerie straps for the dress in a pink or a gray. That would solve your strap issue and give the dress a funky/sexy/cool vibe.

    1. I'll look next time I go to SR Harris if I find no other workable option. They have TONS of straps.

  4. I'm not sure how you do it, but you did - a great months sewing again! Looking forward to seeing the lace dress progress

  5. I LOVE the skort. So fricking cute!
    The dress is going to be stunning. Absolutely stunning. Would purchased bra straps in a matching colour not work??? Just a thought?

    1. I'll give it a shot, just hadn't thought of them!

      I'm so excited about the skort. I want to make one more!


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