Thursday, August 22, 2013

Finished Item: Annabelle #3 and Sewing Plans

I won't review the jacket again...I'll just insert pretty pictures :-)

The belt was upstairs. Oops.

I like the contrast so much!

I mean really, zebra pockets...

My buttonhole making has become a work of art! LOL!!! I've finally figured out just the right settings on my machine. Plus the use of fray check. Lovely!
Hopefully all three jackets will fit their intended recipients!

In other sewing news...I've totally changed my mind about what I'm sewing for the mini-wardrobe contest (hey, this is America! I can change my mind!!!).

Last years contest was to sew 4 items and choose a 5th item from your wardrobe (handmade or RTW) and create 6 looks. I assume it'd be the same. It is not. This years contest is 4 items...4 looks.

So I'm making pants (B5908), a button front shirt (5678), a top (?) and...either a jacket (M6711) or a skirt (M5523 view D).

Shirt #1 + Pants
Shirt #2 + Pants
Jacket + Shirt #1 + Pants
Jacket + Shirt #2 + Pants


Shirt #1 + Pants
Shirt #2 + Pants
Shirt #1 + Skirt
Shirt #2 + Skirt

A skirt isn't super practical for me...but I love this skirt. And, because of life, I don't have time to muslin a bunch of stuff. This weekend we're out of town, next weekend we have friends coming to town and it's my husband's birthday, then school starts, then the next weekend it's my daughter's birthday.

So, B5908 is ready to go and B5678 needs a few minor tweaks (but I think I can work those out in the garment). The top will be something I've made before or something simple like a shell that I can't mess up. I will muslin the bodice of the jacket or the skirt, whichever my 4th item turns out to be.

I've also change my color palette (AMERICA!). I'm making pants in a charcoal/black heathered suiting, the button up in a soft purple cotton shirting, the top in a floral print charmeuse and the jacket or skirt will be black.

Lastly, I have 4 other pairs of pants I want to sew. I'm wondering if assembly line style is a good method? 2 B5908 and 2 S2700.

I thought long and hard last night about changes to S2700 to get it "right". I made a quick 'n dirty muslin of S2562 - horrific. Meh. Like, I'm going to give that pattern away. I'll never do what needs to be done to them to make them fit me well.

I'm not going to re-muslin S2700 with my changes. I'm just going to go for it. Those 1" SA give you 8 inches of wiggle room!!!! I'm cutting a 16 average and tweaking where I think tweaking is needed. Wish me luck ;-)


  1. Love your color and fabric choices. Good work--hope the recipients love them as well. Sounds like you've got a lot going on, especially with mini-wardrobe contest. I'm sure you'll do well. Happy Sewing!

  2. Thanks Robin!

    A ton. Sheesh. I don't even think I could stop and sit still even if I wanted to at this point!

  3. I have to laugh at your change of plans for the mini wardrobe contest. I do exactly the same thing every time I think about entering this contest. Love your choices and the fabrics!! Your daughter's cot is adorable with the zebra pockets.

    1. I was thinking...doh! I spoke too soon!!! :) And THEN an RPL fabric find in red *almost* made me rethink and center my entry around red pants.

      Ahhhh...there's still time! ;-)


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