Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Finished Item: Annabelle Jacket

Jacket #1 is done!! I will be entering all three jackets as one contest entry on Pattern Review.

So, this is my first PDF pattern - yay! It wasn't bad at all (I've also traced off two sizes of the Maria Denmark Kimono tee pattern!).

(Score yours HERE!)

There are only a few pattern pieces to trace off - front, back, sleeve, tabs. The skirt of the jacket are three rectangles that are sewn together and then gathered,  and the belt, collar and belt loops are rectangles as well. You do of course have to cut all the pieces from the fabric AND the lining. Also, there's no layout for the pattern pieces...I just used my judgement and added a grainline. SA are 1/2" throughout.

The instructions are clear and there are pics of each step. However - having gone through the process - there are things I'll do differently for the subsequent jackets.

1) I will construct the outer garment and the lining, each as a whole garment...then bag the lining. I get the assumed simplicity of sewing the same seams on the jacket and lining, but to me it was a tad cumbersome. It makes more sense in my head to sew them separately -- completely. You know what I'm saying...

2) I will add the belt loops to the jacket before lining it. I don't like that my thread comes through the lining. I suppose I could have hand sewn them but really? I don't think so.

3) I will (did) make the belt wider on larger sizes).

What I didn't do on this jacket:

A) Add 4 buttons - it's a TINY jacket. I don't think it needs 4 buttons.

B) Allowed the contrast fabric to show on the tab.

Turning that belt was the worst experience ever - part of the reason the larger ones will get wider belts. Sewing on those tiny sleeves was an experience! :)

I am in love with the finished jacket.

Overexposed - it is a really DEEP purple corduroy.

I mean...really?!? :)

Ruffle collar detail and buttons

Back / Slight gather to the skirt

Fun lining! (I botched the first buttonhole (bottom one). That corduroy was just not fun to try to pick stitches out of so I gave up and moved my button left like...3/32"! LOL!

I'm hoping lining a jacket for me is as easy as this was! 

She'll be ready to hit the town in early fall!

Cost breakdown:
1 yard corduroy (JoAnn): $6.29
1 yard quilting cotton lining (stash): Free
4 buttons (stash-looong ago purchased): Free
Thread (stash - but about 1 spool Gutterman): Free

Sock #2 is underway and looking good!


  1. So cute! I would've thought it was store bought too!

    And yay for the sock!

  2. Oh, this is too cute. Nice job, and good luck in the contest.


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