Saturday, August 10, 2013

In Progress and Some Knitting!

I have been planning to do more progress shots of projects, as there might be something helpful in that content for someone who happens upon my little 'ole blog.

Today I got some more work done on my Annabelle jacket (size 6 mos). It is both easy and hard to sew tiny things. The pattern pieces are small and tracing/cutting went really quickly! Also, sewing seams is a breeze. But setting tiny little sleeves? Yowza!!! Not an easy task at all. I did get a couple of pleats in the lining but I didn't bother to unpick. I got one major kink in the fabric so I had to unstitch about 1/4 of the sleeve and redo it. Eh.

This jacket is stinking adorable. It's so tiny!!! It's so cute!!!!!! The color is really, really deep purple so I overexposed photos a bit to try to get the color to show. I can't wait to get some good pics of the finished jacket.

If you look closely, you can see a couple little pleats that snuck in while setting the sleeve. Booooo!

All serged and ready to "bag"

Just CUTE! I was really good and am using fabric I had in stash as a lining. It's 100% cotton from the kid fabric section at JoAnn. I bought it ages ago and it was being used as tablecloths when I was selling at the Farmers Market.

POCKETS! Little, tiny, pockets!

Adorable little sleeve and sleeve tabs. I think I'll redo the top stitching. I was intending on having the fashion fabric show but then I pinned it this way. And sewed it. Sewed it REALLY well so...yeah. :)

 All I have left to do is sew the lining inside the jacket and do whatever hand stitching is required. Oh, and closures. the pattern has 4 buttons at the top and then a tie waist. I'm not sure how practical a tie waist is on a tiny, infant jacket. I might sew on snaps. We'll see.


In the knitting world, I finally finished my sock (it's worsted weight yarn on size 5 needles - I'm slow!)

That is supposed to be ribbing. It is not. For some reason consistently doing k1, p1 is TOUGH. I got off track and never got back on. LOL! Because of that, my sock isn't as stretchy up top and I have to fight it over my fat feet. My kitchner stitch is pathetic but when they're on my feet you can't tell so...we're going to pretend I did it perfectly.

Sock #2 - ahhhhh now THAT my friends is nice ribbing! 


  1. Oh my that jacket is so adorable. I have not knit in ages.. that sock colorway is really pretty.

  2. Love those socks! uh, sock. whatever. :-) I have some baby clothes to make and the jacket you just finished is so cute! I will be working with green/yellow colors (mom's request) and doing some teeny clothes for new baby.

  3. Adorable little jacket, I love that fabric, just perfect..
    Great knitting job too.. wish I would have learned to knit..

  4. Thank you!

    I am loving this little jacket! It has a lot of finishing steps that was like...whew! But I think it's just adorable and have two more planned now. I have a turquoise one cut for a friend and am going to make a hot pink/zebra for a third friend's baby! Too bad I didn't I didn't sew when my kids were babies.

    I just learned to knit this April. It is fun but it (or I) am slow. I want to knit a sweater...we'll see :)


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