Monday, October 21, 2013

Finished: McCalls 6614 and a Peek Into My Mess

First up, my Dougie's sweatshirt.

This is McCall's 6614, View B. They claim this pattern is unisex. Either you're a shapely boy or a boxy girl? I dunno how it can be for both.

The pattern is just okay...I wouldn't make it for myself, I'd find a more feminine style...but I'm already shaped like a box. A medium-large sized box. She's tiny...she can wear a box. :)

She has a pretty short torso, this comes well past her waist, yet I needed to add 2 full inches to the sleeve length and they are absolutely perfect now.

Sewing fleece was WEIRD. It will not go on my list of favorite things to do. I ended up using a size 12 universal needle with a very narrow zigzag which worked well. I pressed on a warm setting with my press cloth and serged all interior seams except the princess seams.

She could've used a little more width across the shoulders in back
The bands came out pretty nice. I love the clean look of it and won't be afraid to do neck bindings on knits anymore!
She wore it to school - excitedly - so I must've done good!
And then...there's THIS foolishness:

The view I saw when I entered the room this morning
(the old fridge and dryer are SUPPOSED to be making an exit. I need that corner!)

90% of my yarn stash that my daughter catalogued for me. I need to get rid of some of this!

What was to be the "in progress" shelf. I bought a bunch of dollar store baskets because you can easily store the fabric, pattern, and notions...but I have like 9 things cut and they're all over the place!

Calm amongst the storm. My pattern/fabric/notions cabinet is happy. Except oh boy does my stash overfloweth (from my pov! I know there's lots of sewers who have 10 times this amount!)

Haphazardly stored knitting/crochet stuff. Bibs and burp cloths that need gifting

What in the sam hell?! Again, stuff I need to get rid of. Those are boxes of tutus, wings, etc. The blue cart is full of what flowers and elastic (headband supplies) that I have left. That bottom drawer is overflowing with ribbon. Oy!
The rack is for my Sunday ironing. Hubby does the laundry, I usually (lol!) iron his shirts. I never iron my shirts.

Pure and utter randomness. I have too many things going on in here and need to clean, organize and refocus. The water jug :-) is because we have hard water and who wants to clean mineral build up from the iron? pfft. Distilled it is.  One gallon, still going strong since July.
So yeah, it's pretty bad that I offered to pay MJ to help me. It's real out here.



  1. I love how that sweatshirt came out, but I love it even more that she's so excited about it!

  2. I like the sweatshirt. I've been thinking about making some for myself and DD#2. She has long arms and I have a longer torso. Store sweatshirts are usually make me look like the 'Michelin Man' :-). Also, I can identify with your sewing cave. My sewing cave looks VERY similar. Company always end up in my cave wanting to use my computer, they come out never saying anything, but I can guess what they're thinking... and you know what--I've gotten to the point in my life where I really don't care. My creativity is not based on neatness--that is, until I can't find something ... smh...

  3. Love the sweat shirt.. And your daughter is cute as can be..

    Oh...the sewing room, looks like "lots of fun...and lots of fun stuff"..

  4. Out of sight, out of mind. UFOs are in the closet deemed Area 51, SABLE addiction is in 20+ totes, an current projects are in a 6-drawer container. The rest is in a room, behind a door, far, far away.

  5. I love your daughter's top - and she looks great in it but as you say, if you are middle size box, avoid them :).

    I love your room - lots of nice space - and compared to my house (or his bit of it, anyway) - neat and tidy! And still lots of room to work in, which is what you need - good set up with the iron near the machine.

  6. Love, love, love the sweatshirt and your daughter looks happy with it too ;-) Wow, you have some room to sew...I'm jealous. I have room too but I share it with my husband who has motorcycle gear, RC airplanes, fishing gear...etc etc

  7. Thanks SarahLiz and Mary!

    I love my little slightly dark, slightly too cold room!!! Sewing at the dining room table was giving me fits.

    Hopefully you get your own personal sewing room soon Mary!! I keep teasing my daughter than when we drop her off at college in 3 years...her room is being converted! :-)


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