Saturday, October 19, 2013

FINISHED: Simplicity 2700

Pattern Description: 

Misses & Miss Petite Pants: Amazing Fit Collection

I would add - has tab waist and flared legs

Pattern Sizing:

14-22, slim, average and curvy. I cut a 16 average

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?


Were the instructions easy to follow?

The fitting instructions are not helpful. This is definitely a muslin-making pattern. The sewing instructions are good but I like the fly zip instructions from my Butterick 5908 pattern much better. I also prefer to sew the side seams before sewing the crotch seam.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

They're great for work pants. The flared leg is a little wider than I'd probably normally buy in RTW but as long as the thighs are just grazing, it's a modern look.

I hate the 1" seams. I think it's a lot of excess fabric. I wish there were instructions on how to turn a good waistband, it takes A TON of patience to make sure you have it nice and square.

Next time I'll follow THESE directions from Notes From a Mad Housewife. Her corners are pretty sharp.

Fabric Used:

A polyester/wool blend from Fabric Mart, $2.40/yd

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

I'd love to give credit where credit is due, but I can't remember which blog I read the tip on! If it's you...thanks!

My hips are about 43" so last time I cut a size 18 (finished hips 45"). I had to do so much to get them somewhat fitted how I'd like. The tip was to go down a size (I mean, you have FOUR inches of seam allowances at the side seams and cutting a smaller size will save you some fabric and hassle). So I cut a size 16 avg (finished hip of 43"). I sewed the inseam at 5/8", the side seams at 3/4" and the crotch seam at 5/8". 

I left off the bias tape on the waistband facing and also sewed the pockets shut. I don't like those slash pockets I've discovered. Next time I'll cut the front as one and leave off the pockets. (I'd like to try the Thurlow front pockets).

I reduced the center front length by 1.5". Yes. lol. I did a wedge that tapered to nothing at the side seam, the overlap was 3/4". I have a very, very short front crotch length.

I also added 1" to the length (and I'm ONLY 5'5"). Last time I had barely 5/8" to hem.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

I will be making these for sure. I think they'll be my TNT. I **LOVE** these.

If you are confident enough to IGNORE their fitting directions and willing to work through a muslin or two, you should try it!


I will be making another pair for my "black" mini capsule and am thinking I have to make them in red, with belt carriers.

Now, I am making a face and my CB seam isn't perfect. Why you ask? These pants were a labor of love. I muslined them in August and then I got sick and didn't sew anything the entire month of September. I realized I tossed the muslin. I THREW THEM AWAY. So I ended up basting and unpicking seams 3 or 4 times because I couldn't remember the details. Never do this. Okay?

Then, I accidentally cut off my fly! YES! lol!! I had about 3/8" of fabric on the pants front and was able to cut a new fly and sew it in place. Then today, while I was working on finishing them up, I realized that I had serged the back leg when finishing the seams. I pulled out my seam ripper and got going on that section. Well...I ripped a big ole hole in the pants. Like 3" long. 

The top of the cut was near the seam line but the bottom was 1" away from the seam line. I nearly cried. I went ahead and haphazardly finished the pants. I didn't understitch the waistband. I didn't add the bias tape, I just wanted to get them "done" so I could take pics and tell of my mistake. After seeing the pics I was in awe of the fit and in love with the pants and well...the hole isn't horribly noticeable from the front or back so for now, it is fused together with black fusible. I just love the fabric too much to toss them


I had these lines on my butt last time too. I think it's a dart issue, we'll see. It doesn't bother me enough to work too hard to try to fix it. LOL!

I'll add hook & eyes when I'm less tired.

She caught me doing something weird. 

Stupid hole.

I put my review first because I'm exhausted. I can't even tell this story again. Also, it just took me like 20 minutes to post my review. My pics are being weird and I accidentally closed Safari mid update and yeah...I think I'm done sewing for today. And I REALLY wanted to start Butterick 5678 but a sista is tired, y'all. 


  1. All of us eventually end up with a serger error. Since it's in the back, I don't think I'd worry about it at all. Love the fit!

    1. Those crazy, speedy sergers!!!! :) Thanks Faye!

  2. Oh my gosh. We must be sewing twins or something. I encountered the same CF problem with this pattern. The back of my version looked fantastic, but the front was all kinds of wrong. It pulled apart at the zipper and had diagonal wrinkles. I also inadvertently through away my altered pattern pieces. Oy vey!

    I have yet to figure out what to do about the CF. If you do, you will definitely have a wonderful TNT that fits you perfectly.

    As for the 3" hole, yup did that too. My hole was on the inseam and not quite as long. I was so through with those pants, I fashioned some sort of patch and wore it anyway. I figured if anyone was that close to notice, the hole wasn't my biggest concern! =)

    1. The CF is wayyyyy too long.

      On this version I did a horizontal wedge(?), e.g. sliced across the front pattern piece to the side seam and then overlapped it at center front, tapering to nothing at the side seam. I think I need to take JUST a little more out. Like another 1/8" overlap (which will remove 1/4".

      I also remembered - duh! - that I didn't do the top stitching on the fly. That will keep my zipper from flashing :)

  3. Wow, amazing fit is right! They look great! Such a tragedy about the hole, but I've done it too. And I did cry!

    I get wrinkles on my "right buttock" very similar to yours - I found out that my right hip is less full than the left, so for pants and pencil skirts, I have to shave a bunch off the right side only, starting about 1/2" in from the side seam at the waist, and tapering to nothing at about 9" below the waist. Might be worth a try if you haven't done it already - it got rid of my wrinkles.

    1. OMG that is exactly what I need to do! I know that my left side is "different" from my right I'm going to try that. Some sort of high hip adjustment.


    2. I went back and took a look, and this post has some pix of what I did - maybe it will be helpful :-)

    3. Thanks! Those adjustments were spot on for you. You got a really nice fit on those Clovers where it seems like a lot of people have a hard time.

  4. You got a great fit on these pants!

  5. The pants do look great on you - and a great fix job on the zip. I would have been really upset about the hole - but I've done it too. We all have. Or I slop coffee down a white shirt I am just finishing (yes, I know, shouldn't have coffee and sewing together...)


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