Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall Vogues

Cause you just gotta comment!
1378: Already procured. I will not put those side slits on the pants but I like this. A lot.


1368: Wait! Hear me out!! I know it looks like a pile of purple and silver mess here but it really can be cute! :-)

8943: Classic holiday look. The lace is prettttty

Line Art
8944: Who doesn't love the opportunity to color block? Me thinks the bottom kinda looks like the infamous Lady Skater Dress...if you left off that seam across the bust. Hmm?




8955: But they are giant pants. I guess the effect is the same but I would've liked it to be a skirt. Still. Soooo timeless in black and white.


1372: The "What in the Sam Hell" honorable mention. This is horrendous. Go waste 4 yards of fabric on this monstrosity...I dare ya. I mean, if it makes a model look like this what will it do to the rest of us?


  1. The purple one does have potential... I agree! Now that garbage bag of a dress 1372, who in the Vogue design room said 'Yes, lets do this! It's wonderful and the seamstresses out there will make this!'... it's awful and I don't see the merit in it. I can only imagine it's a sloppy feeling mess to wear, and not in a good way like easy wearing pajamas are sloppy looking but oh so comfy.

  2. Some pretty patterns.. But I agree with Kathy..not 1372..ha
    I really like 8943- Would be a really pretty Christmas dress

  3. Hahaha! You guys are right. I wonder how that one rolled off the design "shelf"?! And WHO will buy it? Ooh what about at the regular price of vogues?? Yours for the low, low price of $32?

  4. I really liked most of these - except for that hot mess of 1372, smh, what were they thinking?! I already have 8944 and I'm thinking of attempting it sometime this weekend or next week. I want to see how the pants come out - especially without the slits - I think they'll look great!

    1. Oh gosh this pants pattern. There are no final garment measurements printed anywhere and there are no side seams. Goodness gracious.

  5. Oh dear, that last pattern and those gigantic pants...
    There is a sale on vogue patterns at my local store (they are $7 instead of $20-30) and I was going to choose one or two to buy... but I don't think I'll be picking things from their new collection!

    1. Ha! That last pattern will be the comic relief of this pattern release for awhile I think. I forget how spoiled we are in the US that we regularly get Vogues for what was $3.99 and is now $4.99. I'm glad they are reasonably priced for you.

      I don't think there are any of these I'd pay $30 for!

    2. They are generally $21 at your typical chain store type of craft place but some of the fancy designer Vogues are $30, same with Mccalls. Simplicity and Butterick range from $10 - $17 while Kwik Sew, Burda and New Look are $8 - $15. Wow, that is so cheap, I'm jealous!

  6. Vogue 1372. Haha! You are hilarious! If I wore something like that my family would never let me live it down


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