Monday, November 18, 2013

Finished Item: Simplicity 2054

So as you know, it was a busy sewing weekend for me. Sunday morning I was up by 7 and the house was silent. I contemplated just hanging in bed but...nope. I contemplated working on my November garment of the month but...nope. :) I've been focused on a work wardrobe and hadn't sewn anything fun. I wanted to sew a few garments for my casual wardrobe.

I bought this knit fabric from SR Harris back in April. Almost all of their knits are $4.50/yd. A wool knit or designer knit for example, might be more. But I tend to buy at least one 2-yard cut of knit when I go just because that is a good price!

I've had a ton of ideas on what to use it for but never felt committed - you guys know what I'm talking about - there wasn't a project that I *knew* belonged to this fabric. And then I found it!
After extensive reviews on the pattern, I knew that this knit belonged to Simplicity 2054, a Cynthia Rowley pattern.

The pattern is very straight forward - front and back both cut on the fold plus the sleeves and neck binding. For once, the pattern envelope is pretty accurate on the finished product. There are no darts but there is a nice bit of shaping through the body. I think using a nice, stable double knit ups your mileage here.

I then hemmed and hawed over how to layout the pattern since there were stripes. Which stripes go over the bust? Which over the hip? Where should I put them?!?! In the end, I decided on a wide-to-narrow layout. 

Then it was, do I do the sleeve cut outs or not? What the heck...let's go for it!!

Edited to add: "I get it from my mama"! My mom, at 56, has the shapeliest most golden brown toned legs ever. So I thank her!! 

Excerpted from my review on PR:

*I cut a 14. Finished measurements 37.5/37.5/45. My measurements are 39.5/34/43.

*Dislikes? There are two issues I have and both are very easily fixed.

1) there is a TON of ease at the waist. The Simplicity size 14 measurements are 36/28/38 so there is wearing and design ease of 1.5" at the bust and 7" at the hip and 9.5" (!!!) at the waist.

2) the upper part of the sleeve through the elbow is very fitted, then it just continues to the wrist as opposed to narrowing. I will have to take the wrist in a bit...there's 2" of extra fabric there.

Likes? This dress is pretty much perfect other than those 2 small things. I LOVE the fit. It flatters the figure just right and you can really change the feel of it quite easily.

*I added an inch above the elbow to the sleeve, I should've added at the end too. I have a 5/8" hem allowance and it's maybe bracelet length.

*There is a pattern piece for the binding at the neckline but I didn't cut it's a rectangle that measures 2" x 21" (for the size 14). I just cut a rectangle from my fabric.

*I was nervous about the finished garment measurements compared to mine so I used 3/8" SA (5/8" at the shoulders) giving myself an extra inch. However, I didn't need this extra at the waistline. I ended up taking it in through the waist, removing an inch total.

*I fully intended to do a swayback adjustment but I forgot. I needed it too :/

*Another thing to note, I did not need to do a narrow shoulder adjustment on this one.

The photo on the left shows the full length before hemming. i didn't like it quite that long and then I decided to end at the white area because that's where the sleeves ended. When I pinned it up, I liked  the shorter version and decided to go that route. And then...I proceeded to chop off nearly the entire black part - leaving an inch behind. After turning up my hem, I had just taken 3" from the length. oops!! :) I like the mini though! A lot!

It also looks cute layered over leggings:

And I'm VERY proud of the binding. I attached it with the serger!!

I know this is an old pattern but (hopefully), I'm bringing it back. I can see lots of my fellow sewers turning out amazing versions of it!


In knitting news...I finished the sock! My first time doing cables. It doesn't scare me now! :)


  1. You look amazing!! Funny thing is, I just bought this pattern over the weekend LOL

    1. Thanks Candyce! oooh, you have to make it. It will look FABULOUS on you!

  2. WOW! I made this pattern a bunch of times, but I like your version better than any of mine! You look amazing in those stripes!

    Also - excellent work on the sock!

    1. Yes! I stalked your blog too! :) Thank you so much!

      oooh that dang blasted sock. So many hours. I like it though! I'm sure my mom will too!

  3. The dress is really fantastic - you wear it so well, a gorgeous figure for it. The shorter length really works for you. I don't think the sway back matters too much on a knit - it will move around anyway.

  4. We are definitely pattern twins! lol I LOVE the way this dress looks on you! (much better than my version :) ) You look fantastic and I do like the shorter length ~ very flattering - show those legs!

  5. oh the binding, that's really neat too ~ how did you attach it with the serger? I'm curious because I have the Brother 1034 and sadly, I haven't experimented much but I do use it to finish my seams. Good job on that!

  6. We ARE Jenny!! :)

    I mark the quarter points and pin there then do like a 3/8" serger stitch while stretching bet ewe the pinned areas. It's fast and quick. Play with your serger!!! :). I still need to try rolled hems on mine.

  7. I love, love it.. You look fantastic in it.. Is the pattern still available..I want it.. Happy sewing.

    1. Thanks!

      It is still available I think! Simplicity is on sale next week at Hancock. Let me know if you can't find it and I'll try to snag you one :)

  8. This dress is fab! S2054 has been on my radar for years. YEARS! You've given me motivation to have at it. Love the stripes!

  9. That dress is hot! And it also looks comfy with leggings, win win!!

  10. How chic! I love the graphic black and white design, and it's just so cool! Love it!

  11. This dress is incredibly gorgeous on you! Great job! I agree the shorter hem looks far superior. Now I am going to look for this pattern!

    1. Thanks Nicky!! I saw tons of cute versions, sew it up!!!


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