Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sewing Pattern Wish List

Today, Sewaholic posted about a pattern wish list - from the perspective of a designer - wondering what sewers are craving from the Sewaholic line.

When I read it, it also made me think about my own "wish list" - the patterns I'd love to have my hot little hands on.

So let's see...I would love to own the Renfrew and Minoru by Sewaholic, first. I don't even think I need to link them...there are a bajillion amazing renditions of both all over the internet. Go Google!! :) Initially I ignored the Renfrew, but it seems to be a great pattern and has tons of options for customizing the pattern.

OMG and then there's the Anna from By Hand London:

Image from:

Image from:

Trust me when I say to Google it or look it up on Pattern Review. Everyone's is AWESOME. But it's gonna cost me like $26 with the conversion and shipping. Uhmm...that might stay on my wish list awhile longer...unless PR ends up offering it (fingers crossed!).

Then there are the cute Tania Culottes from Megan Nielsen which Lauren made in an adorable winterized version.

Winter Tania Culottes
Image from:

Of course, the BurdaStyle Moto jacket:

And this M5815 Jacket, which the pattern envelope = SNOOZEFEST but Kelly's version is ahhhhmazing and I must have. I just found the pattern on eBay - score!

Yawwwwwwn. Right?

and then...


Image from:

Apparently the bow version was a Nanette Lepore knock off design...I can't wear a giant bow on my neck to work though.

And I would love to own, right now, the Liesl + Co Woodland Cape

Pretty funky stuff there, that cape.

This weekend, I plan to finish the muslin for my jacket, rework this horrific top I cut last night, finish the royal blue skirt and...yeah. I think that's a good list :)


  1. OOOOH.. What pretty patterns you have on your wish list...[Maybe Santa will read your blog??? hope so.ha]

  2. Good point Judy! :-D

    Helloooooo! Santaaaa! I've been a really good girl this year!!!!! :-)

  3. Holy cow! I love your selections. I am this close to making the Tania Culottes and that Burda moto jacket. And your other ideas... love 'em!

    1. You have to Kathy! :) I know they would amazing. Gosh those culottes are so cute!!!!!

  4. You HAVE to make the Minoru. It is the best jacket for those cool and windy fall days. I liked it when making it, loved it when done, and am in awe of the design after wearing it for a few years. It's warm, stylish and feels cute when on. I say this as one curvaceous woman to another :-)

    1. Curvy ladies unite!!!

      I am going to get it. I should have bought it when she had the 20% off sale for Thanksgiving. Darn it.


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