Tuesday, November 12, 2013

In Progress...

First of all...I don't do laundry. I do not operate the washer and dryer except to prewash fabric. I was in the cave and the dryer stopped. I opened it and it was a load of our sweatshirts/sweatpants. There were 7 items in there and I folded them. I then realize I don't really dislike laundry...I just learned to hate laundry when I had two kids under 2 (my kids are 17 months apart). You know what you get when you open the dryer on an infant/toddler load of laundry? 7,248,742 items. There are approximately 7 million pieces in a load of infant laundry. Gah.

I am all buzzed and full of mojo and wanting to sew everything I see. Every new blog post and pattern review sends me in another direction. I want to sew it all.

I'm making progress on my S1699 muslin. I think I'll be ready to cut the pattern this weekend - yay!

In the meantime, I started to cut Vogue 1378. This pattern is crazy, okay?

SO many oddly shaped pieces!

The top has one odd half seam. There are no final garment measurements on the pattern. none. No bust, hip, length - no measurements. I'm going to cut a 14 and hope it doesn't turn me into a sausage. I'm using a sage/olive green jersey from FabricMart.

The pants? There are also NO measurements printed on the pattern tissue. AND there are no sideseams. I pieced the side together to measure and try to figure out what size to cut. I'm really torn between the 16 and 18. I do not want them to be loose and I do not want them to turn me into a sausage. The theme is to avoid casing. Avoid casing. Avoid casing.

Hey, those were the things I had on my nightstand. LOL!

Accounting for seam allownace at the inseam, the crotchline measurement of the size 16 is just about 27". My measurement is 26". The front crotch length is about 2" too long (seems to be typical for me to have to remove 1 3/4 - 2" at center front on pants). The back is about 1 1/2" too short (also typical for me).  These will be done in black ponte (I heart black ponte).

Otherwise, I've cut view C of what is already one of my favorite patterns, McCall's 6844. 

It'll be done in this slinky knit, again, from Fabric Mart. It almost looks like athletic wear material??? I dunno, I like the color! It's like a steel grey/slate blue.

I am also jonesing to try a Style Arc pattern. They've just lowered shipping for a single pattern -- well two because they always have a 'free pattern of the month' -- so I can get the Chelsea pant that I want and the Lola pant (free pattern) for just around $19. It feels worth it!!!



They have a really modern aesthetic and I *love* their recreation of celebrity looks (HERE) - even if I'm not a fashion maven.

In knitting news, I still need to finish my second blue sock. I would also like to make myself a sweater just to say I made myself a sweater. I owe my husband a hat too! I agreed to be a pattern tester for a new sock pattern and the estimated time was 8-10 hours. Great! Uhmm, I didn't notice it had cables. I'd never done cables. It is taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I have to be done by Monday. Holy cow.


  1. I really want to try a StyleArc pattern, too. I'm excited about the cheaper shipping. Not crazy about a pants pattern (I really don't have the patience for pants...I'm terrible!), so we'll see what's free next month!

    1. I'm definitely going to order now that it won't cost as much to ship the pattern as it does to buy the pattern!

  2. I sew understand your wanting to sew EVERYTHING...ha.. I feel the same way.. so many ideas...so little time....
    I laughed when I read your idea on childrens laundry..It reminded me of my daughter..who had 2 girls that were 22 months apart.. She described the million pieces of laundry in the dryer too.. her gilrs are now 12 and 14 and she still hates laundry.lol
    Can't wait to see what you make..You really encourage me with your wonderful sewing.

    1. She feels my pain Judy! :)

      Thank you for the kind words. I'm really enjoying learning!

  3. Thanks for pointing out those StyleArc patterns, really nice! I can't wait to see your S1699, I know they will look nice, and I'm ready to cut another M6844 myself...

    1. I loved(!!!!!) your black and white look. Swoon. I almost (almost!) pulled out the already cut S1696. But considering the fact that it was about 15 degrees when I woke up this morning...I know cropped pants are not on my radar until April. Or May. Grrrr. :)

      You made me want a white one. I love this pattern :)

  4. Yes, I have the I Want to Sew Everything disease as well :). Not possible of course, but I'm going to try!. I'm waiting for this month's Style Arc order - so I will be interested in how yours. turn out. We've got different shapes, so it will be interesting to compare.

    Looking forward to seeing how you seamless pants turn out - if they fit, that pattern will be great:)


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