Friday, February 6, 2015

In Pictures: Stash, Some Sewing and a Special Day

I was on the wagon and then...boooooom! CRASH! The E-O category was on sale for 50% off + an additional 20% off coupon and all heck broke loose.

The beautiful sweater knit was sold out by the time my order was filled - WAHHHHHH!!!!! There were 26.5 yards when I ordered :( It must have been really popular! Ah well.

The damage: 

(bottom 3 solids are ponte)

Solid green and pretty printed ITY

A slinky jersey

A cotton/lycra knit (the color is very vibrant! let's hope it stays that way!)

This jacquard double knit feels amazing!

Coating - I must have missed where the herringbone said it had metallic threads.
I don't know if I like it. The other is solid black and SOFT!


A 'buy the piece' boucle

Pinstripe for pants

More plaid- I keep buying it but have yet to sew it!

Yes, there's a huge stack of this suiting. I have a plan!

Pretty lace

More pretty lace!

The solid green is a soft cotton lawn that shall become the new Vogue Anne Klein top.


I was mojo-less and in an attempt to make it show up, I sewed new machine covers. I later realized it was over something that was unresolved. And then that matter was resolved and then - yay! My mojo returned!!! 

I was going to use a Butterick pattern I have and then decided I was NOT going to cut pattern tissue to cut rectangles! I measured length/height/depth of my machines and added 1/2" for hem/seam allowances.

I sewed the top to the front and back, sewed the long seams on the sides and then finished with the short seams. I made sure I pressed it well and then hemmed.

I added a white strip to 'break up the pattern' a bit and decided to hand embroider it. I interfaced this strip of fabric and then used a decorative stitch to attach it to the front of the covers.

The mat was based on uhmm...a scrap of fabric I found after making the covers! LOL!!!
I interfaced the "outside" of the pocket, sewed a facing to it and then attached front to back. I turned it out of the top of the cover and then just topstitched it shut (it's hiding under the machine anyway!)

I then did double lines of stitching to make pockets. 

If I did this again I would make the pocket piece slightly wider so that there was more slack.

hand-embroidery! :-)

The serger cover is still awaiting it's embroidery but now I have a scrap catcher - YAY!


My son, my youngest, turned 15 years old today. My how the time flies :)


  1. You sure did some damage. I surfed right past this one. I don't have space to stash fabric, I really wish I did. I may have to sew faster to clear out some space.

    1. I know! OMG! LOL! I have too much space. Maybe that's my problem!

  2. I too fell off the wagon. I told myself, "No buying fabric in January, and you must sew up what you have!" After finishing a top and starting a skirt, it was 2/1 and I was on that Fabric Mart page again! Haha. What are you going to make with the pontes?

    1. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Unsure yet. Ponte just get's pushed into stash because I love, love, LOVE it! I am not a big fan of that bright royal though. Not really my color. I think my son may get a surprise and get a hoodie from it.

  3. I also fell of the wagon big-time, but in my case, I'm chalking it up to stress/retail therapy. Sometimes shopping just makes you feel better, ya know?

  4. Oh my goodness!!! Look at that juicy fabric. Just look at it. I was strong this past sale and got nothing. I don't know how, but I was strong :) And look at your baby! Mine is 4 years old... I will blink and he'll be a teenager, it's nuts.

  5. I fell hard too LOL...Man, you got the cotton lycra, the tribal print! I knew I should have gotten that one too, it looks so vibrant!

    1. And I forgot to add a Happy birthday to your big guy!

  6. Happy Mom Anniversary! Good job!

  7. Great haul. Where can you get frabric mart coupons? I've never seen them before.

  8. It was an email offer. Maybe you have to be signed up for the newsletter

    1. I think that I am signed up but I haven't been looking too closely at them. I guess I better start.

  9. It is comforting to know I am not the only way who goes crazy during their sales. The 40% off the whole website on MLK day was the one that got to me. You bought some great fabrics. Kids do grow so fast. My "baby" turned 20 yesterday. I get all emotional just thinking about it.

  10. Fantastic fabric purchases.. Sales get me every time..ha Can't wait to see what you make?
    Happy Birthday to your baby.. [so sad to see our babies grow up.ha]
    ps I am using one of the patterns you gave me to make granddaughter #3 a dress right now, and I foresee the twins wanting one too , out of the same pattern. thank you.

  11. What a good looking young man! Have you tried sewing for him yet? Boys are great to fit, so much more fun than women.

    Love all the fabrics and glad it brought back Mr. Mojo.

  12. Aww happy bday to your youngest!!

    I've done some major fabric damage these last couple weeks too.. must be the "winter shopping fever". :)

  13. I've just been doing the low mojo and it was also due to "stuff". I feel better today after a lot of soul searching.

    I love that you are off the wagon as often as I am. Every week I am on, and every week, it seems, off. But unlike some addictions, at least this one is constructive and therapeutic.

    Can't wait to see the suit plans - and as for that herringbone with the metallic thread - teleport it this way....I love it! I'm sure you will adjust though, and make something gorgeous for yourself.

  14. Happy Birthday, Big Guy! Fifteen! :)

    I love your fabrics you chose, they will suit you so much. We only have on in common, that gorgeous cotton lycra aztec print. I have so many aztec prints now, it is stupid. I think I want to make a t-shirt dress from it, what are you thinking for you?

    Looking forward to seeing your other makes, of course!

  15. Awesome fabric selection! I cannot wait to see what you create with these, it's very exciting! I love your machine covers! I currently don't own them but wonder if it would help prevent me from cleaning my machines so often? OMG! Yes that time does fly by and before you know it he'll be 25 and asking you, "mom where did the time go"! I know, it happen with my kids! He's a cutie just like your daughter and of course, YOU too!!

  16. Beautiful fabrics! I'm jealous! I hope you and your son had a wonderful day. :)

  17. Im holding my 20% coupon with dear life I will catch the next your choices!

  18. Okay seriously you are turning into me! That was me years ago - 26 lbs of fabric no problem! Still haven't used my 20% off coupon holding onto it for a little bit since it doesn't expire until 3.30.15.

  19. Your fabrics are so pretty! I feel for some of the sales too... but mine aren't here yet. Now I just need to find time to sew something for myself.

  20. There some really nice pieces. Im sure if the temptation was around me I too would submit.

  21. Great purchases. I don't have a lot of space so that restriction keeps me under control. Love that jacquard double knit and the laces are so pretty.


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