Friday, February 27, 2015

February Wrap-Up, Stashbusting

First...the stash. I am both confused and in awe of non-stashers.  I can't do it! I have to BUY ALL THE THINGS!! when I see them! I have very good intentions when I buy too! :)

However, I reach a point where I feel bogged down by it all. Of course, it passes and I buy MORE, but in the meantime, I feel overwhelmed and out of control.

So, I am on a stashbusting expedition (we shall NOT call it fasting!). Rough estimates tell me I have somewhere in the range of 280 yards of fabric. This is not including linings, things I bought with the intention of sewing for someone else (that's all in a separate bucket), things that I've already decided will never become a garment and are sitting for the odd time when I decide to muslin...

I am on a mission to sew up (or donate) a quarter of my stash before buying more fabric. This includes the order that is placed and awaiting shipping arrived on Friday from Fabric Mart (cottons were on sale!) and includes my February sewing. And I have a fabric swap gathering coming up March 15th (if you're local or near local and want to link up; we are planning it all in the Facebook Minne-Sew-ta group!) If you are NOT on FB, shoot me an email (sewcraftychemist --at-- gmail) and I will give you the deets!

My last FM order (for a little while) arrived today. I ordered 1 yard of the paisley shirting to use as accents on my red shirt (plus whatever else...) and got almost 2 1/2 yards! End of bolt special! Yay!

I ordered 2.5 yards of the plum RPL for pants and got 3 yards.

I ordered 2.5 yards of the aqua pique and got 3 yards. Woohoo!

There was also some amazingly soft cotton shirting in cream. Swoon.

But I must not be held back! I was at a conference that was right around the corner from SR Harris. There was NO way I could be that close and not stop in!!!

I picked up several jacket-length YKK zippers, a shorter decorative zipper, straps for a camisole, 24-1" buttons, 2 leather scraps, silk organza for bound buttonholes and 5 yards of 2" stretch lace. ALL for $16! WOOOHOO!!!

Don't worry; I won't be foiled on the meet up either! I will _not_ buy fabric for the stash! I plan to sew DH a shirt for Father's Day and will look for fabric for his shirt (and probably more buttons!)

On to February sewing!

I am currently keeping a Google spreadsheet document with my sewing projects. I am hoping this will make my year end wrap up smoother.

This month I sewed up 15.5 yards

  • Butterick 6183 top in plum ponte - 1.25 yards
  • Batman cape - 2 yards (yes, you read that correctly)
  • Burda 02/2015 top in striped linen/rayon - 1 yard
  • Vogue 8620 jacket in denim/navy poplin - 2.25 yards
  • Infinity scarf in purple/pink/metallic knit - 1 yard (gift for my SD)
  • Butterick 5925 top in ITY - 2 yards (gift for mom)
  • Vogue 8731 top in ITY - 1.5 yards (gift for mom)
  • Simplicity 1623 dress in ponte/jersey - 1.75 yards (gift for mom)
  • Simplicity 2508 coat in berry wool - 2.75 yards (WIP)
So 7.25 yards for me and 8.25 yards as gift sewing.

1 top
1 casual top
1 jacket
1 coat
5 gifts

Favorite: Hands down is the Vogue jacket. I was seriously impressed by how well that jacket went together and with the interesting details that were easy yet made the jacket appear more difficult.

Biggest accomplishment: The sheer fact that I sewed so much for others! 

FAILS: Another miraculous month without a wadder!!

I count fabric as "out" once it's cut. There's pretty much no likelihood of me reusing cut pieces for anything other than scraps (pockets, etc), so it's not "yardage" anymore. The coat is going FAST and I'd originally given myself until March 8th to complete it but it won't take that long.

As stated in my last post about it, I am not tailoring this coat. I just need one like yesterday. Lining is complete and construction is in process

I KNOW you're wondering about that Batman cape... It was spirit week at school and one day was Superheroes. DD went as Batman! I basically used a 2 yard cut of -too lightweight for pants- black suiting fabric, sewed the ends together, hemmed it and added a casing for satin ribbon. I made the bat symbol and belt from felt and the arm bands from black cotton knit and felt. She LOVED it.

She looks like an 8 year old here and I love it :)


  1. Im so impressed with your organisation, the destashing and the spreadsheet Ironically I have just written a post about not have a stash. In fairness I have one shop locally selling fabric, ok if you want polar fleece of cheap lining. Great creative month for you, well done.

    1. Ouch. Yes, that makes it hard if you're not looking to sew ALL the fleece!

      Thanks so much. It was a good month :)

  2. I find it very amusing that you are practicing bound buttonholes for a jacket that you "are not tailoring". Definitely jumped a few skill levels there!

    1. Haha! touche!

      Okay...a lil' bit of tailoring :) I thought about pad stitching the collar and then got sleepy thinking about it. I'd given myself until the 8th to finish this one but looks like I might actually get it done before the week is out.

  3. I think it would be a riot if we had "spirit week" at work and one day we all came to work dressed as superheroes! I would be Wonder Woman, bwah ha ha ha ha!

  4. This is awesome! I like that you keep track of what/how much you've sewn. I'm trying to keep better track this year myself. And your garments are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks so much Denise! I love your blog and boy you sew a lot too!!!

      It helps my brain to account for all that I've sewn...and what happens to it later.

  5. Oh I love your new fabric! I'm impatiently awaiting my latest purchase from FM as well. Love your projects😄

    1. Thanks Sue! :) Fabric hoarders -err collectors- unite!

  6. I am dying trying not to click the "order" button on FM... I am in the camp of I Must Buy All The Things as well. And how adorable is your baby girl all dresses up?!?!?!

    1. I have tried so hard to just avoid the site. Sheesh!

  7. The batman outfit is adorable, as is your daughter..
    Love the new fabric..[and we ALL have that stash build up /gotta have it...problem.ha]
    I am on a fabric stash busting too.. I pulled everything out, and organized my fabric..was shocked at what I had and didn't even know.ha Look forward to seeing your coat.Happy sewing.

    1. See?!?! When you start digging through it it's like, OH MY GOSH! :)

      Thanks Judy!

  8. Mrs Smith, I could have written your opening lines - mind you, I think I am not going to be as ambitious as you in trying to reduce mine drastically.

    What a great sewing month - how you find the time is quite beyond me - 4 garments is my max in a month - and you have made 9. Heavens above :).

    1. haha! Thanks Sarah Liz! You know I mainly fly by the seat of my pants so... ;-)

  9. I too am in awe of those that can abstain from hoarding fabric/ stashing. I like your plans to sew as much as possible. I will internally try to do that as well. (get it? internally!) Hehe.

    1. Hahaha! :)

      Totally in awe of them. I *must* stash!

  10. I looked at that paisley shirting (from Japan, right?) and that purple suiting. Bought some other shirting from FM that I hope arrives today. But I. Must. Stop. Ordering. At least you sew, and have a lot to show for each month - you almost sew as fast as the fabric comes in (almost!). For me, two months went by in 2015 with no sewing, but four fabric orders arrived. That's not good.

  11. I agree with Mountain Woman I have accumulated a little (not as big as your) stash of my own and I really don't have too much to show for it. When I'm online at Fabric Mart I just can't seem to help myself. Some of the fabric I have in mind for a particular project and others I buy with no project in mind. We may need to develop a support group for this. On another note I can not wait to see your finished coat, I know that it's going to be fabulous.

  12. Batman cape + converse = the ultimate shiz. Seriously. I think I want a batman cape for myself!

    Fabric Mart is the absolute best!

  13. I purchased that mermaid blue for my Easter outfit. It was the only fabric I could find in this new color for Spring. Now, you know the plans are for a suit.


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