Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Butterick Spring Patterns!!!

EEEK! IMO so much better than Vogue's. I am really starting to gravitate towards Butterick. Interesting!!


I should not buy patterns - I know. I will really evaluate if I _must_ have these or not. But the love list:

6183: This is so me. I love this top (with cup sizing!!) and those pants.

6169: Lisette has moved to Butterick! I don't like the dress but this jacket is right.

6166: I know I don't need ANOTHER dress pattern but...This is SOOOOO Cute!

6172: Even out that "tail" in back and this is going to be SO cute with skinny jeans!!!

6189: Apparently I'm an apron pattern collector now. This is amazingly adorable:

See & Sew 6159: YES! Nice everyday pjs:

Also available as B5963 
(I will actually buy the original pattern; it has the top as a gown and a longer robe. 
The gown is gorgeous!)

Pretty good but...

6176: Perhaps too late to the party Butterick

6180: I actually like this but KNOW I do not need it

6163: interesting but...again, not needed

Sew & Sew 6156: This is so pretty but I don't know about the tucks and the high neckline. I do not want 'uniboob'

Also available as B5988

6181: I like that it has raglans but it looks..."off"

No Butterick. Just...NO. 

6167: Just...no. Unless you're sewing for a 12 year old

6171: uhmm.

See & Sew:

6158 is B6109

6153 is B6032

6154 is B6054

6155 is B6091

I understand that with S&S being just $2.99 ($2.39 if you're a BMV member), for some it is cheaper to buy the S&S pattern. For those of us in the US, if the original is available; you may be "missing out" on other views by going with the S&S. Sometimes I choose the S&S because there's fewer views in the package. But for that PJ pattern I REALLY want the longer robe and gown!!! :)


  1. I really like a lot of these, too. I like the jacket and the dress on 6169 (but I'm a thick rectangle so these waistless dresses tend to look better on me). I also loved 6172 EXCEPT for that tail -- that's got to go!! I also loved the pjs, but I think I will get the original. Thanks for pointing it out:) I love the collar on 6185 and I think the tank on 6173 has potential. Although I won't probably buy them for myself, 6163 and 6164 were also nice. Even the little girls dresses were cute and versatile. A solid release! The only thing I hate is that Buttericks are the most difficult for me to get. I just last weekend was able to get patterns from their last release! It doesn't really make sense because the just-released Vogues were already neatly in their drawers.

    1. Agreed. It's a good one! I love the little girls' patterns!! My little girl is almost 17 though! :)

      Oh wow! You should talk to the manager of your store about that!

  2. I'm kind of "meh" about this release. I felt the same about Vogue.

    I like B6156 but I already have B5890 which is fairly similar.

    That Gertie dress is ridiculous.

  3. I like the first pattern a lot, especially the simple top. Agree about the strappy Gertie dress though -where on earth are your boobs supposed to go?!

    1. Your boobs should, apparently, be completely non-existant. Hence, "Is this for a 10-12 year old??"

  4. You are so right - lots of terrific patterns. Especially like some of the Lisette ones. Thanks for highlighting these!

  5. Thanks for the rundown. I agree with your opinion on most of these. "you know you're a sewist when...you look at a pattern and immediately know what you would change". I laughed to myself when I found myself doing this. I must have over 200 patterns, so I'm on a pattern fast. I usually take a look at the pattern pictures and hack what I like. If I can't hack it, then I'll buy it --which is rare. It's amazing how you were able to point out the duplicates. I have so many patterns that look similar and never realize it until I am looking for something. You're right, B5963 is nicer and 6166 is a great look--I just wish they had done something more with the back. Well, I'll be waiting to see your Spring line up, Nakisha. Happy Sewing!

    1. I was always told I have a "photographic memory". I somehow always manage to recognize the redone patterns!

      I don't have the hacking 'gene' and that's probably why I own over 450 patterns! :-O

  6. I am eyeing up the Lisette ones, especially that jacket!

  7. Honestly, I hated this release as much as I loved the McCall's release. The Spring Vogues were somewhere in-between for me (I liked a lot of the details, but the garments weren't my style.) That Gertie dress is just awful. You did pull out a few of the more promising designs--when I flipped through these, initially all I saw was weirdness and oversized frumpiness.

    1. HA! :)

      When I looked at them last night on my phone I was LESS than impressed. This morning I was able to go through them and look at all the line drawings. So much bad styling :/

  8. I'm here for the culottes and the moto jacket. I think I like the dress with the asymmetrical front. That Gertie pattern? Girl, bye. Way too twee. It looks like a prepubescent Sally Draper special occasion dress.

    1. I am certain someone will swear that Gertie dress is the best ever but yeah...looks like it's for an adolescent.

      YES! More culottes! Seems like I'd better sew up a pair for spring!

  9. I love Lisette patterns.. SO well done..
    I need to NEVER look at another pattern-- I am overflowing in patterns.ha.. But.. I cant resist..
    Anxious to see what you buy and what you make.. Have fun.

  10. a few nice one for me the culottes (great for when Im riding my bicycle) and the biker jacket. Patterns are extortionate here in the UK so Im not an avid collector, and choose wisely.

  11. My favorite from this collection was B6179 the slassic gored skirt and culottes. I think this could be a good TNT pattern for my pattern stash!

  12. That Gertie dress is straight up "Bye Felicia."

    I like a few of the new ones, but I have to cut down on the pattern-buying because that stash runneth over.

  13. I love the first pattern - Butterick's patterns are a little more classic than Vogue sometimes. I also like the little jacket that you think is off - maybe it's just a matter of personal preference. I agree, I think the uniboob top is a disaster waiting to happen. Looks nice, but...

  14. I agree. That little jacket (6169) is so cute!


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