Friday, February 13, 2015

My Stash Runneth Over

So I'm clearing some stuff out.

I have a listing on PR in the classifieds; here and pics of the patterns on the blog here

Aside from those, I had a lot of patterns gifted to me over the past year or so and obviously will not be selling those. Most are either duplicates of things I have or are too small/too large for me.

Instead I've grouped them into bundles and first commenter for each bundle gets to have it. But you have to take the whole bundle. Please! :) I don't want to ship 20 different envelopes!

Bundle A
B5950 8-16
B5890 6-14
V8319  6-12
V8543 6-12

Bundle B
V1345 One size
V8954 L-XXL
B5954 L-XXL
B5925 L-XXL

Bundle C
S1783  (SKIRT IS CUT IN Sz 18!) 12-20
B5613 (View A/B IS CUT IN Sz 18!)14-22
B4132 20-24
B5223 16-24
V8477 14-22
V8649 16-24


 My current WIP: again, not my coat. WHY? Who knows... :) But it's another jacket and I love jackets and I especially love this one, so far.

Vogue 8620

Hopefully I can finish it tonight and be ready to start my jeans on Sunday for the PR Contest!


  1. Replies
    1. Send your mailing info to me via email

      Email is sewcraftychemist /at/ gmail /dot/ com

  2. Replies
    1. Send your mailing info to me via email

      Email is sewcraftychemist /at/ gmail /dot/ com

  3. would love bundle C if shipping isn't too extortionate to the UK. please

    1. I've only shipped internationally to Canada; which isn't that bad :) Can you message me your address and I will check on shipping.

      Email is sewcraftychemist /at/ gmail /dot/ com

  4. I'd love bundle C if it is. ;)

  5. Aww. That is so nice of you! My stash runneth over as well and I think I might do something like this. I wasn't commenting to claim anything.

  6. Good idea to part with some of these - they don't even look like your style :). And it makes room for more...

  7. I agree, this is a really nice idea! I have boxes and boxes of patterns that I purchased over the years and never opened and probably won't. A lot of your patterns that you featured here, I actually have as well especially, the Vogue pattern in bundle A. I bought them many years ago just for the skirt and never made it! So what's the point in hanging onto it? You're so right, let someone else have these especially if they can use them!

  8. If anything were to fall through, I would love to have any patterns of tops and blouses.

  9. Oh and I am really looking forward to seeing how that jacket turns out. I was not inspired by the line drawings at all. But your version looks quite interesting.

  10. Look forward to seeing your new jacket.. Happy sewing.
    so sweet of you to give the patterns away..


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