Monday, October 13, 2014

Time Flies When You're Having FUN!

Jess (Sometimes Sewist) posted her FESA plans and I hadn't realized mine was posted nearly a month ago. In case you haven't noticed, I love sewing plans. I love talking about sewing plans and reading others' plans. Love.

The 7 categories are:
  • Lower body garments (skirts, pants, leggings, etc)
  • Upper body garments (shirts, tops, cardigans, vests, sweaters)
  • Dresses
  • Underwear 
  • Footwear (socks, slippers, tights??)
  • Pajamas
  • Cold weather wear (coats, hats, mittens, scarves?)
Trying to be realistic here... :) Current plans include:

Simplicity 1282 in winter white pinwale corduroy

Simplicity Misses' Skirt with Length and Trim Variations 1282

A few pairs of V9032 (2 of view C and 1 of view A)

Vogue Patterns Misses' Pants 9032

I have a million tops, jackets and cardigans I want to sew. Being realistic...(SIGH!)
I'm going to sew 3 cardigans and 2 jackets (that's realistic, right?!). And I don't know how many tops.
Except for B5789 (below), they are all patterns I've made before (hopefully that makes it easier!)

I want to sew another of the Vogue cardigans after my too-big attempt #1.I want to sew a black/white/grey animal print M6844 (#7!) and I want to sew a black jacket &finish my brown jacket,

Line Drawing

Tops that I reallllly want: another of my RTW duplicates. Another of the Burda drop-shoulder pleated tee and this Burda 6990 raglan turtle neck

Line Drawing

I'm all dressed out. I wanted to make a ponte dress but not sure I will. I just will not wear all of these dresses that I've made. Well, not in the winter. I wear pants in the winter! But I've made 3; all for the contest. And they're versatile too!

I'm not making underwear or footwear.

I'm going to attempt the Lakeside PJ pattern and want to make Simplicity 2311 for a coat.

Grainline Studio Lakeside Pajamas Downloadable Pattern 37001

Simplicity Misses' & Miss Petite Coats 2311
(The camel version upper left. My wool is close in color, more caramel than camel though)

I also plan to knit (shhhhh!!!!! Don't tell my husband) a hat and fingerless mittens on my week-long Chicago trip next week.

Soooo, 3 pair of pants, a skirt, 2 jackets, 3 cardigans, 3 knit tops, 2 woven tops (one white and one black - exciting, I know), a pair of PJs, a coat and a hat and mittens.

I can do that, right?? :-D

Next week while I'm in Chicago I have TWO dates planned with Gail of gksagenda! Yay me!!! I'm pretty excited to meet her and to grab a few fabric goodies. Just a few. I'm currently paying the most possible school/activity/etc fees for my kids. Toddlers and Teens I tell ya...toddlers and teens. Expensive people!


  1. I just started on that Simplicity coat pattern- making mine in a bright turquoisy-cobalty blue. I can't wait to see yours, and to see how that Vogue pants pattern makes up. I have had my eye on that one too. Great minds think alike! :)

    1. Oooh, you make me want to start mine right away!! There were so many cute versions I ran out and scooped it up at the $.99 sale.

      The Vogue pattern is nice. I had to make minimal alterations to view C. I know that pleats may not be the best thing for the not-rail-thin but I like them and have a somewhat drapey camel colored wool blend that I think will be cute!

  2. WOOT. Look at all of that sewing planning goodness! That winter white skirt is gonna be cuuuute (and is making me feel like I should add a wool skirt to my plan...but there's enough already! Argh!) and the coat will be fab!

  3. Oh, your going to be busy. Those pants from Vogue and simplicity skirt are hot.I'm excited to see both these designs.
    P.S..I am having a no new pattern 2015 challenge,head to my blog to check it out.

    1. I sure am Lillian!

      OMG I cannot go a year without buying patterns!

  4. Sweet plans!!!!!!!!!!! And I just snagged that coat pattern at the same 99cent sale. Maybe I will use it or not depending on how an Ottobre coat muslin works this week. (I've never used ottobre... I've had the notion they are "matronly" or for old ladies... I must be both now b/c I've seen several Ottobres I really like). Anyhow... I can't believe you can plan and do all this stuff AND be in the FM contest. I was blown away with the time it took up for me... but I had my 2yr sweet baby boy on my ankles the whole time :) PS I think you might win. And if you don't... you get a Julie's Pick membership... a FULL year of enablement that I'm STILL basking in. And PPS Loving that last prize package you got with your last win!

    1. And you get to play with Gail? She makes some amazing sewn things and I'm always so jealous of her knitting skills. Have fun on your trip!

    2. I thought that too but they seem to have great basics. Let me know how it works out for you!!!

      See, if I had a 2 year old I'd probably be in a corner crying.

      I CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON THAT FABRIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) The bundle I won from the red dress challenge was ok. I will post pics of both when I get the next one.

      Re: Gail; I know!! I'm pretty excited! She sews such nice things!

  5. Oh! Great sewing plans! I love Fall sewing.

  6. I have that turtleneck sweater pattern and can't wait to make it. You have some patterns there in your plans. Looking forward to seeing them made up.

    1. Thanks Graca! What fabric are you thinking for your turtleneck?

  7. I really do believe you can most definitely make a million tops, jackets and cardigans! LOL

  8. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of these made up. I really want those exact lakeside pajamas ;-)


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