Thursday, November 27, 2014

Burda Strikes Again!

I never got additional pics of the dress soooooo let's just discuss the particulars, shall we?

"Must-have dresses with integrated kimono sleeves, narrow skirt added to the bodice, fitted to the waist with an elastic casing and charming fan-shaped waist folds. Dress A has striking shoulder seam openings."

I love Burda's descriptions! hahahaha! STRIKING SHOULDER SEAM OPENINGS!!!!!!

I cut a 14 neck/shoulders, 16 bust and waist and 18 hip. I used black ponte that I scored nearly 10 yards of when Fabric Mart had a sale. So I might be doing All Black Everything! (music reference) :)

Construction of this is very straightforward. The are where the bodice and skirt pleats meet is so insanely bulky!!!!! I definitely had to baste and take it slow going over that section.

I chopped 2.5" from the hem, and didn't add the elastic at the waist. I would probably never wear it unbelted. Something went haywire with the neck binding so I ended up turning it to the inside and topstitching - problem solved.

THOSE ARM OPENINGS! That is probably my only gripe with Burda - mag and envelope patterns - they think everyone has super svelte arms!

I loved wearing the dress and think it's a fun LBD to have in my wardrobe!!


I've been wanting to make my coat but my hand has been kicking my behind and cutting all that heavy fabric is not in the immediate future. Soon. SOON!

I went back and forth and back and forth on whether or not I was going to sew something to wear for Thanksgiving. I knew we weren't going outside (it's 7 degrees F. Seven.) so I was going to make a dress or skirt but I need to get more practical with my sewing so I went with a new shirt!

Even though the mercury is way lower than it should be, it's still fall darn it! I sewed up one of the shirtings I got with my Fabric Mart dollars using Burda 7136. I mean, I just used it, so why futz around with something else?!

The pattern calls for 1 3/4 yard of 44" fabric. Ignoring my plaids (which I had to do), I still had to do acrobatics and cut some pieces on the cross grain!


I cut the fronts single layer and did it matter? nope. Still off. By like 1/2!!!  But I love the shirt enough that it doesn't bother me.

This fabric is COZY. It's super soft and washed and pressed like.a.dream. Still a few yards available at $4 per. (here)

I did my FIRST ever bicep adjustment! It's a silly fiddly one but - yay! My arms are not constricted by my sleeves. Whoop!

See the off-ness of the plaid? Meh. 

Somehow I managed to have 13 matching buttons in my stash. I have realized though that I'd like slightly smaller buttons for my sleeve but I only had what I had. Because my hands have been hurting I sewed the buttons on by machine, pulling the threads through to the back and tying a knot.

Look at those plackets! ;-) None are backwards - yay!
Last time something wonky happened with my collar and here I feel like it's a little short. Eh. It'll be alright. I did a narrow hem, like usual.

I decided it SHOULD have navy topstitching because? I like blue. The directions have you stitch the front bands down, then just turn that section up at the hem. That is not so clean. I did it so the inside of the band at the hemline is enclosed.

I have room for my arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wore it with my V1411 legging-pants today for Thanksgiving. Plenty of room for turkey and stuff.

DD picked out my necklace and loved my cocktail ring.


  1. Unless I missed it, the blouse looks good to me. I thinks we sewists see the flaws that others miss. It looks great on you. Happy Turkey Day!

  2. Have you looked into electric scissors for cutting out your fabric? I have never used them myself but Brian Sews did a video on them and they looked helpful.

  3. Nice dress, but I really love that shirt!

  4. LOVE that fabric and shirt!! Great eye to pick out that fabric online...I feel like the colors could have been a flop from the pictures but they look awesome and very vibrant! Great job! (And no one will notice it being off... especially after turkey!)

    1. Thanks Carrie!!! I was so excited when I got it that when it went on sale again I almost bought more! :)

  5. Both pieces are awesome! I am totally in love with your shirt! I love the colors the fit in the style!

  6. Looks great! I think this plaid is so multi colored that any uneven - ness of the plaid isn't obvious. It certainly is as good as any retail matching I've seen lately. Hope you had a nice holiday.

  7. I love this fabric. The matching on it is impeccable! Bravo!

  8. Lady you always seem to amaze and inspire with your creations. I love that shirt and I am dying to make those pants. You look Mahvelous!!! Happy belated Thanksgiving

    1. Aww, thank you Dorothy! Make the pants!! :) Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

  9. Love the shirt! I think you did a great job on the shirt. I think the plaid would look boring all matchy-matchy. Congrats on the successful alteration for the arms too. It's important to be comfortable!

    1. Thanks so much Lori! The first time I tried that alteration I failed horribly!


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