Wednesday, November 5, 2014

FABRIC (a whole bunch of it)!!!!

In the wise words of Carolyn, I will let the photos speak...


I went off the deep end. I got my FabricMart money and placed two orders, and then I went HAM!

Order 1 arrived:

And I was all...ooooooh. pretty.

A DREAMY cotton shirting in blue, a cotton plaid shirting, a beautifully bright printed twill bottomweight, cotton voile, A lightweight striped sweater knit, and the tribal sweater knit that has already been sewn!

(If you don't do this, I highly recommend that after petting your new fabric you wash them so they can be ready to sew when you feel like it!)

Thennnn, order 2 arrived! Remember the suiting sale? Uh-huh.

A windopane plaid and an inky black - both wool blends

grey on grey pin stripe and a linen blend

a grey herringbone (ready to become V9032!)

A light pinstripe. I'm unsure about this one. It'll have to grow on me in the stash

This fabric makes me HAPPY! I have 4.5 yards of it. I want slim pants and a slim fitting blazer. That will wait for spring.

Orders 2 and 3 are blurred because like, I ordered 2 days apart and they arrived on the same day.

I bypassed this fabric twice and then Ann sewed it up here. I immediately called to add 2 yards to my order! Yay me!

Rayon challis that is friggin amazing! I bought this to make pajamas.

Love. Love. Love. This will sit until summer but it's an ITY that has a bold black/white grid print and then the floral pattern over it. It's so pretty!

I bought this to make the Belle Bow blouse but I think it's too similar in overall scheme to what I made. It will find a pattern at some point, I'm sure.

I love chambray and at $2.99 I snatched up a healthy amount of this one. 

I like the print but somehow the fact that it is a burnout escaped me. It will be used, just not for what I thought.

This jersey doesn't feel nice :( Sad because it's such a pretty print. I'm going to sew up a new pattern with it. If it's wearable, we'll see if I can tolerate the scratchy feeling. If it is not wearable well, no love lost.

Can we just back track a bit? 

I knew I wanted to make new (pretty) pajamas and when the "unique prints" kept going on sale I decided to snatch some up for pjs. I thought this border print would be so cool...have the top transition between prints 1 and 2 and the shorts between prints 2 and 3. So I chose that rayon challis.

And it came.

And I opened it up.

And, OH MY GOSH! This fabric is absolutely gorgeous! 

From Fabric Mart's site (FOUND HERE)

I just want to STARE at it!!! :-) I wish I had like 5 more yards of it! Once I touched it all I could envision was a gorgeous kimono style robe. DRATS!

Some of these will be stashed until their turn arrives...others will become garments like, NOW!!

I think November will be a bit slower for me than most months, but that's okay. I have like 12 days off at the end of the year and will make up for it then ;-)


  1. Ooooooo. I am so jealous of your fabric acquisitions. LOVE that printed fabric you got for PJs!

  2. Gobs of fun!!!!!!! Hurray for all the wonderful fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You got some sweet stuff!! That pajama challis sounds amazing.

  4. Ok you made me want to take another look at fabric mart. Such gorgeous fabrics.

  5. Oh wow! you are in fabric heaven. What a good feeling.

  6. Mmm...thanks for the contact high!

  7. Nice haul! I scooped up some of that red(dish) chambray fabric, as well.

    1. Thanks! ooh, know what you are going to use yours for?

      I was thinking a shirt dress but now think maybe it's *too* stiff?

  8. Wow! What a great selection! Love them all. I think I'm going to have to have pajamas that match yours!

  9. You totally crack me up! All beautiful, but that last one - wowzers!!

  10. You deserve every bit of it too. Enjoy!

  11. so, so pretty..I am totally jealous of all that beautiful fabric.. Cant wait to see what it all becomes.. Have fun and happy sewing.

  12. And you'll have all that fabric sewn up by the end of this week! :)
    Congrats on your wins and all the fabric!! :)

    1. hahaha! 2 are sewn and another is cut! hahahahahahaha!


  13. You picked some really pretty prints and colors. Love all of your fabrics.

  14. Great haul! I have rayon pajamas and absolutely love them. They are very comfortable and soft. Can't wait to see yours.

  15. I almost always mess up when it comes to paying attention to the scale of prints online. What I thought was big is a ditsy, and vice versa, and your last fabric, one shows up that isn't anything like I imagined it could be. And none of it ever goes bad! Rayon is still my true love, just preshrink it and then never put it in the dryer again.

    1. Ooh, thanks for the tip about not drying it.

      yeah, I'm not that good about print scale either. I have lots of prints in the stash that I have no clue what to do with because the scale is different than I expected.

  16. feeling the happy dance from here.
    You really found a nice selection.

  17. I love the fabrics, and I love how you can communicate your happy dance so well that all your readers are smiling along with you! (And of course, now I'm putting things in my cart at Fabric Mart...)

  18. Beautiful fabric and way tooooooo much fun! I went to Hancock yesterday for a Butterick pattern on sale and came out with a stack of fabric. Bless our little hearts!!!

  19. I could pretty much steal all of those fabrics from you!!! So beautiful, especially the last one!


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