Sunday, August 30, 2015

A McCall's 6964 Kind of Day...

My coat is seeing some progress:

I made the lining first; the left side (viewers right), has a dart pinned at the armscye. 

It DOES close. I was going back and forth looking at the camera and looking at the boy with the cat behind me :)

A week or so ago, I traced off M6964 and was making an FBA and sliced one of the lines incorrectly. I got frustrated and balled the pattern piece up! Sometimes I am a 2 year old.

Well, I really wanted a bright colored tee and pulled it back out. Because I decided I did not want a dart in this ITY, I just graded from a 14 neckline to a 16 body. And sewed 1/2" side seams

I used a 3/8 seam allowance on the sleeve but that was not enough.

Because the color is PERFECT! and we're heading into fall, this will get worn. It is more likely to be a layering piece because the sleeve isn't "tight" but it's snug.

Next up...

DD is heading into senior year this year!! Eeeeek! 

Senior ladies wear all black on the first day of school and I have 87 gajillion yards of black ponte. 

She bugged me all week about this danged dress. She left at 12:30 this afternoon and I started it. At 2:25, it was done!!! This included changing the serger thread to black, dealing with a not-working-correctly tension on the right needle and winding black bobbins. 

So fast. SO FAST!!!

DD's dress was made before here

She wanted less waist shaping in this one and less flare at the hem. I just cut it straight from beneath the bust to the hi-hip. She loves it :)

And then I found this black cotton lycra in the stash. And everything was all set to go so why not!?

After making the coral version I made a 1" full bicep adjustment and a cheater FBA:

I sliced it vertically and spread 1/2" at the bust. I then sliced it horizontally to remove the extra width at the hemline. There's still a little much "swing" in the front pattern piece so I might trim down the side seam a bit to compensate.

I'm conflicted as I think I like the closer fit of the coral version, but snug can easily transition to tight and I don't want tight :/


I typed that (and yes, decided to leave it), and realized, this could primarily be an issue of fabric choice. With all the versions of V9032 that I've made, they all fit a bit differently (the black pair and light gray plaid pair are very similar). 

For both versions I stitched the shoulder seams, attached the neck binding, sewed the sleeves and then the side seams. Saving the side seams for last will really help with tweaking the fit.

I swear I want like 10 of these. I probably shouldn't :) Hmmm....I do have a bright blue (cerulean??) modal jersey. :)


  1. Sorry couldn't see the coat because I was blinded by the adorable kid in the back hugging the cat ;)

  2. Love it all! We all have a little 2-year old in us and it is so okay!

  3. Definitely make the 10 will wear them all and even though it's not glamour sewing - it's the kind of sewing that gets worn - so go for it!

  4. Great work on your coat. I agree, the young man with the cat stole the photo! You can't go wrong with a t-shirt, so make them up, all of them!
    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who acts like a 2-year old while sewing!!!!!
    Happy Sewing
    Bonnie @

  5. hahaha. I love the kitty and the boy in the background :D
    Your daughter's dress looks great, very classy! And one can never have too many tees :)

  6. I adore the coral and black tees. I agree with Carolyn . . . you KNOW you'll wear 10, so make one in every color! :-)


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