Saturday, August 22, 2015

7th Heaven; Vogue 9032

Yep. Pair #7...True TNT style! Hey, I love this pattern!

I made the tan pair.

This fabric is AWESOME

Then the charcoal heather pair.

this fabric is pilling :(

Then the denim pair.

Then the black pair which I never reviewed because...what new thing was there to say?!

I wish I had 27 yards of this fabric. I wear these All.The.Time.

I made the blue pair when I made my suit

But then I realized this wool/poly/lycra grows. And grows and grows. 

So while the jacket is okay, the pants and skirt are a bust for that reason. They're like 2 sizes bigger by the end of the day :( This fabric should've been reserved for something else. Live and learn, right?

Next I decided I should make the other view and used a dark teal/blue fabric.

I took these out of my wardrobe and then put them back. 
We shall see...That pleating at the waist isn't my favorite

I'd detailed my August sewing plans (which were almost completely executed...) and this gray suiting was slated for another pair of V9032. I wanted another light colored pant after the suiting pants became a fail.

I was gearing up for an afternoon walk; thus the Farmer's Market tee :)

This pair has pockets (that makes 4 with, 3 without). I have to redraft that pocket or maybe try a welt. They just don't sit right...Bleh. But I needed the pockets!!! 

No real changes other than making these fit a little more on the snug side. I've gotten really serious now (I started and fell off early this year) about losing weight for my knees. I'm down just under 6 lbs this month so I didn't want to end up not being able to fit them soon after making them. 

This fabric feels really nice so, let's hope they last awhile! 

Insides are all serged, hem was catchstitched by hand, Oh! I still need to make the buttonhole on the underflap thingy. 

I've mentioned it before but, I just love making pants a "weekly" project. A little bit of time goes a LONG way to getting them finished. 

  • Sunday I cut them out (I just had enough fabric so there is no pattern matching).
  • Monday I did the pockets.
  • Tuesday I did the zipper and attached the waistband (I attach them to the individual pieces and sew a continuous seam rather than assemble the pants first).
  • Wednesday I basted the side seams and sewed/serged all the other seams.
  • Thursday I sewed the side seams.
  • Friday I altered the side seams :-p, attached the facing (sewed, understitched, stitched in the ditch) and hemmed them.
  • Saturday I sewed the hook & eye.

I have to make another dress for my daughter (seniors ladies wear black on the 1st day of school) and I was thinking of abandoning my other August plans to get a kick start on my September plans...but then I got the urge to knit. So I'm working on a hat :)


  1. I'm going to try your technique for sewing pants in a week...I like it. Also what type of fabric do you typically use for pants? I'm always afraid to use anything with Lycra because of the fear that they will grow.

  2. If you do, let me know how it goes!

    I don't normally like Lycra in my pants or jeans. I hate for them to get loose over the course of the day.

    I buy 95% of my fabric from Fabric Mart and use suiting fabric that is normally a blend. So far my poly/wool and poly/rayon blends are favorites (comfortable and generally wrinkle free).

  3. It took me a bit to understand what you meant by Tuesday's tasks....I've come to the conclusion that your waistband is actually in 4 parts and isn't one continuous strip, so that when you sew the side seams and CB seam you're also sewing the waistband seam.

    Your pants all look great! Maybe I should try that pattern sometime.

  4. It's raining pants at your house! Maybe that raincloud will make it's way to my house. I need great fitting pants like this. I need more casual ones... jeans really. I'm printing up my Ginger jeans this week. I feel like you said you got that pattern? No? ANyhow, this collection of pants of yours here is top notch.

    1. It is addicting, this pants thing. Finally to get a pair that fit. The first four billion versions don't count when you get fourbillionandONE and suddenly understand how it is supposed to work.

      Yay yay yay! Love the week work plan.

  5. Girl, can I have just a little bit of your sewing energy??? For real! Your pants fit is point on.

    1. I want some too! A pair of great-fitted pants always looks amazing.

  6. Great looking pants! I love your strategy for making a pair of pants a week, I missed that before. I will try that, then I can knock out a couple of easy knit tops as well.

  7. Love your pants... Fit is perfect.. Like your "make a pair of pants in a week" Good idea..

  8. Nice pants! They all look great, and I think it is amazing how you can finish them in a week!

  9. You have found a winning pattern here. They all look great and I can see why you want to make more. The fit is fantastic.

  10. Hi Nakisha! I purchased this pattern after reading your enthusiastic reviews and seeing your great makes! I have to admit too that picking the right freaking fabric for pants can be soooo difficult! But what I keep hearing a wonderful sewing friend say is this, "Your just finished garment prepares you for the next." Enjoy those pants and good luck on the weight loss!

  11. Great pants collection. Don't you just love a pattern that keeps giving you joy!!!

  12. Those trousers look fabulous!! I am also impressed on how you got them to fit so well!! Can you please tell me what books, classes and/or techniques you used in order to achieve such a great fit?!!

  13. I think you've conquered pants!

  14. You certainly have found your TNT pants pattern. Those fit you so well.

  15. You are my inspiration for buying this pattern!! I am a little scared to jump in with it but I'm gonna try to be brave really soon! Thanks for sharing!


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