Monday, January 19, 2015


There's no limit as to how many times you can post "Randoms"! :-)

We had a super busy weekend but I managed to get back in the cave - yay! I have lots of plans milling about the brain but decided to start with the 'easiest' task first; a slew of cardigans.

One for me, TWO for me, one for younger daughter, one for mom

First I cut the blue one out because wool jersey. But I turned around and the serger was loaded up with grey/cream thread sooooooo...(I know I'm not the only one whose sewing is sometimes dictated by serger thread!!)

I had plans to make the grey stripe with the front band but 1) those are different pattern pieces and: lazy and 2) I had nowhere near enough fabric for that front band anyway. I had to cut everything single layer not just for stripe matching but for conservation of fabric!

(matching across the fronts)

The elbow patches look really wonky but they aren't - promise!

I had big plans to match the sleeves (haha) but cutting single layer I cut the second sleeve incorrectly and just found a scrap big enough to recut the sleeve. WHEW! Love that peplum! 

The grey stripe just needs hemming.
The navy is cut out and ready to sew.
Mom's is cut and partially constructed (she wears the same size as me).
DD's pattern still needs to be traced out.

Saturday we were going to go play basketball (I'm not a basketball player; don't worry...but I am competitive so we go out and play sometimes). The private school where my husband works was packed with kids so we went to Hancock instead. :-D Majorly good trade off, no?

1202, 1201, 1198
2592, 1544

I went for notions; specifically an awl and wash away wonder tape and I decided to get more jeans needles. Then happened upon the Simplicity pattern sale. 

My husband picked out the top 3 patterns :) I am becoming an apron pattern collector and then he picked out that shirt pattern because I promised him I'd sew him one this year. It was SO hard to convince him to ignore the fabric choices and that it's a 'regular old shirt pattern'. He reluctantly agreed to get it :)

This trip was made sweeter by him buying my goodies - so it doesn't have to come out of my sewing budget dollars - YAY!!!!!! 

Then I was at Target -- if you follow me on IG you would think I lived at Target! Thing is, this is Target territory and I have like 18 Target stores within a few miles (not 18 but really like 6...all within a 10 minute drive)

On my last trip I saw these plaid blazers and really liked them but they were like $24 on sale and I was all, NOPE, too much.

On my last Target score, I'd been in there, saw jean jackets for $30. Told myself, "it's Target. They'll be 30% off in a week and 50% off 3 days after that...". The next time I went in they were 70% off. Score.

So last night the blazer was 70% off and I had an additional 20% off with the cartwheel app. So I paid $8.40! Woot!!

I was proud of their stripe matching across the front, the lapels, and the side seams but dang it the sleeve stripes don't match!

Other yumminess about this jacket:
*bright blue under collar :swoon:
*fully lined with hand stitching of the lining to the facings!
*real working welt pockets
*a back vent
*real working sleeve vents
*understitching in all the places where it belongs...ahhhh...

I might change the button; it's kind of cheap looking. But I will proudly wear this $8 blazer! I've wanted a plaid one for so long but haven't had the patience yet to start one.

And finally, a funny I pilfered from Instagram :)

Have a fun-filled sewing week and don't forget about the giveaway!


  1. Love the instagram funny and am looking forward to seeing the gray and cream stripe cardigan in action on you.

    1. Thank you!

      It is cozy!!! I had to make myself take it off yesterday!

  2. I proclaim you CARDIGAN QUEEN! Nice fabrics.

  3. ooh I just pulled a blazer pattern out last night. I'm trying to make things this year that I would have never attempted to make last year. A blazer is definitely one of them. Love that stipe blazer with the patches..

    1. I have talked myself out of a structured/tailored blazer. I made B5926 in a knit (but it totally has notched collar/lapels). This is the year!

      Which pattern are you using?

  4. Love the gray stripe cardigan!

  5. Awful lot of truth in that meme you shared, LOL! I am very impressed at how nice that blazer is--great score!

    1. haha! I love that meme!

      I am super impressed with this jacket too!

  6. Hahaha I am totally dictated by my serger thread color! Love your cardi, it looks awesome! I need some of those :)
    We only have 1 target. for tons of miles. and it is 35 min away - one way. wish we had more!

    1. Oh gosh that is crazy! :)

      Yeah...I'll be like, Hmmm... I'd better sew all the black things...

  7. I spend more time unpicking than I ever thought I would! It's the same with knitting. :)

  8. HaHa! That funny from Instagram is hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I too need a few more cardigans. Guess I need to get busy. Yours are lovely, and I particularly like the elbow sleeve bling. Hahaha. Now as far as your Target finds, I am never ever that lucky at Target. When you found the $9.00 Jean jackets I ran over to Target, and oh no such luck. Oh well, I guess my Target doesn't like me.

    1. Thank you!!

      Aw :( I went to another Target on Sunday (haha @ Adrienne's comment!) and they had a completely different set of things on clearance.

  10. That plaid blazer! Dang! It's so cute! It looks like something I'd love to wear... but wouldn't love sewing. :D

    1. Thanks, RIGHT?!? I have three cuts of plaid appropriate for a blazer but can never pull the trigger. Was SO glad to find this!

  11. Very nice cardigan! I wish I could have seen you in it! We have such similar tastes, I'm currently working on this one right now in black. I love your style and work! Also, you truly inspire me with your pattern selectios...That vogue blouse in white from your recent post is "outstanding" and I've already added it t my "to buy" list! I praying this is going to be a great year for sewing!


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