Thursday, January 15, 2015

Review-a-Palooza: Simplicity 1945, McCall's 6996, McCall's 6078

Due to general life business and traveling for work, I haven't sewn a stitch since Saturday. And won't have time to sew today, or tomorrow, and probably not until Saturday evening if I feel up to it.

I am twitching and tweaking and the bigger problem; planning. Now there are like 8 projects on my "MustDoNow" list. OY!

While the blog is quiet I may as well get these reviews done. I am gonna be a lazy lazy pants here and just lump 'em all.

Simplicity 1945

It's a Khaliah Ali pattern so it goes up to size 28 - yay! And it's not a pattern full of boxy mess. There are super cute tops!

I chose this cardigan because it has two pieces. Lazy. And, either I have longer monkey arms than I thought or this photo is inaccurate. These sleeves are nowhere near as long as they appear in the pic.

I hemmed and hawed over sizing and settled on a 14. I used a light sweater knit from Fabric Mart (that I got for $1/yd previously!).

Just throw the directions in the corner. It's fairly intuitive to put together but some crazy person at Simplicity decided they'd make you go crazy like them.

There is a facing for the back neckline which makes NO sense as that entire front is finished with a double-turned hem. And they way they have you finish it is mind boggling in a horrid way.

cut on sleeve awesomeness

The back length is perfect for me so if you're longer through the torso, take heed.

McCall's 6996

When this pattern was released I was all, meh. I have 6844 and this is the same.

Except it isn't.

I can't quite articulate the difference but one DOES exist. Now, how's THAT for helpful?

I opted for view A (view B is 3" longer at the back), in a medium. I did a 1/2" narrow shoulder adjustment, which is typical for me.

This was quick and easy to sew up, no directions needed. The back neckline has that slight gather to it which is cute and makes it hug the neck nicely.

I love it and it is 3 of the 7 want-to-make projects listed above (one for me - with leather elbow patches!, one for my mom and one for my stepdaughter). My mom now owns two of my M6844 cardigans and wants one of these.

Again, never mind that she sews... ;-)

no fabric pooling at center back! swoooooon

The peplum is MUCH less dramatic than that of M6844; I like.

McCall's 6078 (oop)

I don't know what those models are doing...
maybe they're just feeling extra happy with their awesome tops?

Gotta admit, I passed right by Making the Flame's declarations of love for M6078 during OWOP. But now, NOW I now why she loves it so!

Those pleats at the shoulders are really beautiful when stitched. And the cowl is so soft, and falls just right, and isn't low at all. And the neckline finishing is brilliant. I think I've seen it on another cowl neck but can't remember which pattern and thought it was brilliant then too!

While a medium is the right size for me, I need a little cheater FBA on this one. My only other adjustment was shortening it via taking a deeper hem. You can see it's kind of long on the model and I didn't want it hip length on me. Plus, I love deep hems on knit tops.

I think I need a few more of these!

So I got a mini wardrobe and some new TNT patterns out of this experience; totally worth it!

**Aside from the 3 cardigans, my list of things I *HAVE* to sew:
Another pair of SA Sandra jeans (waiting for the jeans contest on PR)
M7100 (bomber jacket - the pattern isn't showing up on McCall's site. Weird)
B5966 (view B if I have enough for the length, otherwise view A)
B6130 (jumpsuit)
January Burda project. Except there's nothing I reallllly want to sew. So I might cheat and skip out. I wanted to sew the cover coat but I can't find any fabric thus far that doesn't scream robe or blanket...

I went to pattern review and saw Tiger Feet's version of the colorblocked slim fitting jacket

YOWZA!!!!! I must have one!!


  1. Cuteness abounding! I wanna get on board with Jungle January and maybe make a animal print cardigan like THAT!

    1. Thank you Kathy!! Oooh, I should sew a JJ garment!

  2. You never cease to impress me with the number of garments you are able to produce! I bet you actually complete the plans you make. I always underestimate the amount of time I will need to get a project done. And, my plans get tossed to the side as soon as I fall behind.

    1. Thanks! I tend to surprise myself and then my husband gets annoyed with me because he can't understand why I'm surprised! ha!!

  3. Thanks for calling out the difference in M6996. It's on my "buy" list and I was wondering if it was to similar to the other McCall's cardigan. I wasn't into the peplum on that one.

    1. I like the peplum but it really doesn't feel "everyday wear" for me. This one on the other hand does.

  4. Wow...such lovely makes.. You are fantastic..'
    Sorry your not getting to sew due to work .. Hope life will slow down soon.
    Love the M6996

    1. Thanks Judy!

      Also, I am the WORST when it comes to mailing things; but I definitely have NOT forgotten about you!

  5. You've been busy girlie! Everything looks great!

  6. Yes, lazy. That's exactly how I would describe you. NOT! I really like your animal print cardi. Very nice lines.

  7. I'm always so impressed by your output, I'm such a slow sewer :)

    You've inspired me to give M6078 another go - I made a one of the other views when I started sewing more regularly for myself and it was an epic fail. Your cowl neck version looks fantastic, love the colour.

    1. Thank you!! Oh gosh. I hope you can make it work for you!!

  8. Oh do tell about this cheater FBA, I'm so lazy, I never do them, and most of the cowls I've made end up not being that cowl-y. Love the leopard print. I think that the peplum being only in the back makes it sleeker. More of a cardigan vibe, less of a knit jacket. I like it! And I like a deep hem on knits too, it looks so much better!

    1. Well one way is to grade out to the next size at the bust, but I don't have the next size. I plan to do an FBA and create the dart, but ease that extra into the side seam instead of actually stitching the dart.

      Yes! A perfect little cardigan!

  9. Ooh thank you for those reviews. I have all three of those patterns! Unfortunately the last one is in the small sizes & I need the large ones but I mainly bought it for my DD.

    1. I hope you get a chance to make one or all soon! :)

  10. Aha! Now you see the 6078 light! It really is a great top, though it does run long -- sewing a deeper hem to shorten it is a great idea. Love the subtle peplum on 6996, going to have to give that pattern a whirl. You can never have too many cardigans!

  11. I've had M6078 for over a year now. Liked it in the store brought it home and not so much. Love your version, guess it helps to see it on a real person.

  12. I've recently started sewing again. A bad divorce and about 15 extra pounds will do that. These reviews really help me decide on my projects. And the support everyone has for one another is awesome! Thank you Ms Chemist for your inspiration. Your work is beautiful!


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