Friday, January 2, 2015

Resolutions, Goals...Whatev

2014 sewing goals:

1) I entered and WON a Pattern Review contest
2) I managed the Vintage contest and got a free pattern out of the deal! (I chose the Sewaholic Minoru)
3) I did not buy a new machine; wait, technically I did! Ha! I got the vintage Kenmore ;-p
4) I did not make real welt pockets on any garment and decided shifty fabrics were kicked out of the stash
5) I made a lined jacket (or 3!). I made my Burda coat but want to make a traditional one
6) I learned to do lapped zippers! yeah!!! And my top-stitching is ace now.
7) I do not covet what is "popular" sewing. I can admire it and know that it isn't really for me.
8) Err, what did I say about buying patterns? I added a ton of patterns to the stash in 2014. oops.
9) WHAT?!?! I said I would be better about buying fabric too? Lies. All lies.

A little mixed bag there :)


2015...I had to think a little about what I wanted to accomplish this year.

1) A new sewing machine
I still want a new machine and am thinking a Janome might be what I want. It will probably still be months before I make that purchase - my lovely offspring are seriously expensive people! ;-) Now that I've finally USED the Kenmore to construct a garment, and I got a free desk that should be strong enough to hold it, I will probably incorporate it more into my sewing.

2) New techniques
I have to get over the welt pocket fear. I mean, that whole 'slicing into my fabric' thing is kinda scary.

3) Using my Burda mags
 I treated myself to a Burda subscription and will plan to sew a Burda a month. I want to ensure I use them and not just have them around collecting dust.

4) Patterns
I HAVE TO slow down on pattern purchases!!! Seriously. No, I'm really serious!!! I'm up to 453 not including duplicates (I maintain my stash on Pattern Review).

5) Fabric
Again, I hope to be a little more judicious and not buy all.the.things.! I won a membership to Julie's Picks for this year and hope it doesn't end up making me go even crazier with fabric acquisitions.

6) Budget
I NEED TO SET MY SEWING BUDGET AND STICK TO IT. Eesh. Westmoon at Confessions of a Sewing Novice got me thinking hard about expenditures and while I'm not exactly spending the rent money on sewing, I know I spend more than I mentally budget for.

7) Personal goal related to sewing
I have to lose weight. I was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knees and my rheumatologist says I need to drop some pounds. Sadly (funnily??), one of my first thoughts was BUT WHAT ABOUT MY SEWING?!?! So for my sake, hopefully you'll see a little less of me around here.

8) Documentation
Recording my projects. I took advantage of a sale last month and got the 110 Creations sewing journal. I hope to use it to record all of my projects this year because too often I cannot remember specifics when I go back to work on something for the second time.

9) Jeans
This was going to be a goal for 2015. I'm terribly excited to sew more jeans this year though!!!!

sneaky peek!

10) Progression
I have accepted/decided/etc that I am a fast sewer. I joked all through Project Runway that I am 'Kini's sister from another mister'! Hahaha! 

I don't necessarily feel like I HAVE to sew less - I don't have any kind of issue with my output. Going into year 3 of sewing, I just want to think a little more about what I sew and how it will fit into my wardrobe. I want to tackle larger projects (like these jeans) that require some planning and time. 

Obviously, you can't beat a quickie project for mojo boosting or sewing something because you just REALLY want to sew that thing!! Those types of projects won't go away but I don't want that to be the majority of my sewing.

I will be taking that bodice sloper class this spring and hope that my first project using my sloper will be a shirtdress.


Lastly, as I said last year (or really, earlier this year because I posted goals on my "Sewing Anniversary"), the blog will remain as is.

I need want my blog to just be a true reflection of me. It HAS to just be my voice. I'm not trying to be  "a blogger". I have no desire to monetize or teach (sorry! I stink at teaching others!) or become a "pattern tester" or anything like that.  I post a lot sometimes; but never because I feel like I "need" to post. Blogging really doesn't take a lot of time because I just do it. Maybe it's because I'm a fast typer too? lol!!! No, I really do type like 85 words per minute (thanks mom!).

I'm not providing content, I'm just being me.

Because really, I just want to sew and share my sewing projects with other sewers who are crazy in love with sewing like me!! (how's THAT for a run-on sentence!?)

HAPPY 2015!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm a new reader of yours and really enjoy your makes and writing voice. Happy new year!

  2. Thanks from a crazy in love with sewing fan !

  3. Happy sewing in 2015.. I so totally enjoy your blog of being you.. Very nice..
    SO sorry to hear about the arthritis / my problem too..It really stinks ,doesn't it? I am trying to
    loose a little weight too [and that really].
    wow--- 400 and something patterns..Thats alot.. ha

  4. I like this post very much :-)

  5. I enjoy your voice, and style. Happy sewing in 2015.

  6. Nakisha, you are such an inspiration! I truly enjoy reading your blog and looking at the photos of your sewing. Never stop being you--you're refreshing in sewing blog-land. I'm excited about where your journey will take you in 2015.

  7. I'm a fairly recent reader of your blog and I have to say, I love your honesty. It's nice to read your good and bad experiences. I'll be cheering you on re the weight loss - I too need to lose weight for health reasons.

  8. Congrats on the burda subscription - no more buying up individual mags lol. I had to laugh at your "spending the rent money" comment. Though I do not spend our "rent" money either, I am trying to rein in my sewing budget (it's hard!). Your sneaky peak looks AWESOME! And omg I love Kini. He rocks. I can't believe how fast and perfect he sews!! Some of the others though.... it pained me to watch them attempt to sew. :P Looking forward to 2015!!

  9. Nakisha, at the rate you sew you will easily be able to keep up with any weight loss - and it's easier to take clothes in a bit than let them out :)

    Budget - that goes out of the window with me whenever I see pattern sale/fabric sale signs but this year, it's going to be different :)

  10. "I'm not providing content, I'm just being me." And that's one of the big reasons I like reading your blog!

  11. I'm with Robin...don't stop being you. Don't stop sewing and posting your projects! You are an inspiration and I love seeing everything you sew.

  12. That's probably why I read every one of your blog posts, it's apparent you're just being you're normal self here. That's the most successful blog IMHO. And hello... THOSE jeans! Those jeans. I flipped a coin in my head for my next project and said "jeans or finish my winter coat I left off on a month ago"... coat won, I hate having UFOs! I am eyeing your jeans posts for my selfish reasons, so post away! And P.S. If you're worried about sewing and also being more active at the same time, sew activewear. Srsly. When you have a cute new pair of yoga pants or a fancy new top for Zumba or whatever, you WANNA go try it out. It's a MAJOR motivator for me.

  13. I just wanted to comment and tell you that I admire/envy your sewing speed and your finished products are impressive too. I always look forward to your post so please keep blogging!

  14. You are sewing speed demon -- I am always in awe of how quickly you sew. Good to sew what will happen in 2015.

  15. I love reading your blog and your enthusiasm for sewing.
    When I grow up I want to be like you.
    So when are you and Kini doing your Craftsy class on how to be a fast seamster?
    I have osteoarthritis in my right knee. Doctor said it was normal "wear and tear" and I said, "like tires on a car?"

  16. I love your blog and your projects and the fact that I can hear 'your voice' in your posts! Keep it up! And when I look at your output I think that you must be fast and/or never sleep! Can't wait to see what you create in 2015!

  17. I need to join you on the weight loss...I've added too much since November!

    I would be willing to bet that you will easily become addicted to welt pockets. They are very satisfying.

  18. Great post, I loved reading it. I have to to do better with my pattern and fabric buying, although these past few years I didn't go too crazy with either, especially patterns. Running out of space is an excellent motivator. :-).
    And definitely be proud that you can sew really fast. Your projects' hems are finished,insides neat, nicely pressed and looks great. Why slow down unless you need to....

  19. I love the way you blog, it's so different from me haha! And totally your own too
    We need to have another meet up soon

  20. I'm making jeans myself right now. Can't wait to see how yours turn out. :)

  21. Woohoo, resolutions! Thanks for sharing, though I'm sorry to hear you have arthritis. :( On the plus side, it sounds like nothing in this world can slow you down. Looking forward to seeing you conquer welt pockets! I think it's the steeking of sewing. :p

  22. I found your blog in 2014 and I am so glad I did. you are very inspiring and I appreciate that you just talk instead of blogging lol. don't change a thing and kudos to you for all your achievements. cant wait to see how your goals achieved this year. Thanks sew sister

  23. I really like what you said about quickie projects. They can't be beat for what they are, but they shouldn't be the majority of your sewing. I think I need to be better about this too.

  24. My pattern purchases are much more mindful since I moved to Hawaii this year! It's because I don't have a fabric store here that puts them on sale, so I have to wait until they go on sale on the pattern sites AND then I have to also pay shipping. So, maybe ask yourself which patterns you'd still be buying if they were costing you $5-7 each instead of $1-2! Just an idea. Cheers :)

  25. I agree you are fast. You are one of the fastest seamsters out there! More power to you!

  26. You have some great goals for 2015. I really do hope you're able to upgrade your sewing machine. You will love sewing with a Janome, I love mine!


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