Saturday, January 3, 2015

Style Arc Sandra: Day 1

I was going to write a single blog post but that would be ridiculous; there's just too much to say/show.

In my muslin post (here), I got some GREAT suggestions (on Instagram too!).   sewalatte and LindaT both suggested the Peggy Sagers Fit2Stitch video on jeans fitting (here).  After watching this video I played around with pinning out the fullness I was having

Here I pinned out a second tuck but you can see (or not) that I removed too much. It was very tight on my calf

So I played around with the side seams and aha! Perhaps they should fit a little closer...

Here I actually pinned out the excess on the left leg. I liked the way they felt.

Here, I pinned some out from the inseam; bad move. Far too tight.

I put the pants back on and thinking back to the Fit2Stitch video made some further adjustments. After several rounds of pinning, trying on, taking photos, etc; I felt I was ready to transfer my changes to the paper. I really like how in the video she stitches the darts/tucks and then just uses that as her pattern. Keeping that in my back pocket for future.

Front pattern pieced slash, creating a hinge at the side seam

Overlapped 1/2" (amount I pinned out on the muslin)

taped up.

Yoke adjusted

After round 317 with pinning out fullness, I decided my side seams were just too long. I created another hinge but this time at the inseam. I overlapped 3/4" at the side seam, tapering to nothing at the inseam. 

On the back, I added 3/8" at the back and near the crotch point (for an additional 3/4"). I then did the same overlap (3/4" at side seam, tapering to nothing at the inseam).

Repositioning of pocket placement marks

By the end of day Thursday, I had my paper pattern adjusted, fabric cut out -- I cut everything single layer! I traced each pattern piece and then cut them out -- and I had my pockets topstitched.

I didn't want to do both rows of pocket stitching on the pants. So I did the 'inside' line and edge stitched to attach them to the pants backs.

I originally found the 'perfect pocket' tutorial on Off the Cuff and it has been a major tool in my toolbox ever since! Check it out for yourself here!

Cause sneaky peeks are awesome: 

Will get full finished photos on Sunday!!

Day 1: Pattern Adjustments, pocket prep


  1. Ummm, all that work seems to have helped because the last pic is looking good. Cannot wait to see the finished product!

  2. I really enjoyed this as fitting of ANY pattern is what I need work on -

  3. Woohoo! That last pic is awesome!! I can't wait to see :D

  4. I've yet to be brave enough to make my own jeans lol! happy sewing in 2015 & may your bobbin always be full!


  5. Your side view sneak peek looks great! Thanks for posting the video and the pocket tip, both great references. Looking forward to the full reveal!

  6. Wow! That sneak peek looks amazing. I suspect all of that hard work has paid off!

  7. These looks great. I love the pockets - for me, pockets on jeans can really make them look homemade or professional. You got them right.

  8. I spent some "Mom, are you gonna make us dinner or what?" time watching the jeans sew2go video this weekend after seeing that link here. I have avoided putting back pockets on my jeans because of that placement issue, but her idea works (and you've proved it) to have it line up with the center back seam. Grateful. Thankful.


  9. Did someone say Peggy Sagers (silhouette patterns) and Pam (off the cuff)? Off the run to check them out again. Thanks for the link to perfect pockets.

  10. Grrr, What happened to the beginning of my comment?.

    Your jeans look great. I'm so amazed at how far and fast you have progressed in sewing.


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