Monday, October 28, 2013

Fabric Hoarders Anonymous and Sewing Tragedies

My husband thinks I post to the blog too much. Hey, I say...I do not! He doesn't know...

Anyway, I took Friday off, and sewed and knitted right? And then, I remembered that my FabricMart order was being delivered tot he job. So I got up Saturday morning and went to get the box. Never mind that I set the alarm off at work. Shhhhh.

Then after breakfast, I got started on my B5678 top. I had a lavender cotton shirting from FM that was really drapey (maybe it was really a blend??). Anyway, I starched it because it was distorting when I cut it...and then, the starch wouldn't wash out. No matter what I did, the fabric was stiff and crisp. Lots of warm water...soap and warm water...nothing helped. It's so pretty and lavender and drapey and...starched to death.

Sooooo I cut the top in a grey cotton stretch (slightly) shirting from FM. Ahhh, much better.

And then, I stitched the side back sections to the center front sections. I knew it wasn't right. I exclaimed to myself that it was weird...the difference in the curves; the lack of matching notches. But did that stop me? No. No it didn't.

I picked those stitches out.

I re-sewed. One of the sections was puckered and horrible. I picked those stitches out. So now I am one with my seam ripper. Arrgh!

**newbie tip: if you have not yet procured a seam roll or ham, use a nice, big, tightly wound skein of yarn, covered in cotton, as a seam roll - pressed those princess seams open beautifully!

I gave up on the grey shirt temporarily.

I pulled out my next project and started on it and got through most of it yesterday.

I'm making this baby in black ponte:

Today I have to hem it and want to tack down the collar in a few spots (I am in love with it and cannot wait to blog it!)

Today, I am wearing my latest S2700 trousers. I finished them so lovingly, had my husband wash them when he did laundry this weekend and...they are growing on me. By the hour. I got the fabric from Hancock and didn't take a picture of the bolt end so I don't know the fabric composition but they are not happy and stable. I can pinch out like 2-3 extra inches of fabric right now.

They were not this baggy at 6:30 a.m.!
Also, I succumbed to FM's "free shipping on $37" sale. I could I not?! I am a sad, sad case. BUT, 3 pieces are lining fabrics (as I plan to make a few blazers) and another is cotton shirting for PJ pants for my dad for Christmas. See? See???! Aside from those things I got 3 fabrics for garments for me and one yard of black crinkle gauze to make an infinity scarf.
CHANTING TO SELF: I will not buy any fabric (other than for gifts) until January. I will not. I will not!!!!
Here is my current pants/jacket fabric...not sure what each piece will become. Thinking the plaid at upper right and the second one from the left in the bottom photo will become jackets -- they seem too bold for pants. What do you think?


  1. Getting that fabric was worth setting off the alarm. Girl, I hit that FM sale today. Like you, I don't need it, so why do I check the site daily. Continue on your journey and don't give up.

    1. Totally worth it Dorothy! :-)

      I check it daily. Multiple times per day!

  2. Oh what pretty fabrics...Of course--- You couldn't miss out on these fabulous sales..
    Love the fabrics..Happy sewing..
    and that jacket is adorable.. Can't wait to see it..Happy sewing..
    ps.. I really got a laugh ,when i read about you setting off the alarm.. Now, that is really wanting that

    1. Thanks!! I felt pretty good about them all when I pulled them, I haven't TOTALLY been acquiring completely random fabrics!

  3. Yes, we all say that...but do we really mean it when the fabric entices us?

    1. We do not Sarah Liz. We do not mean it!!

  4. I just got my huge Girl Charlee order and am swearing off knits until next year. Y'know, until Black Friday sales...and then my resolve will disappear!

    1. ooooh! This will be my first Black Friday as a sewer. Soooo I need to save my pennies in other words? I'm so excited!! LOL!

  5. I love the jacket you are going to make. Did you post the pattern # somewhere and I missed it? I just signed on to follow your blog but wonder if you would consider adding the gadget that allows someone to follow by email subscription? It's with the other gadgets you can add to the sidebar. It makes it so much easier to follow a good blog. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Nancy! I might not have - it's McCall's 6844. I'll be posting a review soon.

      I'll go add that gadget right now. Thanks for your interest in my little journey here :)


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