Saturday, October 26, 2013

Finished: S2700, Kimono Tee and B5965

Yes, I have  been a busy little sewer.

I don't have full pictorials but plan to do a full up post on Nov 1 with my October "black" mini capsule. So far I have 2 pair of pants, 1 jacket and 3 tops. I have planned (yes, in the next 5 days), another (unlined) jacket or vest and a button front shirt.

I might make another B5926 jacket - the style works. I want a vest, but am thinking of knitting the "Sexy Vesty" by Canary Knits.

Lots of cute versions online...but how long would it take me to knit it??

The shirt is B5678, view C. It's all cut out and ready to sew. I want to go sew the body of the top together but my husband might walk out on me if I go back to the cave.

This is a result of lost mojo for the entire month of September! :)

I've barely been swayed by seeing other people's reviews go up. I've being going right along with my sewing plan, getting things done.

Kimono Tee
White geometric lace knit from Fabric Mart (probably $1.99/yd)
Size Large with faux swayback adjustment
No seams added during cutting, constructed on serger
Used FOE on the neckline (Elastic by the Yard has the best FOE with the best pricing and the best customer service. 1 yard of FOE at JoAnn is like $4. EBTY has FOE for $.30/yd. Seriously. And every color you could imagine.
*I used to make and sell baby headbands and that's why I'm in the know!

(oops. Should have put my tag in the side seam)

Simplicity 2700 pants (again)
No pockets
Size 16 with 3/4" side seams, 5/8" inseams, 5/8" crotch seam, 2 1/4" blind hem
I sewed the waistband facing with 7/8" side seams (to make them slightly smaller and therefore fit better.
Facing serged instead of using bias binding.

Pretty proud with how these came out and how they fit. I think I need to reduce length of the entire front piece, instead of just at center front. I took a 3/4" wedge, tapering to nothing at the side seam. I should probably do 3/4" at CF and grade out to about 1/4" at the side seams. I have the urge to pull them up at the sides. And when I pinched a bit out, I liked the way they sat.

Butterick 5965
I coveted this pattern in a major way when it was released. Not sure it's for me.

Done in Poly Charmeuse in a floral print acquired waaaay back when I first started sewing. Before I knew slippery fabrics were of the devil. I starched the beejezus out of that stuff before cutting.
Size 14 (I should cut a 14 front and 12 back. The back is far too big.

I didn't muslin cause...I don't muslin unless I REALLY have to. So there. :)

The top is designed to sit at the natural waist. My natural waist is 0.125 mm under my boobs. Meh. Husband and daughter liked it though.  

I was going to put this off until I practiced more on slippery fabric, but Gail of Today's Agenda hosted a "Fearless October" challenge where we made a garment with a "feared" fabric. More on that on October 31st! come back !! :)

(before my pants were all done)

Hopefully I'll get my other pieces done before October is out and can post a whole collage of ME wearing my mini wardrobe capsule!!


  1. what fun , You have really accomplished alot.. What a fun sew cation you have had.. Happy sewing.
    the pants look great with that pretty floral top.

  2. You have been busy - sometimes you just have to focus on your own plans. You really do love those pants - but you may as well stick with what works :

    Looking forward to seeing the whole mini wardrobe :)

  3. Okay, MrsS. You are making me want to roll out S2700 again and give it another try. I love how your pants turned out!

    Everything at JA is crazy expensive. I hardly shop there anymore. I can get authentic metal YKK zippers for $0.30 while the same plastic ones cost over $2.00 at JA. Now that they raised the price on patterns, I think I'll join BMV and save myself the trip.

  4. Oooh, thanks for the tip L! I'd love to have a stash of zippers!

    Thanks Judy and Sarah Liz and Dorothy!!

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  6. I really like the silky top! I hope you will wear it because it does look good on you.


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