Monday, October 14, 2013

The Addiction is REAL!

I have filled and emptied shopping carts on FabricMart (2 or 3 times), Michael Levine, Emma One Sock, Knit Picks (3 or 4) and inquired about several stashed yarn on Ravelry.

I almost went to SR Harris on my lunch break to find white shirting and striped ponte, but I refrained. And then I went to Michael's. And I saw Paton's Kroy Socks in a this cool blue variegated color way. And I had a 50% off coupon...

Then I noticed that Impeccable was on sale for $2.49. Now, I HATED to crochet with this yarn. Absolutely hated it. The knitting swatch felt nice...soft even. So I grabbed a lime green skein for Dougie's hat & fingerless mitt combo (it'll be striped navy and lime). Then I said, what the heck...I'll grab enough to make Andi Satterland's Miette. It's a free pattern that's been made over 1000 times. There's tons of KALs for it and lots of great sewing bloggers have made it. I'm going for it with Impeccable in Claret. This way, if I hate knitting sweaters I'm only out $12.50. If I love it, I can always buy good yarn. I'm okay with that.

By the same vein, I love crocheting with Caron Simply Soft. Knitting with it? Bleh and Meh.

Anyway...look at that swatch! It feels nice too...

I'm supposed to have 16 stitches per 4". My 16 stitches is 3 3/4". I didn't knit all 22 rows...I knit 11 and it was only 1 1/2" I know you're supposed to do the entire 4 x 4 swatch...shhhhh. I know I'm a tight knitter. Now, I just need to figure out if I should go up to a 9 or just focus on trying to loosen up my knitting.

Then I went to Hancock after going to the library. I saw some gorgeous rayon challis prints and a nice striped ponte. However, I don't want to pay Hancock $12.99/yd for the challis or $17.99 for the ponte! I know there's a good chance I can get it for 50% off at some point...but it's frustrating when you know the prices you can get online.


This was gorgeous. GORGEOUS!

If I wore skirts in winter I'd be more tempted to buy this

I LOVED this!

It's prettier in person

Today I went through and decided on the final patterns for the rest of my capsule wardrobe. I hope to have my black capsule done by the end of the month and start my brown/tan capsule by November. I need to start sourcing the right coating fabric for my cape. It'll be nice for spring.


  1. I'm trying to learn how to knit. ack!!!! I love all your fabric choices.

    1. I am SO glad I finally learned to knit. I tried knitting first and failed. Then I taught myself to crochet and tried knitting again - failed. Then I taught myself to sew and tried knitting again - fail. I figured out I couldn't teach myself and finally got lessons. Best thing ever! I'm slow but it's fun :)


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