Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Knitting Finished Item: Silky Soft Socks

Here are my daughter's socks on my big wide feet. I will definitely have to use more stitches when I knit my foot portion...these were snug. The pattern uses size 2 needles with 64 stitches. However, after the gusset you're decreasing (from 82 sts I think?) so I think I'll just decrease to 72 when I get to the foot portion. The cuff felt fine on my leg.

I also wish I had some 1 1/2 needles to do the ribbing so that it fits a little more snugly.


I was going to block them...but she snatched them up last night and wore them to bed :) I did a really good job, imo, matching the stripes...considering I forgot to set them up before hand. The second sock is MUCH nicer than the first.

Ravelry Notes

Also, I scored these at the Goodwill yesterday:

I'm not much into vintage things...but it's kind of cool! I wish I could place the era...55 cents which,a set of aluminum double pointed needles currently run about $10...so they are kind of old.

I also lucked up on some Sterlite bins for $1!!! There were only 3 but I could use 4 more to finish out my yarn cabinet (which got a bit cleaned up last night)

*Bulky weight yarn; knitting notions; crochet hooks; the had-to-have-but-only-used-once ball winder
*Worsted & DK scraps that are nicer than craft store yarn; sock yarn; worsted weight yarn
*Simply Soft; Red Heart; Bernat Super Saver
*Other yarn scraps, the giant underused skeins of Pound of Love; grocery bag of Sugar 'n Cream; box of crochet UFOs

Up next - fingerless gloves for my daughter and socks for MEEEEEEE!


  1. The socks are are cute and they look very comfy. I can't believe I kinda cyber-know someone who actually knits socks! What a great skill. I wear socks almost 24-7, so that it a skill I definitely would like to learn. Great job!

  2. I'm totally hooked Joyatee! :) And must admit I stalk your Rav page all the time to see what you're working up!!!

    Thanks Robin!!! :-)

  3. YAY SOCKS! If you haven't already, you need to try magic loop. I will never again knit a pair of socks on DPNs.

  4. Oh my gosh I tried magic loop and wanted to poke myself in the larynx with the needle tips!
    hahahahaha!!! It was really cumbersome for me whereas dpn's surprisingly, are not. Crazy!!

    I do want to fully learn magic loop though as the thought of doing two at a time is intriguing!

  5. To each their own! Oh, I just do one sock at a time with magic loop. I can see how it would be useful to do both at the same time so they turn out pretty much exactly the same, but I feel like I would somehow mess it up!


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