Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sewing Funnies and Knitting Genius

Okay, I have a long way to go to knitting genius...but hey, a girl can dream.

Right now, I'm enamored with sock making. I realized, with both pair of socks I made, that it took about 3 weeks for sock #1 and 1 week for sock #2. So does this mean I should be able to pump out a pair of socks in 2 weeks? I wish. I'm sure this is because I have slight obsessive personality and get so eager about getting the second sock done that I get tunnel vision.

I am aiming to have this pair completed in about 3 weeks so I can try to knit a couple pair for Christmas gifts.

This yarn? SWOON!!!! It comes off the needles like butter, doesn't split at all, and the stitch definition is ahhhh-mazing. And it's BLUE! Blue is my favorite color, ever. I have named this project "chausettes bleus" on Ravelry. French for 'blue socks' :)

I also have $77 worth of fabric (nearly 20 yards) in my Fabricmart cart. They have free shipping on a $75 order and some good stuff in the $1.99 section. But I probably won't buy it. There's something therapeutic about loading up the cart with fabric...even if I don't check out. I also got an email about Hancock's Spot the Bolt sale...with 15% off coupon (thru Sunday), all STB fabrics are $3.38/yd or less. As long as I stay in my house, I am safe.

My funny story of the day...

I have really grabbed on to the idea of sewing in bits - 20 minutes goes a long way towards project completion and is often easier to "get" than  hours of uninterrupted sewing time.

This morning, I went down to the cave and pulled out the fabric for my next pair of pants. I went to iron it and was surprised that I had chosen such a short length of fabric for pants. "Hmmm...interesting".

So I ironed it. And then I kept staring at it and then..."OH!!! I have it folded the wrong way!!!" I had serged the cut ends to wash it and had it folded cut end -to- cut end, not selvedge to selvedge. Ahhhh. Crisis averted.

I laid it out on the cutting table and stared at it. And kept staring at it. and then..."OH!!! I have it right side out!!!"

ahhhhhh. One of those days! :)


  1. That cartoon totally cracked me up! I think the name on there should be Gail ;-)

    Your socks look really nice (all of them, I'm just getting around to commenting on this post!). I've heard great things about Kroy - I should pick some up one of these days!

  2. I do the same thing.. Put that fabric in the cart, and not purchase it [or rather SOMETIMES, i don't purchase it,ha]..Sure makes me happy, to choose it.
    THe yarn is so pretty.


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