Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Finished Items: McCall's 6844 and Sew Active Perfect Tank (Pattern Test)

Starting Saturday, McCall's are on sale at Hancock (5/$7 I think). Go get this one...seriously!

McCall's 6844 is described as "Close-fitting cardigans (do not meet at center front) have collar extending into front band, and narrow hem." There are 4 views, 2 are peplums and 2 aren't; there are 2 lengths included.

I had to trace y'all. Me. I traced this pattern. The views are all connected, with cutting lines. I want to make 3 of 4 views (A, B, & C), so I had to trace. Boooo!

This time around, I made view A. This goes together FAST. If you're more confident than I am, you can construct it on your serger. Front, Back (cut on fold), Collar (cut 2, 1 is the facing) and Sleeve. Easy. Peasy.

I used black ponte and it fits like a dream (Pattern Review HERE).

Silly faces and overexposed to show detail.

Gotta have it labeled! Tiny hem on the sleeve, cool curved hem around the back.

A winter white version is cut and ready to sew!!! A printed slinky knit is on the way for view C! The sleeves were short and I don't have monkey arms...I added 1" on the sleeve length for future versions. Otherwise, a treat to sew!

Next up, I was excited to pattern test for Sew Active Patterns and got the pattern 8/28. And then spent all of September in a crappy state. So I forgot and missed her deadline. When she contacted me, I offered to pay for the pattern, I felt horrible! She said no to the offer and told me to get to it when I can. And then I forgot :( I suck.

BUT(!) this (paper) pattern was trimmed, taped together, traced off, sewed, served and hemmed in 90 minutes. This is an active knit and the medium is pretty close fitting. I will adapt this for regular 2-way stretch knits and make it bigger (by adding a bit at CF/CB since they're both cut on the fold, and a bit at the side seams). Her instructions called for turn and stitch; I will probably make arm and neck bands. 

Her PR Review HERE, Facebook page HERE

Finally, B5678 is trying to get itself thrown in the trash. Never serge while tired. 

Then, I got it serged and was going to topstitch. Uhmm, yeah. THOSE stitches need to be pulled out. The princess seams were folded in a bit and it looks terrible. I will not let this shirt beat me!!!!


  1. The tank is cute-I'd do bands also. Love the cardi pattern and your version is nice in the black ponte.

  2. That tank is gorgeous. And so is the cardigan - I love these throw on cardigans that look a bit jacket-y. Sorry about the pants going - but we all do that serge mistake :)

  3. Both of these are super cute! I've been meaning to pick up that cardi pattern, but they didn't have it yet when it was last on sale at Hancock. I totally see a peplum one in my future...maybe with some ties, if I get ambitious. Have you checked out Jalie 3919? I love it more than I ever thought I would.

  4. Mary I cut the tank again in the same winter white ponte I'm making the 2nd cardigan out of - like a twin set. I'm pretty excited :) I will do bands on that one, for sure. I just think it's a better finish.

    Thanks Sarah Liz! Oh yeah, I have definitely learned my lesson on when NOT to operate the serger!!

    Thanks SS! I haven't seen that one. I'll have to take a look :)

  5. So, I finally bought the pattern and traced it out last night. I know it's not supposed to meet at the CF, and thus the pattern measurements are tripping me up.

    I traced it so the waistline should be about the same as mine - 28" (slightly smaller than a small, my waist is 27-28") and my bust is 37" and the bust measurement is 36.5" for a medium, so I graded up to a medium. Based on your experience with the pattern, does that sound like it will fit correctly?

    1. SAME. I got a little freaked out by the pattern measurements.

      On the black version, I went ahead and cut a medium but sewed 1/2" side seams giving myself an extra 1/2". On the cream version I added an inch but then sewed 5/8" seams, which equaled an additional 1/2", again.

      My full bust is 39.5, waist is 34 so I think you will be completely fine...and may even decide that a small would work better.

      Jenny at http://jennysews2.blogspot.com/ is smaller than I am. She cut a medium and was debating if the next time she made it, she should make a small.

    2. Thanks! Your response, and the link to Jenny's blog, were both very helpful. I'm thinking I might sew a small plus a smidge more at the bust. Using some of that super steal from a couple of weeks ago Fabric Mart black ponte!

    3. Yay! You are more than welcome!

      That's the same ponte mine is made of!


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