Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Funday!

It's FRIIIIIIDAY! It's a cool, crisp day in Minneapolis and work is dead quiet.
I've decided to clean my office. It's rough in here.
I've also decided that I'm not buying fabric. I'm not. I'm not. I don't care what amazing knits FM puts on sale!

Dang it. I caved. In the middle of writing this I caved. I couldn't stop thinking about that ivory/black polka dot and at $3/yd! (sidenote: this is why I can never pay $12.99 for something at Hancock!). I only added 4 yards of fabric to the stash (2 yds black ponte, 1 yd of the polka dot and 1 yd of a colorful print that will work well with my brown/neutral capsule) and 4 yards of pongee for lining (claret and navy).

At any rate, I got lots of work done on my newest S2700 pants but I'm at a little conundrum...I need to take out about 1/2" from the hips but don't want to take anything away from the waist and thighs. But I've never been successful getting a smooth transition. It's only a tiny amount so maybe I can do it...but I've basted twice and I hate unpicking and resewing :/ But they just slightly bag at the hip. Booo.

I also have this issue that I am unsure about...could it be resolved when I take in the side seams a bit? Do my darts need to be shorter? Is it just a pressing issue?

Also, my butt looks pretty darn good in these pants...

My purple zipper:
They won't have purple bias tape, it'll be black. It wasn't on sale...and who needs to pay full price for bias tape? It will be on sale again in the near future I'm sure.

The beauty of pressing

My Hancock haul:

3 new Butterick patterns (at $1 each)
Several cards of buttons
(which were 30% off and I'm kicking myself because they were JUST 50% off)
Serger thread ($1.99!)
Some crazy turquoise/grey/black fleece for a sweatshirt for Dougie
 I measured her last night and the sleeve is like 2" too short. Oy!

 Tonight I'm on driving duty for teenaged boys again but I will finish my pants and get her shirt cut out. The sweatshirt should sew up pretty dang fast and I can do that and start my B5678 shirt tomorrow. Oooh, finishing my shirt will be cutting it close for Sunday. We shall see!!


  1. Those pants are looking awesome! I'm working on S1696 right now; trying to decide should I do welts or not! Look forward to seeing your pants..

    1. Do the welts Candice! :-)

      I'll be watching out for yours. I have that pattern cut. I had a pretty coral stretch bottomweight that I got all cut out and then...realized I had it cut it on the cross grain :( Ruined the fabric.

  2. I was really tempted by that FM ponte and those polka dots. Glad you got it so I can live through you!! I've been saving up for a big Girl Charlee order (wanted to get free shipping) and I just ordered today. Yay fabric shopping!!

    1. I added it and deleted it at least 5 times! :) Oooh. I've also added carts and carts of stuff at Girl Charlee! I think my November craft bucks may be spent there! :)

  3. Your pants are looking great... Love that fabric..

    I so understand your caving in at the Hancock Sale..It was just tooo good to pass up.
    [I did it too..hahahha]

  4. The pants look great! Re your question about the alteration for that pesky bit on the hip...maybe divide the dart into 2 next time you sew this pattern.


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