Saturday, February 22, 2014

FINALLY! Finished Items M5523 & M3830

It took forever for me to be home and there to be daylight - at the same time.

I've made McCall's 3830 before along with half the internet so I won't belabor the construction.

I will say I cut a size 16, took a 3/4" wedge from center front and pegged the hemline just a *little* bit. I didn't want it completely straight.

I used a length somewhere in between two lengths because I am a rebel. :) The fabric is a stretch denim (remnant!) scored at JoAnn. Took less than 1 yard to make which is another reason to LOVE this skirt pattern.

Next time I'll op for an invisible zipper.

And - my McCall's 5523!!! I love this skirt! It's lined and it's wool and it feels so expensive to wear. Even if I really have no place to wear a wool skirt to right now.

So, I started this in a frenzy because I had a funeral to attend. Long story short I did not attend the funeral for reasons that will be left unsaid. So I made NO adjustments to the pattern at all. Sewed a straight 18. When (not if) I make it again, I will sew a 16 waist as it is a bit too large in the waist.

I love the lining - "drafted" simply by copying the pattern pieces, leaving off the upper flounce. Hemming this was a beast though. Sheesh. But I persevered and did a blind hem and my zipper is so invisible! hahaha!


  1. Pretty skirts and amazing shoes!
    I can barely stand in heels half that height, let alone walk...

  2. Both skirts are lovely, nice job.

  3. Nice job. My 2 girls were looking over my shoulder while reading this and they really like your outfits, including the shoes :)

  4. Lovely skirts! I love the denim :)

  5. Love em! What a nice fit you got, too. The denim skirt... yeah, I'll take that, I can wear that all the time. And the one with the flounce, I'll take that, too. Thanks. :) Too bad my bum is too wide for them...

  6. Thanks all!

    They have great tastes Meigan! :)

    Haha Kathy! I wanted in on your coat but them realized it would be maybe perhaps a bit too big on my barely 5'5" self ;)

  7. Both skirts are on point...and I love those shoes. Fabulous job as always :) I feel inspired to make a pencil skirt of my own.

  8. Both skirts look super!! You did good to hang in there on the hemming. It looks great.

  9. You have 2 great skirt patterns ready to cut and sew!

  10. Thanks ladies!

    I am so pleased and yes, I am sure I could whip up that pencil skirt especially, in record time now!


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