Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pattern Stashing

So, I must do *something* sewing related daily. If I don't, I feel out of sorts. My hand is feeling MUCH better today (btw, I fixed those cruddy pics in yesterday's post!) and I think I'll be up for some weekend sewing. I might con my daughter into cutting my dress out by using cookies. :)

One thing about fabric shopping is it begets fabric shopping. Yesterday I attended an all-day seminar for work and tried my best not to think about the fact that I was one highway exit away from SR Harris fabric warehouse. Sooooo I have 1 yard of this crazy wide (> 60") Nike sweatshirt fleece, 1.25 yards of black jersey (Score!) and 1.25 yards of this luscious coral cotton sateen.

I have an idea for the sweatshirt fleece - a little pattern hacking. I'm trying to branch out and think beyond the pattern envelope. 

A shell for the black (can you believe I have no plain black top?)

Shorts for the coral sateen.

Speaking of shorts, I was perusing the Simplicity site (painful as that may be) and came across 1430. I had totally missed this pattern!! Look at those perfectly normal fly-front shorts!!!

I finally finished cataloguing my pattern collection. There were about 10 that hadn't made it into my Pattern Review Pattern Stash Catalog. Now that it's updated, I know that I have 270 envelope patterns, 12 Lekala patterns and 3 Burda Style Magazine. I also discovered that I have 10 duplicate patterns.

Two were by accident and I think I shall do a giveway on the 'ole blog. The others are on purpose; styles that my daughter also liked (she's a pattern size 6), styles like M6744 where I like the long and short version so for $1, I bought two...rather than tracing (lazy. lazy. lazy and prior to my BSM fascination), etc.

I have:
17 Burda
49 Butterck
1 Colette
1 Deer & Doe
1 Grainline
1 Jalie
1 Kwik Sew
1 Marfy
1 Maria Denmark
1 Closet Case Files
87 McCall's(!)
13 New Look
3 Sew Simple
1 Sewaholic
65 Simplicity
24 Vogues

I have 58 dress patterns. 58! I'm never going to make 58 dresses! 

I want to enter the PR "New To Me Pattern company" contest and as I've sewn B/M/V/KS, S/Burda/NL, Burda Style Mag, Maria Denmark, Lekala, Deer & Doe uhmm...I'm running low on options :)

The Grainline pattern is the Lakeside PJs, CCF is the Bombshell swimsuit and Jalie is the jeans. Those are all out. OUT! :) I'm thinking of the Marfy 1913 top and/or the Thurlow shorts. I've got 2 weeks!

Then there is the fitted blouse contest right behind it. This Butterick 5678 is making me ready to move on. I last sewed the 14-C cup and it was ok with a little pulling at the bust. I went up to the D-cup and now I have extra fabric between shoulder and bust and it looks like the curve of the princess seam is hitting too high. Tips? Advice? Help!!!!

Hopefully I can sew my dress tomorrow night/Saturday a.m. and finish this top.


  1. What a pattern stash! I have a similarly large one, and have slowed down greatly on pattern buying because of it. If I didn't buy another pattern, I could be busy sewing well into next year!!
    You should definitely do the New to Me contest! I'm sure you could come up with a great entry.

    1. I am doing SO much better now about not grabbing every new pattern that comes out. I've picked up 1 or 2 and am trying to buy only what I really like. Thanks!!

  2. On the Butterick, try lowering the "fullness" of the princess seam a little bit, so that the curve of the blouse hits you where you're curved. This is similar to lowering bust darts. I *think* that will make those drag lines you're seeing go away.

    1. Wah! :) Thanks for the tip. All this fitting stuff...sheesh.

  3. I just started cataloging my patterns too (on Evernote). It's a little tedious, so it may take me awhile. And what is up with that Simplicity site?!! I dread trying to pull something up on there. However, I'm glad you found a good shorts pattern:)

    1. The simplicity site is horrendous. HORRENDOUS. I don't even go there half the time...I just look on pattern review. But sometimes PR doesn't have the yardage/sizing info and you have to :/

  4. That Simplicity pattern was the only new one I liked! And after reading about SR Harris in the last Threads magazine, I'm so. jealous!! Trying to decide if I can convince my husband that we need a vacation in Minnesota :)

    1. Yes Beth!Yes!!! But not until May. Or June.

      Maybe mid-July to be safe ;-)

  5. Nakisha, I must admit I am embarrassed at my pattern collection. After reading this post I decided to go and check. I have 427 "newer" patterns total. 121 vogue,61 Burda,56 Butterick, 86 McCalls,88 Simplicity,13 New look and 2 Kwik Sew..We are tied for the new look, and almost the Mccalls :). I have 5 Burda mags..Pattern total I have about 200 dresses to make.I inherited about 30-40 older patterns from the seamstress I was working with.I need to get to sewing!!.

  6. I am seeing this so late! Just wanted to say that I used to blog on Blogger, but started having the same browser/computer issues you mention here, so I switched to WP. Anyway this is way late, I hope that the Blogger issue has resolved itself, and you're writing without problems now.


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