Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Finished Item: Deer & Doe Plantain and FREE fabric!

Yes. Free. :)

One of my coworkers does a bit of sewing and was going to make maternity pants for her daughter. Well, daughter quickly got labeled as high risk and went on bed rest and so no (work) maternity pants were needed. So there are 2 suiting fabrics from and a knit.

Yay me!

When the Plantain tee was released I was meh about it but who will pass up the release of a free pattern? Not I. I did print it and tape it immediately...and then never traced it off.

Well, there are like 3,071.5 renditions on the web already and I wanted in.

Last week at some point I traced off the pattern. I could have sworn I did flat pattern measurements and decided to cut the 40 neck with 42 from the arm pit down. I also decided I needed a 42 sleeve.

Well I can't fit it.

I want to say it's because of my fabric. It does not have much stretch (maybe 15%). My daughter kept calling it her shirt and it just might be!

But I will make it again because the fit is awesome. Yes, yes, I know mine is too tight...but it does a nice job of fitting the bust and then very gracefully grazing across the waist and hip. Always a good thing. And there's an elbow patch!!!  I saw some reviews that the neckline was too low but I don't think it is (if you do, well of course that's okay!). I judge "too low" by whether or not my tattoo shows. If I can wear a top without flashing my tattoo, I don't consider it too low!

Great drafting, the pattern tapes together well and I think the sizing is good. I just need stretchier fabric or a bigger size in not too stretchy fabric.

This is some of my 59 cents/yard fabric so the shirt cost me barely nothing. The red knit was scraps on hand and of course I had red thread. I constructed it entirely on the serger and haven't hemmed it yet. If my daughter decides she wants it it'll have to become a 3/4 sleeve anyway because the sleeves just barely fit me properly.


It hits at the right spot too!

Yes my stripes match even though my sleeves are strangling my arm.


  1. First - yay on the free fabric!
    Second - I'm sure your daughter will love the new top and now that you know what you need to do to make it work, I'm sure your next version will be AMAZING!

  2. I agree with Carolyn. Consider it a wearable (and gifted) muslin. I love the plaid and elbow patches.

  3. Agree with the above. Your daughter will love this one, and you will love your next one;)

  4. I just love serger projects like this one! I agree with the other comments and can't wait to see your next version!

  5. What a great co-worker you have! I pray all is well for her daughter. I commend you for all the printing and tracing of patterns you do. I don't mind tracing, but printing and taping is what I don't care for. I just downloaded a Burda pattern, and when I saw that it had 21 pages to print and tape BEFORE I could trace it, well, I am still thinking about whether or not I want to sew this top!! : ) I look forward to seeing your next version.

  6. Thanks all! This is when I am especially grateful for my "can do" attitude. Not bummed, just ready for the next one! :) I'm going to hem it while she's at drivers ed and leave it for her. It also helps that she's the sweetest and will be genuinely thankful!

    Vanessa, 21 pages isn't bad at all! LOL! Technically, you don't need to trim them. I didn't trim the pages for this one, but you have to be pretty diligent then about crossing lines

    1. Ok, I will take your advice, and give it a try. Maybe it won't be as bad as I am thinking...

  7. You e lucky to have such nice fabric gifted to you. I usually get gifted stuff that I am afraid to make muslins from. The top looks great. From my experience with my now grown daughter, once they decide she wants it, it's just easier to let her have it. I used to find my "lost" clothes in her room.

    1. Thanks! :)

      She is 2+ inches taller than me and 60+ pounds lighter so I normally do not have to worry about pilfering!

      Now, do I have any combs, brushes, curling irons left in my bathroom? No.
      Bobby pins? No
      Hair ties or headbands? Only the weird colored ones!

      Gotta love 'em :)

  8. Nakisha, Hope your coworker's daughter and baby are doing better.. Sending prayers for both of them.. How sweet of her to give you the fabric.. Isn't it fun to receive? Love them.
    Sorry your shirt was too small, but proud that your daughter will be able to wear it.. That is always so nice.. Love the red patches on the sleeves.. Happy sewing.

    1. Thanks Judy! Mama and baby are doing okay :)

      It was fun to be gifted with fabric!

  9. This is a very nice print and you matched those sleeves!

  10. This looks great on you. It is very slimming. Sorry that sleeves are too tight.
    I agree, the minimal stretch is probably the problem.

  11. The red plaid top looks amazing on you! Nice job :)


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