Friday, February 28, 2014

February Wrap Up & March MAGAM Challenge

I didn't sew a ton this month! I knew last month was some sort of freakish stress management sewing craze the month of February I managed to do very little it seems!

I acquired another 19 yards of fabric (dang you Fabric Mart!!) and only used 8. Oops.

Stash used/items sewn:
  • McCall's 5523 in black - 1 yard
  • (2) Deer & Doe Plantain in red plaid and white - 3.5 yards total
  • (2) Burda Style 11/2012 #136A in black and offwhite polka-dot - 2 yards total
  • Newsboy hat in camel/white - .5 yard total
  • Butterick 5965 in lavender - 1 yard (cut but not yet sewn. Was to be worn with black skirt)
 I decided to pass on sewing my February project right now for MAGAM; the Burda Illusion jacket as it's just still ridiculously cold here and it won't be worn anytime soon and that makes me sad.

Did you see Melody's version?! Check it out here!

For March I plan to sew the high waist pants from a Simplicity 1940's retro pattern!!


Simplicity 4044

I wanted this pattern anyway and then I saw Shanni's version
 Simplicity 4044
And uhmm - yes please! I think they will look pretty good on me and I certainly have some type of suiting in my stash that would I am going for it!

I will be in the sewing room this weekend as the hand is feeling much, much better. I won't over do it though...or at least I will try not to :)

Since I couldn't sew the other day (and yesterday was a 14 hour day almost), I cleaned. I am so ready to get in here and get some stuff done!

I need to make nicer covers!

I sold a TON of my yarn stash last weekend. Bye-bye crocheting :-(
The fabric stash has infiltrated the knitting cabinet

Stash. Stash. Stash. 

Burda tracing sheets in ziplocks and watermelon pop rocks. Don't judge me! ;-)

The random table I scored for free. This table is invaluable when I am working! Keeps my cutting table free of the extra stuff

This is the first time I am wearing this top and I made it MONTHS ago. For some reason, I don't like it though I feel like I *should* like it. It fits pretty well and it has raglan sleeves (!!!!). I want to sew some simple, light tops with my ITY and this should be a candidate...but I haven't fallen in love with it.


  1. Wow.. your Febuary sewing looks like alot to me.ha. Your sewing room looks nice, and ready for you to work your magic..Look forward to seeing what comes next..
    I like the t-shirt[pretty fabric].. Maybe the love bug will bite you on it, soon.ha
    Happy sewing.

    1. We'll see Judy! I did wear it yesterday and got a compliment so maybe I'm just being difficult :)

  2. Ok, I won't judge you for watermelon pop rocks if you don't judge me for hot tamales (the candy, of course)! LOL! Everytime I buy them I try to pretend they are for my kids--no such luck. Anyhow, your top is great! What's not to like?

  3. Those pants will look awesome!!

  4. I too may have acquired quite a bit of fabric this month from Fabric Mart, DO NOT tell on me! I can not wait to see those pants.

  5. So Inspiring!
    reminds me - I should be sewing instead of browsing sewing blogs - LOL
    :-) Chris

    1. Isn't it fun though checking in with everyone?! It's how I start and end my days! (okay and the middle part of my days too!)

  6. Thanks for sharing shots of your sewing room! I love seeing where other sewists create!

    1. Me too!! It's always fun to see everyone's area. I'm keeping my eye on my daughter's sunny corner bedroom though! ;-)

  7. Fabric Mart got me too!!! I was doing so well but couldn't resist that knit sale. I think I got 15 yards! :0

    1. Right?! There were so many lovely fabrics!!!


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