Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring New Look, Simplicity and McCall's!

Well, you know I scooped 6261 immediately...

Like but unsure if buying these two patterns is "necessary"...but the jacket and tee are nice basics. And NL shirts seem to fit me pretty well (save for the wide necklines/shoulders...but those are easy fixes)

Line Drawing

Pretty sweet jacket pattern. I'll have to wait until someone makes it to ensure it has all the elements and instructions that a fitted jacket should have!

Simplicity 1421.

Just lovely.

Simplicity 1426

And 1451 is an exact repeat of 4203 wihch is now OOP

Line Drawing

Simplicity 4203

GRRRRR!!!!! I hate that they do that. WHY? WHYYYYY? It is the exact same pattern!

I didn't really like much from the McCall's release. I will buy this skort pattern for little ones because skorts are AWESOME!

Line Art

THEN, I saw this:

And thought, YESSSSS!!!! I need shorts patterns!

But then I saw this:


Who in the *bleep* wants casual shorts with carriers...and a zipper up their butt? WHO?!

Sure I could transfer the zipper to the side seam or something but still. This is ridiculous.


  1. Ewwwww - say NO to the zipper butt. haha I didn't notice that until you pointed it out!
    I hope you're doing well through this MN blizzard! I was just there this weekend, somehow managed to fly in Thursday night during the storm with only a 20 minute delay!

  2. Gotta check out the new collections - but i agree with the butt zipper - not cool!

  3. I too... hate when they take a pattern out of print, only to release it ,identical with a new #.why??
    I really like the tshirt and casual pants..
    and NO,NO,NO to a zipper on your butt? why? Would have been cute shorts.otherwise.ha
    I love when the new patterns come to look.

  4. Zipper butt!! What the WHAT!!!!! I don't think I have EVER seen anything like this! Cute shorts, but no thank you to that zipper.

  5. I mean, seriously with the zipper?!? Geesh.

  6. I've never understood butt zippers. They are silly. I'm starting to wonder if pattern designers even bother testing these garments outside of the office. Argh. Anyway, I like the NL 6273 shirt. I'm in need of a few basic shells. Oh, and that Simplicity jacket looks cute.

  7. I really like that New Look and Simplicity jackets!

  8. I couldn't agree with you more about the shorts. It was a head-to-palm moment for me as well.

  9. I totally agree about those shorts, too! My daughter and I were looking at them, but when we saw the zipper up the back.......NO WAY!!


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