Monday, February 3, 2014

Party Wear and February MAGAM Challenge

Still feeling blah.

I did not sew this weekend. It was so horrid. I tried. I tried to go into the sewing room but I felt so weak and nauseous on Saturday that I just couldn't. Wahhhhhh! Makes me shudder at how the entire month of September I did not sew, I did not buy fabric, I did not buy patterns. It was all utterly depressing. I wanted so badly to go to JoAnn's on Saturday to use my 60% off fabric coupon but I couldn't.

I did start the cataloging of patterns though. I've already found a few that were not in PR and about 4 that I have duplicates of. Oops.

Friday when I left work I was on the search for a sparkly cardigan. I had 20 minutes. As I was driving I remembered I had to pass Clothes Mentor. It's like "Once Upon a Child" for grown ups! It's not really a consignment sell your "gently worn" (I hate that term) clothing to them for pennies and they re-sell for profit. They do carry some designers (way overpriced, imo) and I've totally been told they don't take garments from like Target and Express yet I saw garments from Express/Limited (same, imo) and the dress I bought is a Mossimo dress! Oy!!

ANYWAY, I tried on like 7 dresses and they all had sausage effect. I was discouraged. I also did not want to pay $22 for a used Gap cardigan (it was silver and sparkly and cute but $22?!). I found this simple sheath in the XL section (I was initially looking in the M which is why everything was horrific, apparently) and it was only $8! EIGHT DOLLARS! Snatched it right up. I liked the way it fits too. Of course I noticed right away that the neckline is too big on me (gaped a bit at front and back) and the armscye was too low. hahahaha! But I don't seem to have the same problems finding RTW that fits as many of my fellow sewers so I will consider that a blessing. While slightly too big at the neckline/armhole, it fit very well in the bust, waist and hip. And the length was perfect. Totally taking measurements from this dress when I am ready to make a sheath.

**I got lots of positive comments about sewing a lined dress however, I do not like the Cambie! (sorry!). Any other contenders for first lined dress you all can think of?

I also was tsk tsk'ing the dress for not having facings. So I kept thinking the lining was going to turn out in the front. But it was $8! Paired with my fa-vor-ite teal suede pumps and stockings (I *LOVE* stockings, hate pantyhose, and these have cool silicone strips so they actually stay put and don't slide down! And I've owned this pair for years, and have no clue where I bought them. :sadface:)

Overexposed to show the metallic threads

Ignoring the cat hair that has made it's way on to the dress... :) A little detail shot

I heart these shoes!

As usual, it was a great party, the food was SPECTACULAR and I only had 2 deserts. ;-)

For February I was thinking a vest (which I may still make) but I really want this jacket for spring and I am willing spring to come by March 1st. (it totally won't but a girl can dream)

It's reissued in the US edition of Burda Style; one of the patterns that is available for download vs. traceable in the magazine. It was originally in the 10/2012 edition; the Illusion Jacket. It has ponte sleeves which I think is pretty cool. I'm using this wool blend boucle from and pongee lining from FabricMart. Although after getting this pic, I'm thinking the lining is too green and I need something with more blue. We will see.

 In other news, my sweater is well on it's way! This yarn is one of the nicest acrylics I've ever used; but now I'm wishing I would have used a superwash. I don't think this yarn will hold it's shape well...although I also don't think I'm going to love the sweater. BUT I knew a test knit would make me "just knit a dang sweater already" and I won't be afraid to go ahead and start another one with the nicer yarn that I have.



  1. What a score with that sheath dress! My sister owns a consignment shop (1,200 miles away from me, unfortunately) and this has totally turned me onto consignment/thrift/Goodwill. When you sew it makes you turn your lip up at retail, haha!

  2. hope you're feeling better, will it help to tell you Hancocks is running patterns on sale this week? lol! I too have a JoAnn's 60% off but it's an hr drive & I can't turn lose to go wahhhhhing with you lol! cute dress & how brave to be making a sweater! looking great so far! hope you have many happy sewing days ahead!

  3. I too hope you feel better! Your sheath dress is beautiful, and that sweater is coming along nicely. I like the fabrics you chose for your spring jacket. That jacket looks so unique, and the opening is pretty.

    1. Thanks Vanessa :) I cannot wait to have that jacket in my hot little hands!

  4. You look beautiful in your new dress. Just perfect...[And you only had 20 minutes..whew!!! Great find. it is gorgeous..]Like those shoes too.
    Hope your feeling much better.

    1. Thanks Judy! I was embarrassingly efficient trying on dresses without removing my pants or giant Sorel boots! hahahaha!

  5. I enjoy sewing, but I still enjoy my thrift store hunts too:) One lined pattern I've made twice is Butterick 5706. I don't know if that is a style you like because there is really no waist, but it has worked well for me.

  6. The custom fit part of Vogue has a few sheaths, with lots of design lines to allow fit adjustments. Plus the online shop has a $5.99 per pattern sale for a few days. There are some nice patterns in McCalls too.

  7. That's a great buy for $8 and it fits pretty well. As for selecting your first lined sheath, what types of features do you want it to have? Princess seams? Darts? All-in-one or seamed bodice and skirt? You can pick any style really. Lining it isn't difficult at all and you can do so without facings. In lieu of facings, you can fuse interfacing right to the lining neckline and armholes for stability. I use PR member Nancywin's tutorial on lining and have had great success.

    Feel better soon!

  8. Replies
    1. I know I have psyched myself up into it being this *thing* when I should just DO it already!

      Princess seams still make me want to cry. Perhaps that is a good case for forging ahead with them! :) I really liked the way this dress fit without a seamed waist so I might go for all in one.

      Perhaps for my "Fearless February" garment :)

  9. Hahaha LOVE the shoe shot!

    I have Vogue 8666 in my stash to make when my new machine gets here.


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