Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In Progress & Finished: BSM 11/2012 #136A

And in progress and in progress...It's okay, it's not necessarily a bad place to be! :)

I know enough now to be dangerous not to judge the fit of a garment completely before finishing details (like sleeves) are added. Extras, they change things.

So, to my New Look muslin I added the facings and bias binding to one of the armholes (I'm going to cut and sew a sleeve to the other side).

This is a selfie so I don't think that pulling right under the arm is "real" as it doesn't pull when it's on. 

Ah-ha. There was what appeared to be gaping in the front, that went away when the facing was applied. This however is crazy. I can grab like 2-3" of fabric back there. 

So, do I take tucks/darts on the garment or do I do a slash and overlap on the paper pattern?

Also 'in progress' is the Butterick 5678 top I started waaaaaay back in like October. I got mad at it and quit it. It's amazing how a few months changes things. I was thinking, WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT. But the hip is 43.5", my hip is 44", that's why it wasn't comfortable on. Luckily the side seams are just basted so I can take a little extra room.

I think I will wear this top but want to try ONE MORE TIME and use the 16-D cup (what this is) with a narrow shoulder adjustment and swayback adjustment. Almost there. It will not be a "muslin" though...definitely wearable.

Yep. BurdaStyle tracing sheets and -the horror!- an empty tracing paper roll :)

Almost perfect collar point! aargh!!!

It was when I took this pic that I noticed the pucker.
Stupid pucker
 I hope to finish the top this week and sew the NL dress in the fashion fabric too!

Last week after realizing the boxy top was a no-go, I went for fast and easy :)

I pulled out the 11/2012 issue of Burda Style Mag (BSM henceforth!) and traced off this top.

11/2012 #136A

I do love the mohair version!!
I started with this crazy mirrored knit and loved the shape so much that I cut a second in this polka-dot ITY.

Pictures are crappy; the tops are awesome. I want to make it in a sweatshirt knit next!!

Lastly...Burda is good. I know long term subscribers can be disillusioned with them but...seriously, this Plus issue makes me drool. I can wear plus size bottoms but not tops. I definitely need a 40/42 in their tops. boooo!

**Today I have to get cortisone shots. If I can't sew I'm going to cry. Real tears.


  1. you got me all excited thinking you were about to explain how to add linning to a sleeveless dress lol! this is what I'm doing today, seems so simple but can't figure out how to do the armholes lol! great progress on your sewing!

    1. Ha! :) I would totally just bind the armholes...but that's probably lazy!

  2. I usually make darts to prevent the back from gaping. Either I add an actual dart to the pattern or I fold the dart on the pattern and then smoosh it flat and true the neckline. That way I get rid of the gaping without having to sew more darts.

    1. Thanks for the tip!

      Eek. Just realized I'll have to adjust the facing too. Woosah! :)

  3. I really like the two Burda tops you completed!! I also like your Burda magazine enthusiasm! You encouraged me to finally tape together and cut out those 21 pages of my pattern top one night while watching an old episode of 24. It went together better than I hoped. Now, I just have to sew it!!

    1. Yay!!! See!?! Not so bad! Can't wait to see it.

  4. You are very busy with some very interesting items. One thing I've never tried is a Burda pattern. I do have one magazine and I just purchased a pattern at a swap shop, but when I got in the car and checked all of the larger sizes had been cut off.

    1. Oh that's too bad Dorothy!

      I've been trying. Expanding my horizons a bit!

  5. Such pretty tops.. Hope your wrist feels better, and you can get back to sewing , real soon. Happy sewing.

  6. I'd adjust the back pattern piece rather than taking darts, the back will be smoother looking without darts. I have this problem with a narrow upper back and gaping at the back neckline. My mom would say that I have good posture, not a narrow upper back!


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