Saturday, February 22, 2014

Muslin Mania!

hahahaha. I crack myself up.

Well, after fiddling with the Burda Style top, I decided it wasn't for me. I think it is more suited to a very slender or very straight figure. But do I give up? No!

I want to make a dress for this fundraiser dinner because I shouldn't have to fight with dresses that don't fit or try to buy something. I can sew a dress darn it!

The new Simplicity and New Look patterns were released and right away, 6261 caught my eye.

New Look 6261

It's a basic for sure, but basic = room for interpretation!  I picked it up at Hancock and yes, worked up a muslin.

Now, I rather like this floral print. However, it is paper or plastic or something. It was $1.50/yd at WalMart and I figured it would be great for muslining and it is.

I did a swayback adjustment finally - and cut a smaller neckline. I did a horrendous zipper application because I just wanted to try it on already(!!!). It's snug in the hip, most noticeable in the side view pic...its struggling! LOL!

I'm going to make a couple tweaks, apply the facings (neck and armhole) and see if I am ready to cut into my fabric. Yay me!

Also - today is my brother's birthday! His hat is almost done. I had to unpick stitches 3 times on the bias binding around the inside. Holy cow. I knew that something would go wrong with me waiting until Monday.

Please excuse the "mugshot" pics.

I'm going to just sew the hat to the brim...hence the pins

And, snow-a-palooza!

From my bedroom window:

I'm not quite sure how long it took him to shovel us out :/ The plowing service finally showed about 1 p.m. Thanks guys.

Until next time! Ooh a few finished items to show later!


  1. Snow... blech! Muslin... cute... excited to see the outcome! And hat... very nice!!!!

  2. I think your dress is going to turn out really great. Muslining, you know I'm an advocate!

  3. I am a great believer in muslins. I agree, Burda is a for a straighter figure - New Look I have found are better for curves.

  4. Lovely dress pattern and your adjustments will reveal a great dress. Looking forward to the final. Great job on the hat.

  5. That is a great dress pattern that you can do a lot with!!! And I'm just not talking about the snow...nope not at all!

  6. That is a great pattern. I think you'll get lots of use out of it.


  7. Your dress looks like it's off to a great start! I have been muslining more and more....

  8. I think this dress is going to be fantastic on you... I hate to muslin...but , it is a must!!!lol
    Your brothers hat is looking good.. Happy birthday to him..
    snow= yuck... so ready for spring.. Bless your heart, know your tired of it too.

  9. I love this silhouette on you!! New Look patterns are my faves, and this one is so nice! And yes, making a muslin slows you down, but the results are probably so worth it. Happy Birthday to your brother!

  10. That dress is going to look great on you, and once you have the fit down, the various views will give you a lot of options.

  11. Thank you everyone. I was so excited when I saw this pattern! The possibilities!!!

    You all know how I feel about muslins (especially Sarah Liz! Lol!) but I knew it would be necessary so begrudgingly (wink) I made the muslin!

    Now to decide which piece of stash to use...ahhhhh :)

  12. What a lucky brother--the hat looks very dapper! Looking forward to the finished dress.

  13. The hat looks good! And I like your floral muslin for the New Look Dress too. Good job! I think doing a muslin is probably unfortunately required for a fitted sheath dress like this. I'm glad to hear that you agree with me with the muslin-ing experience! :-)


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