Friday, June 27, 2014

New Simplicity Patterns and RTW Inspiration

The early-fall Simplicity patterns were released and meh. I am not in a frenzy much at all.

I loves me some C.R. so I want every pattern she releases. Always.

Love view A (don't care much for the others); realized I don't need to buy a new pattern to make it (see how I'm evolving?!?!)

I don't need this one but I love raglan sleeves.

The pattern envelope photos are too hideous to show

*LOVE* this romper (?) but I know I'd never make it

Seriously Simplicity?

It'll take a fellow sewer to get me excited about this pattern. As it stands pictured - meh. The tech drawing is what matters though and it is promising.

Finally...Just...No. Please. No.

Unisex patterns tend to go verrrry badly and these look horrific on both of them.
In other news, I was in my favorite store in the entire world; Target and happened upon a clearance rack.  I got a cute baseball tee for Dougie for $1.56 and two tops for me for $2.56 each. Same top, one black, one ivory. Pretty cute with it's lace overlay and lace sleeves...

Except it was a knit top with non-stretch lace. Hellllllo sausage casing sleeves. I was all 'woe is me' and then my light bulb lit up.

If you don't like it as is; you can change it

I found a nice "break" on the lace and cut it! Wearable tees for cheap!

Then I tried on this vest (I will stab my ears out if I hear "sleeveless blazer" again)

Shoulders fit VERY well...

 The rest of it?? Ehhhh. Not so much

This makes complete sense though as my pattern measurements work well when I do a 14 neck/shoulders, 16 waist, 18 hip.

The crazy deep armholes were also a little bit of a turn off. BUT I was sold on the look!

I have a Simplicity pattern that I'll whip up (hahaha). I'd like to cut the armholes down a bit but not as low as the inspiration vest.

My top is coming along (just needs buttons and buttonholes!!) but we've been so busy and away from home so much that I haven't had much time at all to sew. 


  1. You are a very busy lady; but then again as they say - it's the busy people that get things done. Like your pattern picks. I'm waiting for the local Simplicity sale myself.

    1. I didn't even know they were on sale at Hancock last week. I bet mine had the new ones in already!

  2. The CR pattern had me until I peeped the Keds. SMH. Someone's gotta 'splain that one to me. I like 1320 and the skirt on 1324. I might be convinced on the jacket if I see someone else make it.

    Your shirt is looking good!

    1. I was totally gonna edit and mention the leather Keds. Good grief Charlie Brown!

  3. I love 1314!!!! I also like the skirt on 1324. Nice picks! I am nowhere near done with my summer sewing, though. I wish I was so I could start sewing for the next season, instead of rushing around when the season comes. Have a great weekend!

    1. I know right?! I started summer sewing early and still feel like I need to sew a bunch more things. After my mini wardrobe I'm going to just force myself to start my fall sewing.

  4. Who doesn't like Cynthia Rowley? Her patterns are the bananas. The romper would be cute for your daughter -- I could never pull that off.

    1. She is the awesomest! :)

      Oooh she has declared that she wears skirts now. It would be super cute on her.

  5. Sleeveless blazer, sleeveless blazer, sleeveless blazer - are your ears bleeding yet!?! *LOL* Okay I couldn't resist!

  6. I'm loving that CR pattern too. I have quite a few of hers!

  7. Nakisha, I love 1324, can't wait for it to arrive in OZ (a few months yet)- then maybe I'll have to make it to get you excited about it.

    The CR's are nice, but some tend to be a little young, boo hoo, as I wish I still was and could wear them!

  8. Thanks for sharing the early fall patterns.. I am just "sad" that the time has come to put up early fall patterns.. Where did summer go??? Time is flying.ha
    I wasn't overly thrilled with the new patterns.. After someone makes them.. I will probably change my mind.ha
    Your shirt is looking good, can't wait to see you wearing it.. Too pretty.
    Happy sewing.

  9. "I will stab my ears out if I hear "sleeveless blazer" again" ROFL!!!

  10. I agree, I do like 1314 but that is about it! Not that I don't like the others, but some are so similar to what I already have that I am like you, why buy it? :)

  11. That romper dress is super cute ... I'd never make it for me, but as someone else mentioned it would probably look awesome on a teenager. I too think that wardrobe pattern (1324) has great potential, but I know I'll only ever ooh and aah over the makes others create from it. Maybe you want to give it a whirl? *innocent face* ;)


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