Friday, June 20, 2014

A Mini Wardrobe Plan (And Finished McCalls 6654)

Last year I was SO excited (SO!) to sew a mini wardrobe for the competition on Pattern Review. And then disaster struck.

Mystery illness hit in September and I did not sew a single stitch, nor did I purchase any fabric or patterns or notions and I only had TWO blog posts that month!!!! The horror! I did not feel up to participating in the contest for October but I did sew my own little capsule wardrobe. Sadly it mostly ended in tragedy.

Pants #1: Made out of mystery growing fabric; no longer wearable.
Pants #2: I sliced the leg open and my repair did not work.
Blazer: It's just too big in the shoulder to be comfortable.
Top: I did not check the waist placement and the elastic sat way too high to be comfy

The other two items are staples; the black ponte cardigan and white lace kimono tee.

This year's contest involves the sewing of 5 items in order to make 6 outfits. The 5th item can be an accessory as long as it's wearable (think hat, scarf, belt, etc).

I plan to sew 5 garments from these lovelies and yes...most are from my recent acquisition! :)

 Kelly green ponte
white slubbed jersey
navy cotton poplin, 
lime green stretch twill
black/white ikat sateen

My pattern choices:
Butterick 5926 blazer in kelly ponte
McCall 6841 top in white jersey
McCall 6702 in navy poplin
Simplicity 1696 in lime twill
Simplicity 1373 in ikat sateen

  • The blazer is the same as the aforementioned "failed" pattern. But I know what to do now to make it fit...I will probably pull the old one out and make some adjustments to it to ensure I'm on the right track.
  • The M6841 top hasn't been made but everyone swears it's relative easy with one tricky bit.
  • M6702 will be made in a r/w/b voile for wearing on Independence Day! So I'll get to work out any kinks then.
  • S1696 is new to me BUT since my now TNT pants and shorts are both Simplicity patterns and this is an Amazing Fit pattern, I feel confident about comparing them to the others and sewing them up.
  • S1373 is also new to me. I will work up a quick muslin (since I love that sateen!) to ensure they fit. I wanted an uncomplicated pattern to showcase the sateen and limit pattern matching. Initially I thought skirt but I will be more likely to wear shorts so...
Now, I cannot win this contest. I am ineligible because I won the Fitted Blouse contest. But that's okay! This little capsule makes me happy so I will take on the challenge!

I made a skirt. A simple pull-on knit skirt out of the yellow ponte I got from FabricMart. There is not a whole lot to say about a knit straight skirt, now is there?


The largest size in my envelope was a 14...with a 39.5" finished hip. Oh. Boy. No worries! Instead of complicating matters I just added it on the fold line...about 3/4" on front and back for a total of 3 inches...and then I sewed 3/8" side seams. 1" elastic at the waist and hemmed...DONE.

I did finally use Kathy's suggestion of fusible tape in the hemline and a twin needle. PERFECT! I love the results and what's not to love about an insanely bright, easy to wear skirt??


  1. Ooo, all your fabrics are so pretty! That is going to be such a great wardrobe (plus, that skirt you just made looks great and will totally fit in with your mini-wardobe as well!)

  2. Your mini wardrobe is going to look amazing. I wish I could sew half as fast as you do. And that's a great looking skirt. It will go well with many different colors of tops.

  3. Cute skirt!! I liked how you made it work! I love using fusible tape for knit hems also--best thing ever!

  4. I was going to pick up M6702 today. I had three failed attempts last year because of the front band, so I must redeem myself lol.. I can't wait to see your gorgeous wardrobe..

  5. Great plan! I love that ikat. Cute skirt too! I can't wait to see the whole thing come together.

  6. Great sewing plans! Loving the fabric choices. Please post the details for M6841. I've read other blogs about this pattern being a bit tricky.,

  7. looks like you have a great plan. can't wait to see how it turns out.

  8. Love your fabrics! I'm debating whether I want to make a go at the mini-wardrobe this year. The one that I'm putting together in my head would have an Ikat print pant (similar to your sateen Ikat, but mine is navy/white).

  9. That yellow ponte is hawt!! Looking forward to the M6841! Great choices for a capsule wardrobe. You truly motivate me!

  10. I have the yellow ponte knit. I had hoped to make a dress but it is way too bright. However, now I will make a skirt. I even have the same pattern. You may have a "skirt twin" soon :)

    1. It is SO bright! I decided it could be a skirt or a blazer but would DEFINITELY have to be toned down with something else!

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  12. Yay you. I am hoping to join you in the quest for five items in July. We'll see though. LOL.

    I love that yellow skirt. Simple, but very lovely and the shade is amazing. I am going to use your tips for sizing up for a 14 to a 16, I have to do that all the time, but I like the idea of adding it to the fold line. I also need to do the trick for the hem, too, since my last try with the twin needle ended badly. :-P

    1. Yay!

      Oh my gosh I haven't touched a twin needle in months because the first go round produced nasty, ugly tunneling and I was all "woe is me" about it.

  13. Love that bright yellow skirt on you.

    Good luck with the capsule wardrobe...

  14. Love your plans for the capsule wardrobe.. Such pretty fabrics..
    The yellow skirt is so pretty.. Looks great on you. Happy sewing/.

  15. Love your mini wardrobe plan Naskisha. Look forward to seeing the completed garments. That yellow skirt looks great too and I'm sure it will be a very useful addition to your summer wardrobe.

  16. Between the lime pants and the yellow skirt, you've got a very bright bottom half going ... *makes envious face* Think I'll have to put some bright in my wardrobe/makes, too. I've been on a black and white kick for months, but with everyone wearing lovely bright colors I look like I'm going to a funeral. :p

    And thanks for sharing the tip about interfacing the hem before using the twin needle. Love how well it worked out on your awesome yellow skirt! Can't wait to see your capsule. :)

  17. That mini wardrobe will be awesome! And love the yellow on you.

  18. You have such a good eye for pulling fabrics together. Can't wait to see the finished lot!

  19. Love that hot yellow skirt! Great selection of fabrics & patterns. Good luck!

  20. It's going to be an amazing capsule wardrobe and I love the bright yellow skirt.

  21. Love that skirt, and looking forward to seeing you work on (and complete) your mini wardrobe!

    I haven't participated in a PR contest for a while and had such fun with the mini wardrobe contest a couple of years ago, so I think it's time for me to hop back in it!

  22. I have the same yellow knit, was thinking of a pencil skirt also, so there may be triplets on this.


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