Friday, November 29, 2013

Back to the Cave!

I am getting a divorce.


Last night, my husband assured me there is no evidence of rodents in the sewing cave - BUT - that there was evidence when we first moved and that the old dryer that was being stored in the corner had a dead mouse underneath

I was HORRIFIED! How can you keep this from meeeeeee?!!? So he's moving the old fridge and dryer out and I will still make him set traps over in that (kind of scary) corner. Deepest sigh, ever.

However, I have not even started sewing my jacket for my November garment. Boooo. I just concluded that muslining isn't for me. I have to have the right circumstances...because it just makes my interest drop in the garment. I sew for fun and that is no fun! I'm going to push myself to do it because I really like that jacket and I like the fabric I chose for it. I also scored 3 "new"* pair of jeans today and think it'll be cute to wear to work with jeans.

*"new" as in my 15 year old has put me up on thrift shopping. Today the entire store was 20% off. I got a duplicate (EXACT DUPLICATE) of a pair of pants that I loved and that had died. I planned on taking them apart to use as a pattern and I found them again. Woohoo! Although...the new pair is a size larger than the old pair (sad face). I also got a pair of DKNY jeans that make my butt look good and a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans. All 3 for $15.38 (we don't have sales tax on clothing here which also means fabric(!). A reason to love the tundra...)

My sewing goal for December?

To be the unselfish seamstress. I have several gift items I want to make. I can't say specifically on two of them because my friend reads the blog (HA! I see you!!) but gifts for my 2 friends for sure.

This apron for my mom:
M5720, the ruffled version with the top added (to make it a full apron)

These pj bottoms for my dad:

M4244 (which for some reason has a finished inseam of like 30.5")

This jacket for my daughter:

Lekala 4011 in thee brightest green sweatshirt fleece ever.

And this sweatshirt for the boy, if I can find the fabric I have in mind. I'll have to go to SR Harris to have any hope, I believe. If I can't find it, I'll be making him pj pants too :)

And other sewing plans, not for Christmas gifts:

M6614 again for my daughter and a matching sweatshirt for baby K using M6393

That seems like a lot of sewing but...the apron and the pj pants are each a one day project. The other gifts I'd say a weekend. And then for the kids' sweatshirts, I have longer than I have for the things I'm I think I'll be okay.

Today I cut them all (rough cuts) and tomorrow will do the bulk -and hopefully all- of the tracing. 

(I want that Lekala sweatshirt for myself too!!!!!!)

I did a little Black Friday fabric for some of the above gifts, got 2 yards of navy moleskin for something for myself and scored an 8 yard bolt lightweight fusible Pellon interfacing on for $2.99 with FREE shipping! I got two. I should be set for awhile. I should've bought more!!! :)

Edited to add my ($65) Black Friday haul

3 yards of fleece, 1 1/2 yd of knit, 7 yards of broadcloth, 2 1/2 yards of quilting cotton, 3 bolts of lightweight fusible, 3 patterns, 5 colorful denim zippers, 4 buttons, 4 spools of thread, 2 packs of bias tape, a fat quarter, a lace remnant, and 2 yards of moleskin. Not bad at all.


  1. I would hate to see you in the country Mrs Charisma :), far too many mice and other little things.

    Muslins are not fun - sometimes essential, but if you sew for fun, I can quite get how you don't want to do them. A list though of impressive goals for December...

    1. I wouldn't last in the country SarahLiz! :)

  2. have a lot of sewing to do. Love that you have made the list and getting it started.. Have fun and Happy sewing.

    eeeh mice.. I don't like them either..[they really scare me,ha]..But, Hubby is right, they are long gone, to find a home somewhere else..Enjoy your sewing cave !!!

    1. I do Judy! I traced everything this morning and will be getting started on cutting!

      Creepy critters. :shudders:

  3. Great plans for December! I tissue fit, but I almost never muslin either. I did start basting some of my stitches if I'm unsure of the fit. I'm not necessarily afraid of mice, but I did have some one time that were hard to get rid of, and now I have no mercy if I find another one.

    1. I'm afraid Angela! LOL!

      I like to flat pattern and tissue fit. I did decide I would baste this jacket I intended to make for avoid making another muslin.

      I like to hand baste with a really contrasting machine's longest stitch isn't all that long!

  4. You don't know what I do! LOL.

    Jethro had to hunt down a family of little field mice last year. Stupid field living.

    I still have to measure that baby. Um... regular chest. Extra big belly. LOL

    1. Extra big belly. Got it! Lol!

      Omg! I told him that he's got a week to find out how the critter came in or else the cave is moving into the living room!!!!!

  5. Lol I gasped when I read the first line. I would rather measure than muslin. It usually works out. Oh and the mice. Ugh - I have cats just in case!

    1. Our landlord said no cats but uhmm, I now have leveraging power!

  6. I started screaming when I read about mice LOL! OMG!!

    You've got a busy month on your hands, can't wait to see everything!

    1. Oh my gosh Candyce!!!!! Wahhhhhhhhhh! He said, you're scared? WHAT?!?!!!!! Don't you know me?!?! If I see a mouse with my own eyes I'm going to FLIP. No one wants that! Lol!

  7. Wow. What a haul! I won't even talk about my latest fabric binge. The wagon didn't even stop by my house this time.

    1. LOL!!! And then I turned around and fell prey to the lull of FabricMart. But that was fabric for *me*. The above is for others! LOL!

    2. Oh I lie. I have plenty for myself in that haul. Hahahahaha!


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