Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Scatterbrained Sewer

Maybe THAT should be the name of my blog! :)

I have learned that I am one where making a muslin makes me feel meh about making the garment. It zaps me. But I want that jacket, badly.

Today I pretreated my fabric and hope to cut it out tomorrow. This way I should get it done, at the latest, Thanksgiving weekend.

I spent this morning cleaning up the cave as it had gotten scary in there. I have a bucket of "UFOs" - things in various state of completion, for various reasons. Some I just didn't like it once it got going, some don't fit properly --from when I just cut "my" size and sewed. Now, even though I don't muslin, I do extensive flat pattern measurements AND I tissue fit --, etc. I have other quasi-UFOs that I chose to clean up today.

The quasi-UFOs are those that are pretty much done - and that I've worn(!) - but need some finishing work. There is one sleeveless knit top that needs hemming (I tucked it in when I wore it) and needs the armholes finished. I have another that needs neck and armhole bands and hemming (haven't worn it), I have a third that needs armholes finished (wear it at least once per week). I need to fix my incredibly growing pants get the picture.

I also found this cool cottony knit in the remnant bin at Hancock for $2 and cut what is intended to be loungewear version of the Kimono tee. To "match" (they don't quite match in color) I am making KwikSew 3115 yoga pants.

I have never purchased a KS pattern because they're expensive! On sale they are typical $6-$8 and the envelope styling is so outdated, none have ever appealed to me. But this pattern has reviews dating back to 2003 on PR and seem to be pretty popular and well, I'd rather have a pattern than try to copy my current favorite yoga pants. I will compare the measurements though.

Now, if you're here you've probably been doing this longer than I have and know that McCall just bought KwikSew and lots of people are worried about pattern quality declining. Well, I hope not. Holy buckets this pattern paper!!!! It is real paper (said as I ripped a hole right through the middle of the skirt of a NL pattern I was tracing)! It is bright white with colored lines for the size options and I've heard that the instructions are superb. I probably can't say much about this pattern as it's yoga pants (sew the inseams, sew the out seams, attach the waistband...right?) I'll try to look at them through the "beginning sewer" eye. But the paper itself makes me want to buy MORE KwikSew patterns (they're $6.99 at Hancock this week).

This pic is fuzzy but you get the idea.

FYI - I buy my tracing paper from Dick Blick's the art supply store. It's a 50 yard roll, 24" wide and I think I paid like $16.

Also, I "broke" the serger today. Not really...but the left needle hit a pin I didn't realize was there and snapped the needle. You hear lots of people complaining about changing serger thread. Pfft. I can change the thread on my 1034D in about 3 minutes, tops. But the needles?! OY VEY!!!! I will change thread 10 times as long as you don't make me change the needles! So all of these bands will be applied tomorrow, hopefully.

I traced and cut view D of NewLook 6123

I chose the size 16 based on the finished garment measurements printed on the back of my envelope:

Size 16: 41 1/2" bust and 45 1/2" hip for finished measurements

Then, as I am tracing the skirt, I see THIS for the finished hip measurement
Notice: There is no information for size 18 on the pattern envelope.

Then I tell myself okay, it says 3 1/2" of ease so a size 16 (body measurement of 40" hip) must be 43 1/2. But I chose the 16 based on a 45 1/2" finished hip. Grrr. THEN I say to myself, I say, "Self, perhaps someone notified Simplicity of this error!" And I checked the website. I found this...
Size 16: 41 1/2" bust and NO finished measurement for the hip

What on earth is a sewer to do? I guess I will measure the flat pattern and this is why making a muslin will help. Deep, deep sigh. These pattern companies need to do better...

Speaking of, yesterday I mentioned that 5971 was a "must" have? Well...yeah...Butterick 5850 is Butterick 5971, with an extra view. Extra deep sigh.

In addition to picking up the KS yoga pants pattern and the $2 butterfly knit remnant, I picked up this University of Minnesota remnant for $.75! Score! I made another knitting project bag, lining the bag with white broadcloth. I love it :)

P.S. this is what I woke up to this morning:

Extra, extra, really deep sigh.


  1. I hate doing muslins as well - funny, given that I make quite a few :)

    Kwik Sew patterns do look oldfashioned, but for basics they work quite well. Sometimes they come out with something really nice, but that's infrequent.

    1. You are so right. They seem to have really good workhorse patterns.

      I am always in awe of your fitting process. You are so patient. I am not! :)

  2. Oooh, I can't wait to see your New Look dress! That pattern has been in my sewing queue forever! I agree with Sarah, that Kwik Sew pattern do look old-fashioned, but have awesome basics.. There is Kwik Sew pattern that I believe is new that I want, K4027, it seems like a great basic..

    1. That tee does seem like you'd get tons of mileage from it Candice!

      I can't wait to sew it up! I plan on wearing it to my husband's holiday party for work.

  3. Hey! Keep all that arctic air over there, k? We're holding steady at 19F and I'm not ready (when am I ever??) to break out the puffer coat. It's technically still fall!

    I have that NL pattern and never noticed the mistake. Thanks for pointing it out.

    As for being a scatterbrain sewer, welcome to the club. Meetings are Mondays...or something. Bring cookies. =)

    1. Ha! I hear you L. I had to break out my big coat with the giant fur lined hood. Booooooo!

      Yes cookies. Always need cookies!

  4. I just made my first Kwik Sew and agree, the paper is amazing! Loved using it.

    Looking forward to seeing your NL dress all made up -- I have that pattern too and think it's quite a pretty design.

    1. It is pretty, isn't it? :) I'm excited too.

      I'm still in awe over the paper. I'm sure that'll go away in the acquisition :(

  5. You know, I've always wondered about Kwik Sew patterns - I only have one and it's vintage, but I've never opened the envelope! I never see them in any of my normal haunts, but if they're this good, I may consider looking for some!

    Also, I want you to finish the New Look dress first, so I can see it. I just bought that pattern a few weeks ago!


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