Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mojo a Go-Go...But WHERE to Find the Time!? Plus an itty bitty fail.

So many parents are afraid for the time to arrive, when their children start to drive. Not I. My parents weren't either...we were all taught to drive pretty early on and the *minute* I turned 16 (like, on my birthday), I got my license. I bought a car a few months later.

My daughter won't be 16 until next fall. She needs to hurry up. Chauffeuring is hard work with two teens and my energy level is lowwwwwww! So I haven't had much time to sew.

I have plans though!

I think I am confident enough now with M6844 to do the bulk of the construction on my serger, so I'll probably do the major seams on that tonight. I am itching to sew V1378 pattern even if a bit hesitant. So far, Jill and Shams have made the pants. Thankfully they have given lots of tips (I'm going to need 'em!). My husband will be traveling this weekend and the kids' schedules are open; which means I'll have lots of time to sew. We've been married just over 3 years and I cannot sleep when he's not home. I usually pass out at some point around 3 or 4 a.m. when I just can't hold my eyes open anymore. :)

So I was browsing the interwebs and Suzy made a fabulous plaid version of the M6844 cardi (link) and then I wondered..."why am I not following her blog? She sews awesome things!". So I browsed and saw these adorable goodies:

Blog post

And she links to the tutorial and pattern there too! SO I thought, oh my goodness are those cute! And I have like 700 nieces and nephews (14) and...yeah. So.

I made one. And it was horrific.

I couldn't find my batting so I used fleece - BIG mistake. It was way too thick and just...No.

I apparently cannot sew in a circle either.

So then I tried again because, I will not be beat by a 4" circle.

Oooh, much better but no cigar. It actually looks uhmm...circular. But I 1) got the bright idea to make the tab longer. no. It's a good length as included. 2) decided to use a D-ring. Which, is okay...but then the tab needs to fit most of the flat in the D-ring.

So now that I've used 2 zippers...LOL! I'm going to give it one more try this weekend. Ahhhh.

Aaaaaaand. There's the fabric hoarding. I no longer feel bad because I know most of my fellow sewers are in the same boat! :-D

I got the FM email for Sue's pick and it was black ponte. Last time it was black ponte I only bought 2 yards. This time I bought 4. I should've bought 8. (hey, I'm just being honest!). I also bought 1 yard of a "snakeskin" knit which now has a definite plan and 2 yards of suiting in a olivey-brown color ($2/yd). I then went to Hancock and uhmmm...I bought 3 pieces, total of 5.5 yards.

Feels like rayon challis(!) is 100% poly. But it's gorgeous and kind of fall like. I know what I want to do with it, question is, will I chicken out? :) Stay tuned...

Isn't this striped knit gorgeous?!? I only bought 1 yard because it was $6. I'm cheap. It will become a Kimono tee with (hopefully) extended sleeves.

Turquois knit with a bit of a heathered appearance. I have 2 yards so this could become almost anything...

In knitting news, my sock is progressing. I calculated that I have about 6 more hours of knitting on it.  I'm getting faster at cables, but not fast enough!! When I agreed to test, I decided these would be for my mom, as I was going to knit a pair for her for Christmas anyway.

Uhmm...yeah so...She'll never know...


  1. Hehe, I think those purses are really cute! Some really gorgeous fabrics too, and your socks are looking gooood!


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