Tuesday, November 26, 2013

On Hold

We moved this summer into a large and charming 1960's single family home. We're renters...I'm sort of transient by nature and only had one blip where I considered purchasing a home and luckily got smacked straight ( I worked at a mortgage company at the time and the president himself told me "don't even think about it").

Anyway, we were having a conversation a couple of months ago about 'once winter hits' as we're in the tundra and winter can be cold, snowy and long. Really, really long. Like it's not uncommon for "winter" weather to carry from October - May and November - April is almost a guarantee. At the time, I realized with horror, we might get mice when it's cold!!!! He looked away. I knew what THAT meant. I've lived in old houses before and I am AFRAID of mice. AFRAID!

This morning I was looking all over for my slippers and realized I must have left them in the cave. I went down to get them and laid out my next project for cutting. As I was coming upstairs I noticed this:

It definitely wasn't that way the night before when I was down there AND this shoe was "away" from the other one.

So little does the husband know, he will be relocating the table to the living room (that is currently unfurnished) until I am sure there are no critters. I'm also crazy worried about the yarn stash. Now I know I have to be sure to keep that cabinet closed. OMG and all the random boxes with craft stuff in them.

I mean, if I were down there and SAW a mouse -- I would freak the *bleep* out! And be totally creeped out.

So yeah...I went upstairs and started knitting. I can take no chances. NONE!


  1. Um...yeah. One day while walking down the hall at work, I noticed 2 or 3 people with a coffee can standing in the hall way. As I neared them, I saw that they were trying to catch a small mouse to take it outside. I stopped in mid-stride and ran the other way. Stray dogs? No problem. Mice? Problem.


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