Sunday, November 10, 2013

Finished Items: NL 6104 and S2451

Last month I was FOCUSED. I had a plan and I sewed my butt off. And then I started seeing so. many. things. that I wanted to sew! LOL!

My November plan has fallen by the wayside, quickly. I made the off white cardigan and was *supposed* to be making pants and a vest and a couple tops. Err, I haven't made anything else from my brown plan. I also haven't worked on my S1699 -aka- my November Garment of the Month Challenge jacket. Oops!!

I finished my Simplicity 2451 skirt and I love it!

This pattern has 65 reviews on Pattern Review and there are tons of makes on the web. It's a nice silhouette and it goes together pretty quickly. I used a bright royal blue cotton remnant - it has a little bit of stretch - and an exposed light grey zipper.

I was worried it would be too short and I also realized it was now a smidge too tight (compared to when I cut it back in August). I cut a size 16 with absolutely zero adjustments. Next time I'd alter the dart position a little bit. I love the yoke and the pleats - which I did backwards).

I paired it with a black knit top I bought from The Limited like 711 years ago and black tights (I love black tights)...And the most comfortable booties ever...They're by Sofft.

Friday, I had a bad day. When I woke up Saturday I was still having a bad day. And what happens when life gives you lemons? You sew!

I knew I need to do something I had done before as I didn't have the energy to fuss with fitting issues. I also challenged myself to use a plaid - yay! Out came NL 6104 and a cheap cotton blend plaid I got at WalMart for $1.50/yd. It was 44" fabric so I got 2 yards of it...with buttons that's a $4 shirt! SCORE!

No one should ever make a plaid shirt and not cut the button band on the bias. BIAS RULES!!!!

Checking out my plaid matching! ;-)

I cut a size 14 and added like 1/2" to the height of the neckline. I need to do an FBA on this pattern but didn't have the energy to do so (see above). So I tried to just add a bit at the side seam (I think I need about 3/4" at the bust). It isn't gaping but it's snug at the bust.

I also discovered that my machine sucks at making button holes. It just doesn't do a good job at steps 2 and 4 - the "sides". It's a sloppy zig zag. I played around with it and made like 5 test button holes before saying forget it and forging ahead.

The best tip I ever got for button holes was to add fray check to front and back of the button hole before cutting. Oh my goodness what a difference that makes!

I also use my sewing machine to attach buttons - even though people hate the results it gives! :) I just pull the threads to the back and tie them off tightly to help keep it secure.

Alright...I'm going to get back on my sewing plan. I am. :)


  1. Get out! I have those same Sofft booties! Boot sisters!

    I am in LOVE with your blue skirt. I tried this pattern because I've seen so many great ones on the webz, and it looked HORRIBLE on me, so I'm a teeny bit jealous :-) Yours looks amazing on you, and I love the exposed zipper! And I think the length is just perfect for tights and boots. Win!

    1. Boot sisters!!!!! :-)

      Thanks much! Stinks that it didn't work out for you. That's how it goes with this sewing thing isn't it??

  2. Whoa! The fit on your top is great! You can use this to help modify the fit of your jacket and Butterick 5678 blouse. I love the bias band on the front. It just works with plaid. Well done!

    1. Thanks L! You have all of the ideas...ALL OF THEM!

      I have not yet mastered that vision with sewing so thank you for always helping! :)

  3. THis top is perfect. Girl.. you matched those plaids perfectly..
    It looks great on you.Happy sewing.

  4. Thanks for adding the email subscription gadget. I really appreciate it. Did I tell you I lived in Minnesota for a while? I lived in St. Michael and my daughter lives in Buffalo, MN. It's really Rockland but uses the Buffalo PO, which always gets me money back when I send things by next day mail - as it never, ever gets there next day. It's a beautiful state and your park system is amazing. Also, your Wal-Mart must be selling fabric. Ours stopped about 8 years ago. For a while there was no fabric at all. Now it all comes in in pre-cut lengths, generally 3 yards, and has so few threads/sq inch that you could read the newspaper through it. You did well with the blouse and the skirt is really cute too.

    1. No, thank YOU Nancy for pointing it out! Buffalo is only about 40 minutes away! We have one WalMart that I know of that has a fabric section - the Maple Grove location (along 94, headed toward Rogers). It leaves much to be desired...but is good for cheap muslin which is what I usually buy from there. And they have New Look patterns for cheap :)

      Thanks! It was a good therapeutic session, that shirt!

  5. This looks great! Love the top, thanks for pointing it out!

  6. I love that blue skirt. So pretty!

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