Friday, November 1, 2013

October Recap and My Mini Wardrobe

I was SO excited to participate in the Mini Wardrobe contest. I knew it was unlikely that I'd actually win (the winners did an amazing job by the way!), but it was going to be a fun and challenging venture. So when I had to take the month of September "off", I was very down about it. Looking at my reviews on the PR site makes me sad! LOL! There was a review on 8/26 and then nothing until 10/7! How awful!!!

Once I started to feel better and ready to sew, I had to decide what to make. Then I had a light bulb moment.

I can still do a mini wardrobe! So I decided to do one based on black; black, grey, white with a pop of color. That "pop" was going to be purple. So what did I make?

  • Butterick 5926, knit blazer in charcoal grey ponte from FabricMart (2 yards)
  • McCall's 6796, sleevelss mock turtleneck in a black with silver stripes rayon-lycra tissue knit from FabricMart (1 yard)
  • Simplicity 2700, pants in a grey/black heathered suiting from FabricMart (2 yards)
  • Simplicity 2700, pants in a herringbone black/tan suiting from Hancock (2 yards)
  • Maria Denmark Kimono tee, knit top in a soft white rayon-lycra lace knit from FabricMart (1 yard)
  • McCall's 6844, cardigan in black ponte from FabricMart (2 yards)
  • Butterick 5965, top in a floral polyester charmeuse from Hancock (1 1/4 yards)
What did I want to make but failed:
  • Butterick 5678, button front shirt in drapey lavender cotton shirting from FabricMart - ruined by spray starch :( There was absolutely no saving that fabric. I tried everything on swatches to remove the starch but no luck.)
  • Butterick 5678, button front shirt in soft grey stretch cotton poplin from FabricMart - This guy may be saved. It was looking very touch and go there...but it still didn't make the "October deadline". I am going to make myself finish it, even though I don't usually force myself to finish UFOs...I don't see the point in forcing it if it isn't going to work out.
Also made in October but unrelated to my mini wardrobe:
  • McCall's 6614 in blue/black/gray animal print fleece from FabricMart for my daughter
  • Hand knit socks for my daughter
B5965 top with S2700 pants
Kimono tee layered over a cami
S2700 pants with S2594--made way back in March! :)
M6844 cardigan with NL6108
B5926 jacket with M6796 top

So even though I didn't get those other 2 shirts done, I still sewed SEVEN garments last month for myself! Plus the top for my daughter. I was a sewing machine! And I conquered a silky fabric (so what I killed another!)

I had intended on doing a "brown" version for November but don't have a lot of brown things. However, I already have 3 pair of slacks that are in the brown family so I am just going to make a few things in the brown family and plan to do some other fun makes.

S1699 jacket in that fun banana yellow plaid. The jacket has a front, a back and a sleeve. It does have bust darts, but limited places to line up the plaid. The jacket back is cut in two but I think I might cut it on the fold. I am going to mock up a half muslin (shhhhh - I debated this on PR the other day) to see if there are major changes I must make. I already know I need to lower the bust dart.

Brown plaid pants - S2700 again. Yep! :) With carriers and maybe mock welts (!) Gonna practice the welts on my sheet muslin (I found it!)

McCall's 6149 lined vest in a tan/camel wool

McCall's 6519 in a creamy poly something silky from Hancock. The fabric didn't respond well to my spray starch test so I'm going to cut a very simple pattern - just a front and back - and use paper to cut. I'm also going to do a mock button band down the back!

There's a piece of dark brown cotton voile - not sure what it's going to become. It's 60" and I have 1.5 yards so I want to find something that will use nearly the whole lot of fabric.

Vogue 8679 in a printed ITY knit.

McCall's 6844 (again) in a creamy (the same color as that fabric in the pic, actually) winter white ponte with matching tank.

Aiming for 7-ish garments again. And 4 of them I've already made before. I'm ready!!

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  1. Whew, you were able to get a lot accomplished for the month October... I have the Vogue 8679 and made the jacket and loved it, looking forward to seeing your dress...

  2. That is a lot of sewing in one month! I guess you were the Sewing Fairy for Halloween, right?!


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