Monday, December 16, 2013

Because I like lists...

  1. I finished 2 more presents that have to wait for a blog entry
  2. I am about 1/3 of the way done knitting my first hat
  3. I whipped up (like in under 2 hours I made adjustments, cut the pattern pieces, cut the fabric and sewed them up--okay serged them up), a pair of yoga pants for my daughter last night and they fit phenomenally! That blog post tomorrow
  4. Bacon is happy at our house
  5. I picked up new patterns yesterday. I am up to 243.I might need an intervention
  6. Nearly all of my pants have ink on the right thigh. I always write on my leg.
  7. I scheduled a dentist appointment for all 3 of the other people who live in my house...on the same day...and I'm not going
  8. I always have at least 15 apps open on my phone. Drives the people in my house insane.
  9. My sewing room looks like a craft store crawled inside of it and exploded. I'm going to clean up before the new year.
  10. I missed out on taking PTO next week because I am slow. I am going to be 1 of 2 people from my team in the office. Ah well.
  11. I always forget to add lunch money for my kids on Monday morning until one of them calls/texts in a fit. Oops.
  12. There is no way I can add more than 1 week of lunch money because they would be broke and hungry for the rest of the time period.
  13. I am a world class procrastinator.


  1. excellent list. sounds like many of the lists on my phone. must be a scientist thing (i'm getting my phd in pathology) - so many to do lists all the time. happy holidays!

    1. Ooooh pathology! Fascinating! That's awesome. I would love to get a PhD but alas...I can't fathom another 5-7 years. :)

      Happy Holidays!!

  2. So funny Mrs.Smith...I have a long list too.
    I am trying to finish up sewing gifts,[and I think I have finally done it yea],Prepare for my kids/grandkids visits.. And my sewing room also looks like it exploded..So, I must clean before company arrives..
    I haven't counted my patterns recently, but the last time I did, it was 130.. So, you have me beat there.. I am "trying " to refrain from buying them..ha
    Happy Christmas.

    1. You're doing well Judy. I am not. I just bought Burda patterns today. Crud. I'm at 246!

      Happy sewing! Have fun with the grandkids! e.g., I know how you grandma's are! My mom would look right past me to "where are the kids!?!" :-))

  3. hehe, I liked your list! put a smile on my face. LIke you, I always have a zillion apps open too, not to mention tabs ;D

    1. teeheehee. I can't even begin to talk about tabs! Yowza!


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