Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I am a Fabric-aholic! Sewing Fail! And a SURPRISE!!

FM Haul #1: The "I must purchase because everything is 30% off and there is free shipping and that $8 can go directly to fabric acquisition" purchase:
7.25 yards

1 yard of this CRAZY knit that I plan to make into a very simple and fun top/tee

2.5 yards of beautiful (BEAUTIFUL!) cotton/lurex fabric that will become a blazer.

2 yards of "dark taupe" pretty, pretty ponte knit that will become - yes - another M6844 cardigan. (it's just so perfect!)
I didn't take an individual pic of the black...it's black ponte that will become Kwik Sew yoga pants.
FM Haul #2: The "OMG they put like, everything on sale in the $1/$1.99 section and I need all of these things! ALL OF THEM!"
8 yards of pretty lining material (2, 4, 2)

7.5 yards of suiting (thinking cape for the first fabric)

6.5 yards of some more suiting in black, charcoal grey, brown

center fabric in first photo

right side fabric in first photo
So the stash is growing like a weed, and I'm not sewing much of anything for myself this month. I was losing weight this spring and then...went in the opposite direction. From May to December I gained 11 lbs. They must go -- along with some of their fatty friends! :)
The hubster said he wouldn't take pics for me if I were going to call it a fail. Shhhhh. He said I can keep it and wear to a 70s party. Lolol! He doesn't like that it's a jumpsuit; I don't like that it's a jumpsuit turned clown suit.
As I was cutting the fabric for the pants and matching up the pattern, I realized it was going to go really bad. The top by itself wasn't so bad, the whole thing is just...meh!

**great pattern matching though!!
The jumpsuit was SUPER fast and easy to make and I will make it again in a SOLID fabric! If you make this in something woven, I implore you to insert a zipper!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what McCall's was thinking.
Aaaaaaaaaand.....the Smith household has acquired a new family member!! She's still a bit shy but coming out of her shell rather quickly.
She's a 6 year old tuxedo that had 4 mates at home (along with 4 dogs!!) but her previous owner thought she'd be okay living without other cats. She's a cutie pie albeit a bit chunky. We're going to have to get her on a plan to lose a bit. Poor thing is dragging her belly around!!!
Her name was "Kitten" but upon suggestion by a friend and by unanimous decision, we want to call her "Bacon". In time kitty...in time! :)


  1. I love everything about this post so. much. First, I feel better about my Black Friday purchases :) Second, I am dying to make a jumpsuit but I know my husband will NOT go for the idea. Third, a cat named Bacon is just plain awesome!

    1. Join me on my "fabric acquisition addiction" train!!!
      I'm going to make it in black, belt it, and not tell him. He'll never know that way.
      Bacon is awesome. She is coming around quickly! :)

  2. Disco!!!!!!!

    Dancin, dancin, dancin!!!! LOL

  3. I think your jumpsuit looks fine, nothing like a clown suit. Your stripe matching is awesome too. Cute outfit.

    1. Thank you! :)

      I like the fit of it and boy did I bust my butt to match that pattern across every line. Oy!

  4. OH what wonderful finds.. Of course you HAVE to purchase these fabrics, when you find these great sales!!! and it is SO fun.. Love all of them, can't wait to see what you make with them.
    You did an excellent job on matching the designs on the jumpsuit. Happy sewing.

  5. "I must purchase because everything is 30% off and there is free shipping and that $8 can go directly to fabric acquisition"

    Get out of my mind!

    I have to return a couple of things from said spree as the fabric is way too thin. I got some water repellent linen for a trench coat, but this is a little stiff. Okay...alotta stiff.

  6. Whew, what a haul! I like the jumpsuit, and your new family member!!

    Can't wait to see all the new things you'll be making :-)


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